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Why Muslims should not be allowed to purchase new flats, lands etc. in non-Muslim areas?

Muslims are not allowed to purchase new flats, lands in Hindu majority areas in India to avoid certain Islamic problems. The world should follow it. 

Muslim businessman sells out his house after VHP protest

TogadiaPTI | Ahmedabad | Apr 8, 2015:: A Muslim businessman sold off his house in a Hindu majority locality in the sanatorium area of Bhavnagar city apparently after a protest by the right wing Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) here.

“A Muslim businessman had purchased property worth lakhs of rupees in a Hindu-dominated locality in the Sanatorium area of Bhavnagar city, after which the VHP launched a protest.

Programmes like singing of Ram dhuns and Ram bhajans were organized after which the businessman finally sold off his property (house),” VHP’s Bhavnagar city president S D Jani said. A year ago, VHP international president Pravin Togadia had allegedly advised VHP members and other residents of that area to insult Muslims to make them vacate their properties in areas dominated by the majority community.

Jani, who resides in the Meghani Circle area of Bhavnagar claimed that Togadia had stayed at his residence when he made those inflammatory remarks.

“Our people had represented before him (Togadia) that Muslims are buying houses in our areas. So he told them to organize Ram Dhun and Ram Bhajan on loudspeakers in front of the Muslim businessman’s house. Our people did that and finally the Muslim businessman sold off his property,” Jani claimed.

Why Muslims should not be allowed to purchase new flat, land etc. in non-Muslim areas?

Muslims are not being allowed to purchase new flats, lands in Hindu majority areas in India to avoid certain Islamic problems. This happened a case of Bhavnagar as reported here. But rest of the world should follow it and must not allow the prospective Jihadists to come closer to attack us by any means under Quranic dictum.

Mind it all muslims are potential Jihadis or as such in favourable situations. Who disagree to vow in Jihad or deny to fight against Kaffirs unto death, are not a Muslims at all.

Here are Ten points why you must resist them in your non Muslim locality.

1. Islam is an aggressive imperialism. If you allow them anyway, they will try to Islamize your identity and sovereignty. When the purchase a piece of Land or occupy it anyway through lease or rent, it’s nothing but a Land Jihad. To access a possession for further Jihad.

2. Islam challenges your Nationality, Culture, Democracy and Freedom. If you allow Islam in your locality, then it will invite problem to your life process.

3. The Quran, Hadith, Fiq, Sharia, Halal all are just contradict and to eliminate you. If you invite them in your locality, eventually you will be put into a cauldron of contradictions to boil you all the time.

4. Each Muslim possesses in mind to make a Mosque in their locality. After getting entry in your locality they must build a Mosque and think of five times Adhan to proclaim the world under Allah and Muhammad. You have to bear most irritable Islamic slogans to take guns against you, five times a day. And from this Mosques they continue all Islamic preaching against you, belittling tour religion, custom and culture.

5. Just think they are growing as you allowed. The Burqa clad women are passing you, those liberty has been snatched under Islamic bullying. But, you don’t know how many of them are male Jihadis under Burqa or suicide bombers.

6. Would you like pool of blood in the name of Qurbani. But, they will make it Halal and you have to find another way to avoid such gory scene, their horrific jubilation for purporting the cruelty to animal and the screaming of the tortured animals in Baqar Eid. But, this taxation is levelled upon you, just you allowed them.

7. There will be jam in the streets and roads in Friday noon. Police will be helpless and yours business will be blocked for Namaj. They will perform Namaz in the open roads and streets, only to show their might and right over you people, just allowed them in your locality.

8. Your girls and women will be scared and more vulnerable in the hands of Love Jihadists. They love white flesh. They will target your dears, sisters and girl friends. They love non Muslim girls to have sex with them so Islamically to use them as machine for production and blast both. You may face these problems more acute, when you keep them as much as closer to you.

9. Are you sure, that your next door neighbour is not a member, warrior, supporter of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram or any extremist Islamic organisation! You are in a danger if you allow any Muslims in your locality to reside, to rent a flat or to purchase a piece of land. If you do so, you are connecting deadly Jihad and all Islamic brutality with your locality.

10. They have never allow you, respect you, give equal rights to you in their locality. Take the history books. Franchise your experience. You will gather only a dreadful and humiliating evidences against you. Then, why should we allow  Muslims in our locality, when they believe in Pan Islamism and not Pan Humanism.

__Upananda Brahmachari.

Bohri Muslim businessman Ali Asghar Zaveri, who deals in scrap refused to make any comments on the issue.

When asked about whether he was forced to sell his house under pressure from religious outfits, he said, he was “busy”. According to Chetan Kamdar of Bhavnagar-based real estate firm ‘Bhumit Associates’, who purchased the house, they bought it as per market rate and they are not aware about the fact that the Muslim businessman was pressurized by some religious outfits. “We bought his house for around Rs 55 lakh, which is in accordance with the prevailing market price, while he (Zaveri) had purchased it a year ago for about Rs 44 lakh. We got to know of this property from a city-based broker and so we purchased Zaveri’s plot as well as an adjacent plot,” Kamdar told . “We were not aware about any pressure from religious outfits. Both the parties are happy with the deal. So it was done accordingly,” Kamdar said.

Courtesy: PTI, Pics and links used above..

5 comments on “Why Muslims should not be allowed to purchase new flats, lands etc. in non-Muslim areas?

  1. harleen
    April 10, 2015

    We should follow this in every part of india.jayatu hindu rashtram


  2. csrakesh
    April 10, 2015

    it has been a long & painful history. Hindus will have to be aggressive, stand up and fight mentality. the way hindus were abused and killed in their own land is something to be studied & lessons be learnt from it. before it is too late, hindus will have to unite, train & be offensive. without this, they will be trampled by islamic moronic warriors.


  3. T. Naidoo
    April 10, 2015

    Muslims must prove to the people of Bharat that Islam has a right to be in India. We need an intelligent Muslim, if there is one, to explain to us what right or reason they have of being in India.
    It is very dangerous but we must invite them to a public discussion on the matter. We must request Barka Dutt, or any of the national newspapers to give us the opportunity to state our position publicly.


  4. k parmar
    April 11, 2015

    Muslims should be evacuated from every country which is NON MUSLIM/ISLAM.


  5. raj
    April 18, 2015

    in kerala they are buying houses and within no time they are painting it green and make it a mosque and irritating and challeging hindus with very high sound.muslims are now intruding to hindu majority areas with delibrate intentions to destroy hindus. in kerala these bastards has risen to 28 percent. now itself there are three times more mosques than temples…hindus should be alerted agressive and should wake up


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