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World Hindu Congress 2014 concludes.

World Hindu Congress concludes with acute formalities and without penetrating into the real sufferings of World Hindus.

WHCHENB  |  New Delhi | November 23, 2014:: The three-day World Hindu Congress concluded here today, raising formal concerns over conversion and giving a call for the preservation of the community and cultural identity of Hindus. But the Hindu Congress failed to say any word against the ‘secular’ threat against Bharat (India), which is the most dangerous element to destroy the ‘dharmik’ threads in this land of Sanatan Vedic Hindu Dharma.

Addressing the conclave on the concluding day, RSS’s (Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangha) second-in-command, Suresh (Bhaiyyaji) Joshi, said that the challenge before the country today was the preservation of its culture and civilisation even as he urged the participants from across the globe to rise to the task.

International Working President of VHP, Praveen Togadia, claimed that Hindus have been converted on a large scale not only in India but across the world through temptation, intimidation and pressure.

He said that VHP is making a plan to ensure full security for Hindus. Certainly, God knows their planning.

The three-day World Hindu Congress, which began on November 21, sees deliberation on several subjects relevant to Hindu society. The conclave is being organised by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) as part of its Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The conclave was inaugurated jointly by RSS Sarasanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat and Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness Dalai Lama.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the World Hindu Congress, RSS Sarasanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat said: “The world always needs Hindu thought or Indic tradition. It is the responsibility of Hindus to teach and guide the world.

Hindu is someone who sees unity in all human diversity. Leadership based on Hindu values and tradition is essential for the world. Let’s provide the world such leadership.”

But, RSS Sarasanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat’s version relates only such a leadership exclusively epitomized for the RSS and BJP men and not the others.

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, who calls himself a good Hindu, said a sense of oneness is needed among human beings.‎ Unfortunately, the Buddhist highest leader forgot to mention any word of consolation for the murdered and terrorized lakhs of Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka by the Rajapakshe Govt and his predecessors there.

The World Hindu Congress, which seeks to present the modern face of Hinduism, has emphasised on strategic positioning of the Hindu society on world stage. The global conclave emphasises on working out ways to increase India’s contribution in world’s GDP. The World Hindu Congress has 7 conferences namely Hindu Youth Conference, Hindu Economic Conference, Hindu Political Conference, Hindu Educational Conference, Hindu Organizational Conference, Hindu Women Conference and Hindu Media Conference.

World_Hindu_Congress_2014Around 1,500 delegates, from 40 countries, are attending the World Hindu Congress. The delegates of the conclave include those committed to working for Hindu rise and resurgence. The participants have representatives from amongst the Yazidis and Hindus of Pakistan.

Pointing out the problem of Hindus in Kashmir, Dr Ajay Chrungoo, chairman of Panun Kashmir, an organisation and movement of displaced Kashmiri Hindus, said: “Despite more than 3.5 lakh of Hindus being pushed out of the Kashmir valley over the years, the political class across the spectrum in the country, including the BJP, still consider it a small issue and is less serious about it,”

No political party in India, including the BJP, is sensitive enough to the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir and their expulsion from the state. While the fate of Kashmiri Hindus remains uncertain, other pockets within the country such as West Bengal and Assam are on the path to becoming another Kashmir. This was the view social groups and activists working in Kashmir expressed at the World Hindu Congress.

Astonishing enough, this RSS folded VHP summit in Delhi in the shape of ‘World Hindu Congress’ did not surface highly and properly its agendas in the matters of re-establishment of Hindu Rashtra in Bharat and Nepal, Hindu Genocide in Sri Lanka by fundamental Buddha Sasan, suppressed (Hindu-Buddhist) ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh by Islamist,  leading to zero % Hindus in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Islamic and Christian aggressions in Hindu life, ISIS genocide of Yazidi Hindus in Iraq and various threads  of Hindu contra-currents dethroning them from a sphere of  real Hindu empowerment in a struggle for Hindu existence.

World Hindu Congress, 2014 maintained an exclusive formalities and ‘pick and choose representation’ without proper addressing the demands of Hindus like Construction of Sri Ram Janambhoomi Temple in Ayodhya, Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi, Sri Krishna Janmasthan Temple in Mathura, Ban on conversion and cow-slaughter, Govt. encroachment on Hindu Temple Board etc, Service taxes etc. on Hindu pilgrimages, defamation and illegal imprisonment of Hindu saints  and many things, Hindus think important.

The World Hindu Congress, 2014  failed to conceive any fruitful resolution to overcome the Jihad and Evangelic threats in Bharat and upon Global Hindus.

The World Hindu Congress, 2014 was un-attended by any of Jagatguru Shankaracharyas of Govardhana Pīṭhaṃ, Sringeri Śārada Pīṭhaṃ, Dvāraka Pīṭhaṃ, Jyotirmaṭha Pīṭhaṃ or  Kanchi Kamakoti Pīṭhaṃ, who are believed as the highest authorities and exponents of Hindu Dharma.

