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IntelCenter’s CTI report reveals that Muslim countries are mostly terrorist but not the Hindus.

IntelCenter unveils 9 Islamic out of top 10 Terror countries in CTI report.

IntelCenter released Country Threat Index ranking 45 countries in terms of terrorist threats caused by mainly Muslim and exceptionally Christian militants and rebellions, not from Hindus. 

Pure Islam

Even then Muslims claim that Islam is the Religion of Peace….

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | 12 Dec 2014:: The Country Threat Index  (CTI) 2014, compiled by IntelCenter, an US based think-tank working for intelligence agencies, has complied 45 countries above zero threat of Terrorism and Rebellious Militancy of various kinds against humanity. The report has been published in Washington on  9 December 2014.

The rankings were prepared after examining the volume of terrorist activities and rebel alerts, messaging traffic, releasing graphic videos, photos on brutality,  incidents and the number of killed and injured persons in a country over the past 30 days.

There are a total of 45 countries with a CTI greater than zero. The average CTI for these countries is 74 and the global CTI is 3,313, as the report says.

India’s two neighbouring countries are in the top ten in CTI as the report suggests.

Pakistan is placed eighth in the list of the most dangerous countries in the world which is led by Iraq, according to the report of CTI and Afghanistan, the only other South Asian country in the list, is placed in fourth.

The reports revealed that the up surging Jihad in Middle East, Africa and Muslim majority areas are looming the most dangerous threats for the humanity and that has been accounted in the Country Threat Index. Infighting between the Muslims, traditional animosity between Shia and Sunni and obviously the war between Christian and Muslims  and between Jews and Muslims are the most vulnerable threats to the harmony and the peace of the world.

As per source, the detailed report mentions the attacks and activities of Talibans and various Jehadi outfits throughout the world, ISIS advancement in Syria and Middle East, attack of Islamic Uighur rebellions on Han people in China’s Xinjiang, fighting between Hamas and Mossad and the deadly effort of Sharia enforcement of Boko Haram in Nigeria through a straight fight with the state authority inclined to Christianity.  Interestingly, Hindus are never included in this report for their engagement in any terror of rebellious activities.

Top 10 Country Threat Index (CTI) 2014 by IntelCenterThe top ten countries in the list are mostly Muslims and Sunni character in particular. The second position holder Nigeria has 40% Christian population and tenth position holder Kenya has 82% Muslim population. The religious texture of these top ten in Country Threat Index  (CTI) are as below.

1. Iraq (Muslim 99% Shia 65%, Sunni 34%), 2. Nigeria (Muslim 50%, Christian 40%, indigenous beliefs 10%) 3. Somalia (90% Sunni Muslim Islam and others Arabs etc.) 4. Afghanistan (Sunni Muslim 80%, Shia Muslim 19%)  5. Yemen (Muslim 99.1%, Sunni 65% and Shia  35%) 6. Syria (Muslim 87% consisting Sunni 74% and Shia 13% and Christian 10%) 7. Libya (Sunni Muslim 96.6%, Christian 2.7%) 8. Pakistan (Muslim 96.4%, Sunni 85-90%, Shia 10-15%) 9. Egypt (Sunni Muslim 90%, Christian 10% ) and 10. Kenya (Christian 82.5%,  Muslim 11.1%). These religious data are based on CIA Fact Book.

Even then Muslims claim that Islam is the Religion of Peace. Islam is a deadly Religion and it should be banned. They destroy peace all over.  From total analysis it is convinced that Jihad is the main source of the deadly threats before humanity. In some other palaces, the other Semitic religions join with them but not the Hindus. 

The IntelCenter reports of Country Threat Index  (CTI) 2014 unequivocally reveals that Hindus are not engaged in any Terror or Rebellion activism in any country and India is positioned in 32 place (though the Al Qaeda and ISIS are trying hard to invading India with final Jihad) in CRI and most peaceful than any other Muslim country for its Hindu majority.

Source: Intel Reports available in internet.

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3 comments on “IntelCenter’s CTI report reveals that Muslim countries are mostly terrorist but not the Hindus.

  1. mathesisuniversalis
    December 12, 2014

    Reblogged this on L'horreur islamique.


  2. Lambda Scorpio
    December 12, 2014

    What the Hell of Indian secularists like Congress, Lalu,mulayam and the comunists doing? they all should be thrown out of this country, first.


  3. Meenakshi
    December 12, 2014

    It is said to be a big joke that “Islam is a religion of peace and it is rightly said that “It is the most dangerous religion not only for India but for the whole world as well” SO IT SHOULD BE BAN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE . Our politicians supporting and promoting the muslim community for the sake of their so called vote bank on the other they dam care about the dangerous results which we all will going to face in upcoming few years.

    The population of muslim community increasing day by day, situation of love Jihadh and conversion getting worst.


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