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Showing anti-Hindu mentalities through protesting Yoga, Surya Namaskar, Sanskrit, Saving Cows etc. are simply idiotic.


Even ‘Yoga’ gets listed as a grievance in India’s Muslim politics.

kundalini-chakrasMayank Jain | India Tomorrow | New Delhi | June 7, 2105::  Even the utterly harmless acts of the Indian state, e.g. the national celebration on June 21, the UN’s International Yoga Day, could incite protests by fundamentalist Muslim political organizations like the All India Majlis-e-Itehadul-Muslimeen (AIMIM). Could politics in India become more ridiculous than this? How can performing Yogic exercises present itself as a threat to the existence of a set of people living in the country? The narrative of Muslim grievances, authored by India’s leftist thinking elite, allows some of the most peaceful acts of Hindus to become a desperate reason for a Muslim ‘grievance’ in India…

How Yoga & saving cows could bring harm to Muslims?
Interestingly, a non-violent move of the Indian state to bring a ban on cow slaughter, turns into another enormous grievance of the Muslim society! How can saving lives of some poor cows put the survival of the Muslim society at stake? Objections against killings of hapless animals could have been laudable but systematic protests against a law for banning slaughter of the innocuous holy cow is utterly embarrassing! And on the other hand… a Hindu seems to have lost even genuine rights to hold any kind of grievance–not even against terrorists who target them day-in and day-out…

Even ‘Jihad’ could not qualify as a grievance of the Hindus
According to the data given by the Union Home Ministry, in the last eleven years alone, approximately 65,000 people have been lost to Jihadis, North-east-terrorist-groups & left-wing-extremists in India. A large majority of these victims belong to the Hindu community. And yet, `terrorism’ or `jihad’ could never be listed in the lexicon of India’s English speaking elite as a valid `grievance’ of the Hindu community. Even if it was listed, the well entrenched left-liberal intelligentsia would have shot it down ruthlessly. Marxist analysis: `terrorism’ is a consequence of large unemployment in the youth belonging to minority communities, for which no one else but the majority community deserved to be blamed squarely for cornering the bulk of the fruits of development. A narrative was systematically created by a fraud called the `Sachar Report’ which showed Muslims to be lacking in economic status vis-à-vis the Hindus—a white lie eventually exposed by RK Ohri, a former IPS officer, who proved that Muslims were far better off than Hindus on all globally accepted economic parameters used for measuring the well being of communities. [Read here: The Fraud of Sachar Report Exposed]. 

India’s intellectual elite prostrates before Islamism
Today, the western-educated Indian elite willingly capitulates to Islamic society—in the name of secularism and multiculturalism. They portray it to be their political correctness, but it is nothing but plain intellectual cowardice due to greed of survival in their comfort-zone. Therefore, the Muslims would continue to become more confident to raise more outrageous demands. They would continue to issue threats, as they realize that Hindus were more & more keyed to their consumerist avatar of being mere ‘mall-creatures’!

Ridiculous protest against Yoga by Owaisi
Referring to the #YogaDay, AIMIM chief, Asaduddin Owaisi, on Thursday alleged that the Devendra Fadnavis government was forcing Muslims to take part in something that is prohibited in Islam. “The government has no right to make yoga compulsory for children. While doing yoga, one needs to do surya-namaskar, which means you pray to the sun. The government needs to understand Muslims cannot pray to anybody except Allah’, he said. Of course, Owaisi was lying. Doing Yoga exercises on that day has not been made compulsory by any means. Maharashtra state education minister, Vinod Tawde, accused Owaisi of politicising the issue, and made it clear that not observing yoga day would not invite any punitive action.

“There are many positions in yoga besides surya-namaskar. The whole world agrees that yoga has tremendous effects on the body and mind. We have not made it compulsory for any educational institution to conduct yoga session on June 21,” Tawde said.

Yogic thinking could illuminate a new Hindu narrative
Yoga is not mere Physical Training (PT). It is about reaching to higher levels of spiritual elevation. A spiritually elevated Hindu would gather the capability to understand issues from the Yogic point of view and only then he would be able to bring alive his own counter-narrative to expose the lies of the left-liberal intelligentsia.

Ram Swarup, the great mystic of Hindu society, wrote in his foreword to Anirvan’s ‘Antar Yoga’: “We may say that even the lower bhumis (kama-bhumis) have their characteristic trances or samadhis, their own Revelations, Prophets and Deities. They project ego-gods and desire-gods and give birth to dvesha-dharmas and moha-dharmas, hate religions and delusive ideologies. All these projections have qualities very different from the qualities of the projections of the yogic bhumi (levels).

For example, the God of the yoga-bhumi of Patanjala Yoga is free, actually and potentially, from all limiting qualities like desire, aversion, hankering, ego and nescience; free from all actions, their consequences, present or future, active or latent. Or in the language of Patanjala Yoga, he is untouched by klesha-karma-vipaka-ashaya. But the god of the ecstasies of non-yogic bhumi or kuma-bhumi is very different. He has strong likes and dislikes and has cruel preferences. He has his favorite people…and his implacable enemies. He is also very egoistic and self-regarding; he can brook no other god or gods. He insists that all gods other than himself are false and should not be worshipped. He is a ‘jealous god’, as he describes.. And he ‘whose name is jealous’ is also full of ‘fierce anger’ (aph) and cruelty. He commands his chosen people that when he has brought them to the promised land and delivered its people into their hands..”

Let the #YogaDay be a reminder to us on Ram Swarup’s analysis on the deeper aspects of Yoga which would help us to look at ourselves and others with Hindu eyes–and perhaps work towards a much needed narrative of the Hindu society and for the Hindu society!

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Observe International Yog Day on June 21 with full honour to ‘Om’.

India and China agree Cultural Exchange Programme including Joint Celebrations of International Yoga day.

Courtesy: Indian Tomorrow.

2 comments on “Showing anti-Hindu mentalities through protesting Yoga, Surya Namaskar, Sanskrit, Saving Cows etc. are simply idiotic.

  1. Hrishikesh
    June 8, 2015

    These people are hell bent on being evil. They are going against God & Nature. Only God knows what kind of punishments await them after death. But let us not keep our guard down, we have to strive to kick evil from all sides.


  2. rdeshpandedrvrao
    June 8, 2015

    Anti Hindus always protest against Hindu practices and its rituals as they always have tunnel vision about Hindu religion. We Hindus should condemn them as and when they oppose Hindu rituals and practices. Why Muslims are not condemning terrorists killing the very Muslims and others in the name of non-fidelity?


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