3 comments on “World Hindu Congress 2014 concludes.

  1. Lambda Scorpio
    November 24, 2014

    Secularism has turned itself as the Single most Threat to Hinduism. All Hindus should unite against it, immediately.


  2. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    November 26, 2014

    All India Hindu Convention (28 June 2014) passed a resolution with solitariness and support to declare Nepal as a Hindu Nation. The convention said Nepal has since time immemorial been identified as Vaidik Sanatan Hindu Nation in the form of a Devabhumi (Land of Deities), Shivbhumi (Land of Shiv), Tapobhumi (Land of penance), Gyanbhumi (Land of knowledge) and Gorakshabumi (Land of protection of cows) under the rule of Deity Shri Pashupatinath. The convention rightly remarked the reason behind declaring a secular Nation that is the anti-Hindu school of thought of the leftists. Because so called secular republic status and Democracy have been made irreversible, consequently, adversities on Dharma such as conversions, cow-slaughter has increased in Nepal. Besides, the convention warns that Nepal is on the verge of a religious-war. Eighty-two percent of the Hindus residing in Nepal are staunch followers of Sanatan Hindu Dharma. The convention also speaks our voice that Nepal once again would become a Hindu Nation. Here are three point resolutions, 1- This Convention supports morally, politically and at all the levels the local Hindus, who are making efforts so that Nepal be declared as a Hindu Nation. 2- Nepal’s Parliament should declare Nepal a Hindu Nation. 3- The Secular Government of India should not interfere directly or indirectly to crush the future movement to force the Nepal Government to declare Nepal as a Hindu Nation.’ We are really thankful to Upananda Brahmachari- the Editor of Struggle Hindu Existence and friends for taking the leadership for the convention.
    In the context of Nepal visiting in SAARC, we Nepalese people are very interested to welcome the strong Hindu nationalist BJP leader, Hon.Narendra Modi –the PM of India. The leftist analyst Rajendra Sapkota writes- ‘The state visit of PM Narendra Modi of India on SAARC summit convened in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu is most welcomed . The proposed side visit of Holy places Janaki Mandir of Janakpur, the birth place of Lord Buddha Lumbini and MuktiNath temple have been cancelled. It is our national shame. The Government of the opinion as secular practice as well as opposition is responsible for this cancellation along with western Imperial strategy .We Nepalese people denounce these sorts of irresponsible tusk done on behalf of state authority. We hope correction of the schedule will be in track.’ Now, the Cancellation of the golden visit of the Hon. PM of India is not good. The present Ambassador Ranjet Rae is responsible to make dubious the visiting program in Nepal. Being the broker of congress (I) he wants to defame the strong Hindu Asian leader. Why the Ambassador could not maintain the diplomatic norms? Why he prepared the mass meeting for Modi. Modi Govt. must transfer such nonsense Ambassador Ranjit Rae from Nepal’s Ambassador. It was understood that the Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi wanted only to honor the Goddess Sita and her birth place. So, it is a matter of grief, to cancel the visit of the respected guest in Janakpur, Lumvini and Mustang is necessary. Due to the Maoist and Madhesis’ nefarious activities the visit is becoming controversial. Why the Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Bimalendra Nidh and some parties politicized on Narendra Modi’s visit. These people have done great blunder to use Modi as a personal benefits in his visit. Modi’s visit in these shrine places would be very useful. I suggest them, henceforth; never try to exercise in futility to defame such international Hero.

    The reality is that due to the traitors’ regime,since 2006, we Nepalese people are suffering from the party leaders-Maoist, Congress,UML who have been active to destroy all the identities of Hinduism and the identified symbol of sovereignty-the beloved Nepalese monarchy by the hints of Cristian Mission, EU and CIA for Christianize Nepal and to break China in the name of free-Tibet. So, these traitors must be chased away from Nepal’s power.

    Then, I would like put forward some suggestions for Indian leadership in the issues of Nepal. The first thing is strengthening the cordial bilateral relation at peoples’ level. Secondly, in order to conserve Hinduism in Nepal and India and to maintain harmonious relation with Nepal, Bharatiya Janta Party should support to restore the only Hindu Kingdom in the world with constitutional monarchy. Thirdly, BJP Govt. must reconstruct the Hindu temples and Dhams and have to inform the world about the glory of Hindu religion. Fourth, Nepal and India should have to organize a High class Commission to solve the existing and rising problems of the temples, Dams and pilgrimages for the harmonious relation among the Nepalese and Indian visitors and pilgrimages.
    In conclusion, Nepal has cordially sustainable relationship with India. Being identity and survival essence, Nepal must reinstate Hinduism and constitutional monarch. India should positive and supportive role.
    Thank you
    Dirgha Raj Prasai


  3. shivam vishwakarma
    November 26, 2014

    like these confrence are so important for us.


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