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Iran Nuclear deal tends to next Islamic World War.

The Iran Nuke Deal

Iran nuclear deal most dangerous for world as to corner India and Israel in the war against Islamic Terrorism. Rest of the world is put under the threat of Islamic World War.

Upananda Brahmachari  | HENB | New Delhi  | July 16, 2015:: The world is now divided in two sectors between the points of the notorious deal aimed at reining in Iran’s nuclear program worth $100 billion vetted by US and the world peace process.

On  Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, appears set to reshape relations between Iran and the US, with its effects likely to ripple across the volatile Middle East. In Vienna, Obama bowed down to Islamic Republic of Iran, the most powerful Shia regimen in this world.

The dormant gene in Barack ‘Hossian’ Obama evoked a pulse in him to mislead the world peace process and obviously the war against Islamic terror with a probability of the cracking down the IS and Sunni terrorism through a Shia nuclear warfare.

The blunder of Obama will affect the humanity immensely in forth as the US promoted the Islamic terrorism, whether it is Shia or Sunni. Unfortunately, the Homo sapiens know it well, how the big world powers have originated and empowered the Islamic terrorism only to capture the zonal powers in the different parts of this world. The notorious Iran nuclear deal is nothing but the repetition of history.

Describing the Iran deal as dangerous for the world, Israel envoy to India Daniel Carmon said on Wednesday that India was aware of Israel’s concerns over the agreement and that he apprehends that Iran nuclear deal is most dangerous for world as to corner India and Israel in the war against Islamic Terrorism. Ambassador Carmon told TOI how for many years India and Israel have been sharing values, challenges and interests, including in the global war against terror and and that he was sure Israel’s strong partnership with India was going to continue.

The Sunni power Saudi Arabia, another important factor for India in the region to control the Islamic outfits in the Indian subcontinent, too has been particularly opposed to the controversial Iranian nuclear deal.

So, successfully, US has created its deliberate pressure both upon Israel and India to be involved with the confronting Islamic havoc in those regions so that both the Nations (India and Israel) would not take control over Islamic warfare. Ceasing Islamic terrorism means a heavy downfall in US economy sprouted on basaltic, narcotics and crisis elements. Critiques say that US is setting  its new nuclear arsenal in Iran for a stronger strategic control over the region. This face of US is not unknown to the Indians as the Uncle Sham has been promoting the Islamic terrorism through a huge arms and monetary help to Pakistan since the decades ago.

In the interview with TOI, Israeal Ambassador Carmon said, “Even under International Atomic Energy Agency’s safeguards, Iran will be able to continue deceiving, evading and concealing its nuclear programme, as it has done for the past decade.” Carmon added, “Pre-coordinated inspections on Iran’s nuclear sites are by no means a genuine verification. The unfreezing of hundreds of billions of dollars and lifting up the sanctions will enable a terror-supporting regime to continue the efforts to destabilize West Asia.”

Israel describes the deal as a ‘historic mistake‘. While Iran’s enemies unsettled by its deal with the West, but Bashar al-Assad of Syria says it is ‘a great victory’. Why? The Islamic combinations and its insurgency are always unpredictable.

Interestingly, New Delhi has welcomed the Iran agreement as it is expected to help India in its outreach to central Asia by improving connectivity and in maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan, apart from improving its estimated energy security. Though the deal will pose the Narendra Modi-led government as a fresh political challenges at a time, it is also seen an increase of inclining towards Israel in its West Asia policy.  Crawling down in the border of Kashmir and Pakistan, even when its internal security is always being threatened by the ISI and IS both, India is a dilemma with this Iranian nuclear deal.

When US had to move hard against the “continuous Israeli settlement activities in the occupied territories in Palestine, violating international law and seriously undermine peace efforts and the concept of the two-state solution” in UNHRC resolution, India abstained, creating a gap between the two natural ally India and Israel against Islamic terrorism.

The sweet and sour policies of US and other ‘pro-Islamic’ states towards Middle East and the ISIS etc. are never acceptable for India and Israel in any circumstances.

