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VHP will campaign to fight untouchability to make One United Hindu Society.

VHP starts new campaign to end evils of caste bias, untouchability, discrimination to form Resurgent Hindu Society based on Social Equality. 

Dr P TUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | March 22, 2015:: After its glaring “ghar wapsi” campaign, seen by many as a strategy for Hindu consolidation, came under criticism of the secular media and politicos, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) lunches it new agenda to propagate its views on ‘Samarasata‘ (social equality). Retrieving a resolution passed during the 1969 “Udupi conclave” of saints, which said “Hindava  sahodaraha sarve (All Hindus are brothers), Na Hindu Patito Bhavet (no Hindu untouchables)/ Mama Diksha Hindu Raksha (to rescue Hindus is initiation), Mama Mantra Samanata (equality is our hymns)”, senior VHP leader Dr Pravin Togadia on Saturday said the organisation will propagate a nationwide campaign in 6 lakh villages against “untouchability”. The Sangh Parivar is of the view that the ostracism of people belonging to the so-called “lower caste” is one of the main reasons for religious conversion, contrary to its philanthropic ideology. The Parivar’s “ghar wapsi” campaign is aimed at bringing back to Hinduism those who converted to faiths in Christianity and Islam.

Now,  Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) said it was asking Hindu families to reach out to all castes, including Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, forest and hill people, as part of its ‘Hindu Mitra Parivar’ programme.  Measures would include “making friends with families of other castes, sharing happy and sad moments, visiting each other’s houses, sharing meals, helping them in educational, medical. legal and entrepreneurial help, encouraging the young to take healthy family photos, selfies and sharing them via WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media”.

“The VHP will ensure people from all castes get to drink the same water wherever there is a common water source, that no Hindu is barred from entering any temple, that there is a single crematorium for all Hindus, irrespective of caste,” Dr Togadia said.

Asked whether this campaign was to stop the conversion of Hindus to other religions, Togadia said: “Even if there was no conversion in the country…and if untouchability was still there, we would have still worked to eradicate it.”

Asking him about the report card of the present Modi Govt, Dr Togadia, who reportedly doesn’t share a good rapport with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, replied he has been “too busy” with his work to assess the performance of the BJP government at the Centre. On the issue of beef ban in some states, he said in the name of personal freedom, one cannot disrespect the tradition and culture of the country or else there could be reactions. Dr Togadia also reminded that 25 states of India has their own legal provision to prohibit cow slaughter in their states. It is now the time for the Central Govt. to enforce a central law to ban both Cow slaughter and beef with all strictures.

On the recent developments in J&K after forming a BJP-PDP Govt there,  Mr Togadia said: “Massarat Aalam has been released. Terror attacks are rising. The nation is watching… The Jammu and Kashmir chief minister, with his actions, has compromised national interest.” He, however, declined to comment on the BJP’s decision to ally with the PDP but insisted that “national interest and national security should not be compromised anyway”.

The Hindutva firebrand leader, Dr Togadia  also batted for the abrogation of Article 370, a long-time demand of the BJP, saying that the VHP remains committed to it and will struggle for a terror free and prosperous India by making a Hindu Rashtra in India.

Dr Togadia has been banned thrice in recent to attend his public programme in connection with Golden Jubilee Celebration of VHP in Bengaluru (Karnataka), Kandhmal (Odisha) and Udupi (Karnataka).

___with an input from PTI. 

7 comments on “VHP will campaign to fight untouchability to make One United Hindu Society.

  1. Brahma in USA
    March 23, 2015

    India badly needs to erase this caste system for forever, if at all India wants to rise. VHP and RSS are doing laudable job if they get success. Even a tiny success in the beginning will be sufficient to enlarge it in future.
    No drawing back from this task.
    Wish you the best.
    bnm from Chicago, USA


  2. reddyrv393
    March 23, 2015

    This is highly encouraging and wish to congratulate VHP in taking this task which should have been done by the Religious leaders..It is very necessary step since the Muslims & Christians are trying to woo the SCs/STs on the plea that they are welcome into their fold when the Hindus have branded them as UNTOUCHABLES…. I would sugest that there should be a UNITED action by not only VHP but also by RSS, BJP, Bajrangdal, in this task…Let us hold the Hindu folk together and at all costs and not let them be wooed by Muslims & Christians.===Dr.R.V.Reddy


    • Dr Ranjeet Singh
      March 23, 2015

      Does that mean these brothers are converting because of that reason only and shall NOT convert if Castes/ Caste System are abolished; they shall cease to get lured by the charms and allurements of free education, marriage, foreign trips and money?

      Dr Ranjeet Singh (UK)


  3. Vaibhav
    March 23, 2015

    Caste Discrimination will not be erased unless and untill, inter-caste marriages are not done. All other things are futile. When VHP, RSS, and all other Pro-Hindu organisation leaders will make their children marry inter-caste. Then the real talk may start.


  4. karishma roy
    March 24, 2015

    Whether it is Lord Rama or Sri Krishna were not Brahmins. In fact the so called Shudras found Darshan more often than the Brahmins. Whether it is Bhilni Shabari, Saind Naai, Sadhnaa Kasaai, Ravidas mochi and Rishi Valmiki. Brahmins are there to serve the society like everyone else, no one can be a master over here. Not even God himself. The idea of Master n Slave is only an Abrahamic concept, when will our stupid Hindus understand… Whether it is by words or action, pls educate or enforce action if required…or else it will b too late. It is most difficult, but easy than ghar wapsi. We hope all politics will b kept aside and they’ll sincerely works towards this cause.


  5. Jayanthi
    April 15, 2015

    This is excellent news! I sincerely hope that Samarasata (social equality) is propagated vigorously. In the absence of social equality, Hindu society will forever need to hang its head in shame. All Hindus must unite and work hard to root out the curse of caste discrimination.


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