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Love Jihad lures highest Hindu Victims now in Jharkhand. VHP protests vehemently.

Love Jihad

Another ‘love jihad’ case comes to light in Jharkhand.

LJ meaningAlok K N Mishra | TNN | Ranchi | Aug 29, 2014:: Another case of alleged love jihad was reported from Chatra district where police on Wednesday jailed a Muslim boy for deceiving a Hindu girl by faking his identity.

Last week, the boy had eloped with the girl, who is now eight months’ pregnant, forcing her father to lodge an FIR with Pratapur police station.

On Thursday, BJP workers and activists of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) said it was another case of love jihad and called a daylong bandh in Chatra demanding justice for the girl.

Chatra SP Prashant Kumar Karn said: “The father of the girl had lodged a case of kidnapping against the boy following which he was arrested and sent to jail.” He clarified that no case of forceful conversion to Islam was lodged against him.

He, however, said: “It is true that the accused is Muslim and the victim is a Hindu.”

VHP in charge of Chatra unit, Vijay Pandey, claimed that the girl had confided in him that she was unaware about the boy’s faith. “He introduced himself as Sonu Kumar and also had tilak on his forehead. He worked as a conductor in a private bus which the girl used to take regularly to go to her college,” Pandey quoted the girl.

The two have been together for the last three years, he said. VHP state general secretary Ganga Yadav said the issue is a very sensitive one as it comes just after the Tara Shahdeo case.

“We have demanded a police inquiry into the whole incident,” said Yadav.

Cops send Chatra girl to Deoghar home. 

islamic oppression and conversion of womenTNN | Ranchi | Aug 29, 2014:: Police sent the minor girl in Chatra, who was deceived by a Muslim boy, to a probation home in Deoghar on Friday following a court order.

The girl eloped with the boy last week but later came to know that he was Muslim and had faked his identity.

While Hindu organizations are seeing ‘love jihad’ conspiracies, the parents of the girl had lodged a case of kidnapping after which the boy was arrested and sent to jail on Wednesday. Investigating officers said on Friday they would soon record the statements of the girl’s neighbours. Chatra SP Prashant Kumar Karn said, “The court ordered us to send the girl to Deoghar probation home. We will record the statements of the neighbours.”

The accused, Muhammad Ehshan, faked his identity and introduced himself to the girl as Sonu Kumar. Last week, the boy had eloped with the girl forcing her father to lodge an FIR with Pratapur police station. The girl’s father had told in his complaint that the boy “sexually exploited” his daughter, who is in her advanced stage of pregnancy. However, it is not clear how the girl’s parents did not understand her health condition.

Police said they would also record the statements of the boy’s relatives at Lawalong in the district to solve the puzzle.

The two escaped from Pratapur to Lawalong. “His relatives saw him with a girl but refused to to give them shelter. They informed us about the boy’s whereabouts leading us his arrest,” said Karn.

Court sends ‘love jihad’ accused, mother to 14-day judicial custody.

LJAlok K N Mishra | TNN | Ranchi | Aug 29, 2014:: The court of chief judicial magistrate on Thursday sent ‘love-jihad’ accused Raqibul Hasan Khan alias Ranjit Kumar Kohli and his mother to judicial custody for 14 days. Kohli and his mother were arrested from Delhi late on Tuesday night and brought to Ranchi on Wednesday.

During interrogation, Raqibul accepted he had invited kazis to his house and conducted formalities of nikah with Tara after their Hindu-style marriage at a Ranchi hotel in July because he had a liking for Islam.

Holding a press conference later in the day, Ranchi SSP Prabhat Kumar said: “The evidence gathered from Kohli’s house suggests that he is a Hindu. About the nikah, he told us he was fond of Islam’s practices.” It is not clear how kazis came to his house to conduct nikah knowing well that he was a Hindu. “We will look for the kazis and find out what information they have. It is difficult to believe kazis would conduct nikah for Hindu couple,” said Kumar.

Police, however, failed to recover the papers signed during nikah from Kohli’s house house. They were married in May and just 40 days into the marriage, Tara lodged an FIR against Raqibul alias Ranjit under IPC sections 498A (dowry) and 295A (deliberate and malicious act intended to outrage religious feelings of a class by insulting its religious beliefs.)

