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India is ready to fight hard against al Qaeda and Islamic States.

NIA seeks government nod to file FIR against al Qaeda, Islamic State.

Fight against Islamic States

DNA | New Delhi | Tuesday, 23 September 2014:: Prima facie evidence of al Qaeda and Islamic State (IS) trying to woo and recruit Indian Muslim youth as their cadre and the video footage showing a flagrant al Qaeda chief Ayman-al-Jawahiri exhorting to wage a war against India has led the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to seek permission from the union home ministry to file an FIR against both the outfits.

The union home ministry, sources said, is looking at NIA’s request and is expected to take a decision soon.

As the evidence is not state specific and transcends even the national boundary, the NIA is required to take permission from the union home ministry that has already taken the threat seriously.

An internal paper prepared by senior home ministry officials outlines the threat as serious. It says that the terrorist groups in Pakistan, including the TTP and Punjabi Taliban have amply stated their positions and willingness to make Kashmir the next battle ground beyond 2014.

It further says that “not only Kashmir-centric groups but Taliban and Al Qaeda affiliates have stakes in the larger scheme of Ghazwa-e-Hind (Battle of India) where Indian is regarded as the next battle ground in the ‘End of Times’ battles. This is likely to be used to drive Taliban and Al Qaeda affiliates into Kashmir.”

“There is ample evidence against Al Qaeda’s recruitment attempt. It had managed to lure 17 Manipuri youth to join Al Qaeda and they had even gone to Pakistan to get training. Four of them returned back and revealed the concerted attempts made by Al Qaeda through Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan to infiltrate Indian subcontinent, including Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal,” sources said.

Another evidence of al Qaeda being active came through a video made in 2013 but released worldwide recently. The video titled “Why there is no storm in your Ocean” and featuring AQIS (al Qaeda in India) chief, Asim Umar who calls upon Indian Muslims, especially from Assam, Gujarat, J&K and UP, Delhi, Bihar and Southern India to join the global forces of Jihad and push to establish Ummah (Muslim state).

Appointed by Zawahiri, Asim Umar has experience of dealing with Kashmiri militants trained in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). He is also believed to have frequented Lahore, Karachi and militant training camps in PoK in last seven years.

More evidence lies in the fact that at least two men from the Indian Mujahedeen, one of them identified as Bada Sajid, are said to have joined the al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Besides, one Mumbai youth was recently in Syria allegedly fighting for the ISIS, sources said.

“There is no immediate threat from al Qaeda but the government needs to tread cautiously and quell the attempts to communalize as it can make India a breeding ground of terrorists who would be more vicious this time,” said a senior intelligence official.

About the above pic:


HE Post Script: Islamic Terrorism is a dangerous threat to Indian Nation. The whole of the Nation considers Bharat (India) as their Holy Mother Land must arise and fight against the concept of Islamic States generated by the doctrine of Islamic scripture Quran, Muslim solidarity center of Quba, Arabic Khilafet (Caliphate) and Jehadi Umma. Islam cannot be termed as a religion as it stands anti civilization and against universal brotherhood. It follows only Islamic brotherhood and poses hatred to non-believers (kaffirs). Islam is nothing but a process of expansion of ‘Islamic alias Arabic Imperialism’ heinously using the tool of bloody Jihad to destroy the peace and harmony all over.

Every Indian citizen has the right to protect his Motherland and fight against Terrorism mounted over the Nation. It is not only the duty of the Govt and its military force. Public must be prepared to help the Govt and its military force as and when required. The majority Hindu people of India is always ready to sacrifice for their Holy land  as a traditional trend.

Hence, my countrymen please wake up and keep your body and fit. Get physical and arms training. Do meditation and learn bomb making. Arrange licensed arms to protect yourself and others threatened and attacked by the Jihadis.  And be ready to join Indian army at any moment.

We must defeat the Islamic force trying to attack us and capture this ancient land.

The al Qaeda and IS have to see now the Rudra Roop (violent action) of Bharat. Today we have reached Mars. Within few days we are going to all epicenters of Jihad including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Iraq, Arab and so on to kneel down the bloody Jihad.

ISIS and Islam will be crippled down within 10 years from now.

~ Upananda Brahmachari. (24/09/2014).

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9 comments on “India is ready to fight hard against al Qaeda and Islamic States.

  1. Drrkd Goel
    September 24, 2014

    In Vadodara (Gujarat) the Muslims of Vadodra were flying the Kites in 2003 with Osama-bin-Laden (Al-Qaeda) Chief Photos and also came on streets in May. 2007 with Osama-bin-Ladin) Posters during the MSU Art Faculty agitations. They man handled the IPS Police Commissioner of Vadodara and beat a Cable Journalist WHERE OUR INTELLIGENTSIA OF IB /RAW? ARE WE NOE SAFE FROM (Al-QAEDA). FROM 1992 the Islamic terrorists are giving thrats to kill Mr.L.K.Advani who demolished their Babri-Masjid on 6,12,1992 and also Gujarat riots of 2002. Patna Bomb Blasts on 7.10.2003 and Muzaffarnagar anti Muslim Riots in September 2013 the LeT took responsibility. They gave open threats that if Mr. Narendra Modi will be Prime Minister of India in 2014 they will kill him. Now only one solution against Proxy war by the Let / Al0Qaeda against India to attack the hide outs of Muslim terrorists. We should be ready for Nuclear war with Pakistan.
    OUR (INDIAN’S) Patriotism become weak. All politicians are making money only. HOW A SINGLE ALI-BABA (Mr.Narendra Modi) WILL FIGHT WITH 40 CHORS?


    • Mudasir
      November 23, 2015

      Sir, by posting mutilating picture of holy Kaaba, if u still think Muslims should not join Islamic State and other Muslim extremist organization then you are the most foolish person on the earth. It is a clear message to you idol worshipers (Hindus) don’t make the environment habitable for ISIS. Every human wishes to live in peace and harmony.


      • hinduexistence
        November 24, 2015

        Get the same sense when the Muslims do enjoy by desecrating Hindu deities and holy places in various manners.

        The posting is effective. Really!

        Site Moderator.


  2. Hindu
    September 25, 2014

    If Indian muslims join then they are idiots, stupid they are not even considered muslims. All these Islamic clerics from Middle East are nobody but power hungry who are now targeting Indian Muslims for their thirst.

    Muslim from India come back to your ancestral faith. Your ancestral faith is very spiritual, thousands of years old. Do not follow the religious book that destroys the humanity

    To Bhartiya muslims,Do you think killing, raping, destroying buildings is right?


      May 7, 2015



  3. N_Zee
    January 25, 2017

    Bloody Rascal ISIS, motherfucker for you people these pics come up, now put these animals into your mother’s ass or into the mouth Baghdadi.

    Otherwise put these into Hafiz Saeed’s ass, or i wish i could blast a nuclear bomb into Masood Azhar’s ass.

    Niaz Siddique.
    Karachi, Pakistan.


  4. Hindu ka baap
    June 24, 2017

    You motherfucker… Remove this picture…. Otherwise i will fuck your mother and will make these pigs to have sex with your mother and sisters…

    Hindu ka baap.
    Sent from: .
    Claimed site:
    Sender’s Computer Id
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Pin Code: 560056.


    • hinduexistence
      June 25, 2017


      HE Site.


  5. Malik
    November 13, 2021

    Teri maki chut chinal ke maderchod randi ke bachhe gand me dam hai to aa samne nich Jat ke badve mulla ka bulla le mu me bhosdike


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