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Traditional Amarnath Yatra for 2 months is the fundamental rights of Hindus: VHP.


Row over Amarmath Yatra. VHP warns Hurriyat not to interfere Hindu Rights. 

Hindus may be allowed for 1 month for Amarnath Yatra: Separatist Leader Geelani.

Traditional Amarnath Yatra for Two months is the Religious Rights of Hindus: Rajesh Gupta, VHP, J&K.

VHP J&KUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | Jammu  | May 3, 2015:: Vishwa Hindu Parishad Jammu & Kashmir has strongly objected and refuted the views expressed by pro Pak antinationalist Ali Shah Geelani over the duration of Shri Amarnathji Yatra. ‘Geelani’s suggestion to restrict Holy Yatra to 30 days are totally unacceptable and amount to interference in Hindu religious activities’, as expressed in a Press Note by Sri Rajesh Gupta, the Senior Vice-President of VHP, J&K unit.

The statement of VHP has been issued on 2nd May as a reply against Hurriyat Conference leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s stand  to curb the duration of Annual Amarnath Yatra by 30 days instead of its normal span of two months.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad makes it categorically clear that Holy Yatra to Shri Amarnath ji is a most sacred pilgrimage for Hindus and it is being performed throughout the year since ages. There was never ever any time restriction for embarking on the pilgrimage. Since summer months attract more rush of the pilgrims; thus from last few years,  administratively, Holy yatra is declared open for the season after the snow melt enroute on the auspicious day of Jyeshtha Purnima  and Chhari Pujan is performed  on Shravan Purnima (i.e. after about 2 months) every year at Holy Cave. There is no restriction in Hindu religion on performing pilgrimage during any time of the year. History is quite clear about performance of Holy pilgrimage by Hindu devotees throughout the year.

It is worth mentioning here that when preparations to handle rush of pilgrims to Kashmir have begun, Pakistan tried to poke nose over return of Kashmiri Hindus to Kashmir; and in continuation Geelani has chosen to speak the same words to pursue Pakistan’s nefarious agenda. Demographic change, that Geelani is referring to, infact had  happened in Kashmir with exodus of Kashmir Hindus from valley a quarter of century ago in 1989, and is required to be corrected; and no Geelani or his likes shall be allowed to interfere in this process.

RGVishwa Hindu Parishad is of firm view that Geelani and his separatist aides try to fuel controversies every time before the start of summer Yatra rush in order to create a sense of discomfort to intending Hindu pilgrims; and thus request state government to take appropriate legal measures to ensure that promoters of anti national agenda are not able to disrupt the pilgrimage. Vishwa Hindu Parishad always wants a peaceful and disciplined pilgrimage but any resistance to the pilgrimage will have dire consequences throughout the nation.

As VHP perceives that Traditional Amarnath Yatra for 2 months is the fundamental rights of Hindus, the organisation has determined to fight for the full span of Holy Amarnath Yatra and the religious rights of the Hindu people of J&K, including the ‘gharwapsi’ (come back home) of Hindu-Sikh & Kashmir Pandits in the Kashmir valley.

In a telephonic conversation, Shri Rajesh Gupta told HENB that “Hindus in J&K are ready to fight any subversive and anti-Hindu terror activities of Jihad in a very strong way of action”.

One comment on “Traditional Amarnath Yatra for 2 months is the fundamental rights of Hindus: VHP.

  1. situ
    May 5, 2015

    who is gilani ,fuck him ,hang him .I am sorry to say where are other secular mullhs are


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