“There are some contradictions in his statements. We will conduct a narco-test if necessary,” said Kumar. Kohli told police he had informed Tara about his religious inclinations before marriage. Kohli is a 10th grader, said Ranchi city SP Anoop Birthary.

VHP activists vandalize cars, shops in Ranchi.

A Fake Love for Islamic JihadAlok K N Mishra | TNN | Ranchi | Aug 29, 2014:: Members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and several Hindu organizations, which have called a daylong bandh in Ranchi to protest against the alleged love jihad and attempt to forceful conversion Tara Shahdeo to Islam, went on the rampage on Monday.

Police personnel, who were deployed to control the law and order on Monday, were outnumbered by protesters, who went berserk and vandalized several shops and roadside stalls, damaged vehicles and attacked drivers. Police had to resort to lathi-charge.

Activists of VHP, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, Nari Sena and other Hindu organizations hit the roads around 9am brandishing wooden sticks.

Though most of the vehicles were off road and most shops were closed, some took the risk of coming out of the house only to invite protesters’ rage. The protesters clashed with cops at Albert Ekka Chowk, Sujata Chowk and Birsa Chowk.

“The bandh was largely peaceful during which we also detained several bandh enforcers. They were released later,” said city SP Anoop Birthary.

VHP activist Pramod Mishra said police was “barbaric in their way of suppressing protestors”.

“One of our activists is admitted in RIMS and more than half a dozen were injured,” said Mishra.

VHP in a letter sent on Monday sought intervention of Union home minister Rajnath Singh in the case.

Love Jihad - True Meaning.VHP state general secretary Ganga Prasad Yadav said: “Tara Shahdeo case is the second case of love-jihad reported recently in Jharkhand. Two months ago one case of love-jihad was reported in Jamshedpur. We have requested the home minister to intervene into the matter and save the Hindus.”

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3 comments on “Love Jihad lures highest Hindu Victims now in Jharkhand. VHP protests vehemently.

  1. D C Nath, Patriots' Forum
    August 31, 2014

    Denial of Love Jihad by Dumb Hindu Politicians and Ignorant Telemedia Anchors.

    ~ Ram Kumar Ohri, IPS (Retd)

    Love jihad by Muslim Romeos is not something new. Nor is the narrative a canard cooked up by the BJP top brass to win elections, as mischievously alleged by some dumb politicians (most of whom have Hindu names) and many ignoramuses among telemedia anchors.

    The dangerous phenomenon had found mention at least twice in the US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks in the years 2010 and 2011. It is a pity that some dumb politicians, wearing the green-coloured secularism on their sleeves have chosen to deny its existence. What is far worse is that many telemedia anchors and column-writers have started denying that love jihad has already made deep inroads into several parts of India. Nearly five years ago there was a major furore across several States of South India due to increased activities of Muslim youth working overtime to entice Hindu and Christian girls of impressionable age.

    Our ignoramus politicians and inadequately read media anchors ought to know that according to Wikileaks a cable mailed by Andrew T Simkin, US Consul General in Chennai on February 26, 3010, had alerted his bosses in the USA that “An alleged conspiracy of “foreign-funded” Muslim men attempting to seduce, marry, and convert Hindu and Christian women, has led to state-level investigations and generated widespread suspicions” in South India. The public at large dubbed the so-called conspiracy a “Love Jihad,” and finally top politicians in Karnataka and Kerala were forced to confront the issue in public forums.

    The same denouement is likely to be repeated in U.P. Bihar and Maharashtra in the coming months where battalions of love jihadis funded by gulf petro-dollars have been on rampage for last several years.

    The contents of the wiki-cable further highlighted that many Hindu and Christian groups were outraged at the ongoing Islamic ‘plot’, while Muslim groups were trying to defend their co-religionists against the conspiracy theorists belonging to Hindu and Christian communities. Though police investigations in South India have cast doubt on the existence of an organized campaign of ‘Love Jihad’, the recurring assertion of its existence demonstrated “ the suspicion and intolerance that exist among some of the religious communities in the region.”

