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We must make a strong ‘Infidel Unity’ to end the dangerous Jihad and IS.



Infidel Unity in action is a must to end the dangerous Jihad and IS.

Upananda Brahmachari.

France, Britain, US, Australia, Israel, India, China, Japan and Germany must join hands to make a super force against Jihad and ISIS to save the Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, Atheists, each and every non Muslims and even targeted Muslims.

Respected viewers may kindly go through the above screenshots from two webpages viz. BBC and TOI. Just, I put some red-lines and boxes on some portion over those to attract attention of the concerned people about the ‘Islamic Peace’ overwhelmed in this world by this time. Even then, if I utter some words about the brutalities of Islamic fanatics and the menace propounded by Quranic interpretation or misinterpretation (!?), instantly I come under the category of ‘Islamophob’.

The new emergence of the word, ‘Islamophobia’ is nothing but a creation of the silent Jihadists who are in action to spread Jihad among the so called ‘ignorant’, ‘simple’ and ‘good’ Muslims waiting for a advantageous situation to slit the throat of the non-Muslims or kill them otherwise.

What are the lead news of these hours? Here are some news (but not the exhaustive) to realize the invading Jihad by IS.

Yes, all these are the signs of ‘Perpetual Peace’ by a ‘Religion of Peace’! And if you analyse these as ‘Perpetual Menace’ by a ‘Religion of Brutality’, then you are in the hit list of those Islamic zealots in IS, Taliban, al Qaeda, Boko Haram or even in CAIR. But, how far we can maintain our silence or our attitude to overlook all these after seeing a tremendous tyranny of the beasts name ‘Jihadist’ and the speedy devastation of the civilization under the gruesome attack of Islam. Time has come to take immediate action against this dangerous Islam to save the human society from a premature demise.

Mind, it the probability to any reconciliation for peace and amity is almost absurd as they have already divided the world as confronting two, Momin (Muslim believers) and the Kaffirs (non-Muslim Infidels). Actually, they have waged a war on us. This a non-optional climax to win or perish. Setting a goal on Pan Islam inter alia Caliphate, these ultra Jihadist groups want to run over the non-Muslims mass only to propagate Sharia, Halal and annihilation of other civilization not included in Islam. The situation is most crucial and horrific.

Whether there is any chance to save the situation to protect free thinking, democracy, fraternity, advancement of civilization and first of all the human race?

Yes, there is the only chance to ensure our existence by making a unity of the infidels (as they call us) to thunder over this demonic Jihad to destroy it from the root.

The Islamic attacks and insurgency in Tunisia, Syria, Turkey, France, Britain, US, Australia, Israel, India, China and so on cannot be individualized or segregated anyway henceforth. All these are coming down to us as an Islamic avalanche.  No body is spared. The dead hand of Islam is counting the heads of Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, Atheists or even the Muslims denying the supremacy of Islamic State and their Jihad as designed. Humanity as a whole under the threat of Jihad and as if at the verge of extinction.

Any defence mechanism will lick the sand dust of the desert storm of Jihad. Only offensive attacking upon them can change the situation. France, Britain, US, Australia, Israel, India, China, Japan and Germany must join hands to make a super force against Jihad and ISIS to save the Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, Atheists, each and every non Muslims or even the targeted Muslims from the onslaught of Islamic barbarism and mayhem.

Time is limited and civilization is at a stake. There is no way to compromise with the extremism of Jihad and its propagators. This is the time to take an oath to end the terrorism and tyrants right now. We should hear the bare call of the time. And we must act accordingly.

Links Courtesy: BBC | TOI | CNN | Wikipedia.

3 comments on “We must make a strong ‘Infidel Unity’ to end the dangerous Jihad and IS.

  1. bALLAL
    June 27, 2015

    First check the Italian whore sonia maino gandhi. India was plundered savagely between 2004-2014, loot 12 lakh crore. 2004-2104, 700 terrorist attacks and 15000 Hindus dead in Bomb Blasts and attacks till 2009, ISIS is unknown. Suddenly 2012 it emerges.. Till 2011 every month terrorist blasts took place by ITALIAN MAFIA=INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN supported by evil terrorist sonia. WAS IT A DRY RUN BY IS IN INDIA WITH SONIA HAND BEHIND IT IS IS = IM = ITALIAN MAFIA??


  2. Bhadhra
    June 27, 2015

    First call openly and invite people to come together and form a org. In india it self automatically others will join. Initiating a movement is sheer necessity.


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