Now, the time is set again to be vocal against the move for empowering a part of Islamic Terrorism in Iran so that it can’t be a fatal consequence to the largest Hindu and Jew Nation in India and Israel both.

After this agreement Iran will not leave the ideology of Jihad, nor the concept of pan Islamism. So, US must review its Islamic policy. It should understand the stands of India and Israel towards world peace combating Islamic terrorism than the appeasement of Iran for vested interests. Otherwise, a nuke war is unavoidable between the hot headed Islamic groups variant in Shia-Sunni, IS and Talibans or between the good and bad Muslims! Rest of the world has to suffer a deadly situation of an approaching third world war. Definitely, it will be an Islamic world war to put each and everybody in an Islamic hell.

US have widened this scope obviously through the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

Read this article in Hindi: अमेरिका ईरान परमाणु समझौता – तीसरे विश्वयुद्ध की आहट

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3 comments on “Iran Nuclear deal tends to next Islamic World War.

  1. Kumar Arun
    July 16, 2015

    The weakest and most controversial president Obama has proved one thing, “divide the world population and remain be a laureate”. The ISIS is growing like an wild mushroom everywhere including USA. President Obama is strong in his conviction for not giving any importance to this fact. In nut shell his strategy has been successful to make sure that Iranians (shia) and Saudis (sunni) keep fighting, Israel must live in fear but Islam keep conquering the world population. Inside USA, Obama’s divide policy has become stronger between conservatives & liberals in general. The government’s well fare, illegals and criminals allowed to enter USA more every year to increase the democratic vote bank, just like muslims are vote bank in India.

    Kumar Arun

    Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015 20:48:10 +0000 To:


  2. aronitethinking
    July 16, 2015


    The Support to Morsi when ousted and Muslim Brotherhood, and hostility to Abdel Sisi and seculars in Egypt is the Litmus Test that establishes Obama and his administration as the worst Islamist enablers ever in world over even any gaddafi or saddam. Arab Springs was nothing but handing over entire Mid East and North africa on a platter to Islamists and helping bring back Ottomon Caliphate by back doors through Turkey. Now this Nuclear ‘Deal’ is the last nail. Since the Republicans in Senate cant do much about this Deal conferring Irean with every means to gain Nuke WMDs- the only option for Israel and Conservatives is to immediately work for an Impeachment of this Closet Brotherhood POTUS. Obama must be impeached before its too late. Dont ask me How? You just have to do it.

    Make it simple. Iranian regime swears by same Islamic doctrines of Jihad. For realpolitik they may smile at you. Doesnt mean they will ever stop imagining you as not kaffir.
    Iam amazed how Libs miss what Iranian Regime heads keep scream into our ears. Does any of thhis even remotely suggest normal behaviour? And we are talking about handing over Nukes capacity with ballistic missliles. And tons of money. As if in 2 terms this President hasnt shown you enough bloodhsed and bloodchilling things such types can do to each other and YOu and ME. And they all say let him keep at it…what impeachment? Sir, the Benghazi scandal alone is enough to have this guy out of office- if not his famous Relinquish of First Amendment and upholding of Apostasy killing.

    A nuclear weaponised Iran next door India is as gravely Relevant to any “india’ Forum as Pakistan that was similarly let to develope a bomb frustrating Pressler amendments. If Hindus back then were wise- they would have done their best to help senator Pressler.. Thwarting that by discussing with Hindus resident and diaspora is equally an imperative. Impeachment of Obama for failing to uphold American constituition and instead endorsing Sharia Death sentences for blashemey albeit in Politically Correct terms-is long overdue.

    A very excellent and timely essay By Upananda Brhamachariji.


  3. Anubhav Sharma
    July 16, 2015

    Israel is apparently against Iran nuclear deal is expected and its cooperation and sharing of values with India is always welcome. But Israel has been recently involved in close quarter cozy deals with Saudi Arabia against Shia regime of Iran and Syria. Israel also has shown double faces by corporating with Saudi Arabia, the hub and epicentre of wahabism and salafism in world. By this, Israel has disappointed both Hindu nationalists of India and the anti-Islamic Jews in Israel and world.


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