    Initially the pernicious effects of the origin of Love Jihad had been noticed in the coastal region of southern Karnataka and northern Kerala, where religious and communal violence used to occur almost regularly.

    While India’s dumb politicians and ill-informed telemedia anchors continue to cast doubts on the existence of any love jihad campaign sweeping across many States of India, the stark truth highlighted by many researchers cannot be rebutted easily. On the one hand, Manish Tiwari of Congress, Naresh Agarwal of Samajwadi Party and the Chief Minister of U.P., Akhilesh Yadav were waxing eloquent on 24/7 television channels denying and deriding the campaign of Love Jihad. On the other hand simultaneously the complaint of a prominent national shooter, Tara Shahdeo, surfaced in media which shocked the Hindus. Tara has alleged that a Muslim, Raqibul Hussain had enticed her into love marriage by pretending that he was Hindu named Ranjit Kohli. She alleged that she was tortured to force her to accept Islam as her religion. Tara showed her injuries to Mahua Majhi, Chairperson of the State Women;s Commission. Her complaint is a complete rebuttal of the lies being trotted by the secular chatterati of India’s warped political universe!

    Incidentally, in a power point circulated by the World Sikh Alliance 4 years ago it was mentioned that Muslim love- jihadis in the U K were enticing Sikh and Hindu girls by pretending to be Sikhs by wearing a ‘Karra’ (iron bracelet regularly worn by Sikhs) and by claiming to have a Sikh surname like ‘Gill’. A copy of the Power Point circulated by World Sikh Alliance is appended to this article. No wonder, the modus operandi used by Raqibul Hussain to entice the unsuspecting Hindu girl Tara Shahdeo was similar to the strategem used by love-jihadis of the United Kingdom, exposed by Sikh World Alliance.

    The wiki-cable sent by Andrew Simkin in February, 2010, to his bosses in the USA further warned that it will be hugely embarrassing for Hindu parents to reveal to friends and relatives that their daughter had been seduced by a Muslim man. The fact that it happened due to machinations of multiple foreign-funded organizations targeting innocent Hindu girls will make the parents of seduced girl often feel ashamed to explain to themselves and others what really happened and how things went wrong.

    The cable mailed by the Chennai-based American Consul General further added, ‘Love Jihad’ brouhaha also illustrates the perceived threat that many Hindus in the region feel from ‘forced conversions’, and the general encroachment of ‘alien’ religious forces into what they see as a Hindu religious space. These perceptions — and the related tensions — will likely continue regardless of the content of Karnataka’s official report on the alleged ‘Love Jihad’.”

    It will not be easy for India’s secular chatterati to ridicule the existence of a vigorous campaign of ‘Love Jihad’ launched with help of foreign funds to entice Hindu and Christian girls. The truth is already out and more truth will come before the public in the months and years ahead to damn the falsehood preching politicians wearing Hindu names and surnames. Ultimately they will succeed in further painting themselves as anti-Hindu and anti-Christian mavericks trying to charm their Muslim votebank by denial of truth. The allegations are not only true, but the fact that they have gained so much attention in the popular perception will ensure that growing hostility between religious groups will extensively tear apart the fabric of social harmony. It will promote greater tensions in the badly fractured relations between Hindus, Muslims, and Christians all over India.

    It is a national shame that platoons of secularism doped Hindu politicians like Akhilesh Yadav, Gaurav Bhatia and Manish Tiwari are trying to assist the Jihadis to take over India through a demographic coup. It is not only Hindu girls who are being seduced and converted. The Christians of Kerala are also angry over the demeaning antics of jihadi Romeos.
    In an incisive article titled ‘Love Jihad: A Myth or a Mission’, posted on the website of Uday India an honest Muslim scholar, Syed Wazid Ali, has given some startling facts based on the statistics of a survey conducted by the Crime Record Bureau of Kerala Police and Kochi’s University of Advanced Law Studies. The survey revealed that the number of girls missing from Kerala was 2127 in 2006 and 2560 in 2008. The police is said to have no information in respect of nearly 600 girls out of a total of 4,687 girls trapped in two successive years by love-jihadis. It is only dumb Hindu leaders and “possibly paid media analysts” who are trying to rescue the fundamentalist fraudsters!

    It is time for Hindu leaders to speak out openly instead of trying to evade this dangerously deceptive demographic challenge to the Hindu identity of India.



  2. vijay nagpal
    July 5, 2016

    Name- Dr Azimudin H
    Gastroenterologist by profession; cheater by karma
    Lives in Mallapuram, kerala, works in Al shifa Hospital
    His Father is Tamil Muslim and had worked in middle east many years and his Mother is Malyali Muslim
    What he does?

    He is a womanizer. He traps innocent HINDU girls in the name of marriage. He is doing LOVE JEHAD. He exploits them emotionally, physically, financially, and socially and then leave them to their fate….lucky ones survive but not everyone is lucky…..some attempted suicide, survived but still are not able to recover from the agony they had suffered…..some have spoiled their lives and still waiting for him, still unmarried but he has other plans…..after playing with the lives of many Hindu girls he has recently married a Jain girl Dr Sonam Shah from Mumbai who is also working in the same hospital as a Radiologist……this girl was already engaged with someone but Dr Azimudin made her break her engagement and married her via court marriage. When the parents of the girl came to know about this the father had an heart attack and the mother had become numb since. Dr Azimmudin’s sister who is living in Germany has married a Christian man there and forced him to convert to Islam, so it looks like the whole family is supporting this Love Jehad. The parents of Azimudin are well aware of his all the past relationships and supported him. One more notable thing he also looks influenced by ISIS, though i am not sure about it.
    How he does?

    He has a very charming personality, well behaved, soft spoken, and is a well established high earning doctor….. so he uses his charm, personality, position to his advantage and manipulate girls……first he start playing sympathy game with them that there was this girl in his life and she tortured him used him and then left him and never wanted to marry him……the girl become emotional and started believing him….he will also cry in front of that girl….see this is not your normal type of Jehad…..he is a very shrewd and cunning guy….he does not use force to harm girls but will play mental games to harass them all their life…..slowly he will start meeting the girl regularly and will take care of her very meticulously….and when the girl start to fall for him then he will start playing his cards….initially he will say he has no problem with the girl remaining Hindu after marriage as he loves Hinduism and all….but when the real time comes for marriage he will force the girl to accept Islam or he won’t marry her….in case of one girl Gauri (changed name) even he started forcing the girl to accept Islam saying that this is the only true religion and not your Hinduism…..when the girl came to know about his previous relations she decided to leave that guy and came back to her parents….when she met him for the last time she told him that god will punish him then that guy made fun of Hindu gods that which god will punish me….the one with the trunk and a big abdomen or the one playing damroo and dancing or the black lady with her tongue out….this is exactly how he ridiculed our gods and goddess… not only this guy is playing with the lives of our sisters and daughters but also making fun of our gods and insulting our religion and challenging the girls that they can do no damage to him as he has a very clean image in the society and nobody would believe them…..
    He is even spoiling the married live of one Hindu girl Dr Dhanya, a Paediatrician working in Madurai. This girl was in contact with him a few years back and he trapped her and asked to marry him. But the girl bravely refused to get converted and did not marry him. This girl is now married but Azimudin is still trying to trap her and make relations with her. Many times he visited her home in the absence of her husband..
    One more girl who presently lives in Delhi has not married yet because of him and tried to end her life many times….she has kind of lost her mental balance….Azimudin never had any Muslim girlfriend although he belongs to Kerala where majority is Muslim….because he always has the sole aim to trap Hindu girls….

    What should we do???

    First we should try to save the life of this Jain girl who is the current victim of this Doctor……although he has married her but he can give her divorce any time as 4 marriages are acceptable in Islam… we must save this Jain girl from that Bastard and teach him some lesson as to how can he play with the lives of our Hindu sisters….or have we become impotent (Namard) and can only see the the dignity of our Hindu girls taken away by these Muslims for centuries or we can cut the dick of such bastards and sent them where they belong….to the hell…
    Jai Hind…Jai Hindu….


    • Vinay vashisht
      October 22, 2017

      Can you provide some proof about this Dr AZimudin H


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