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Conspiracy of Jihad to kill Himachal Hindus? Huge arms and ammunition haul from 3 Muslims.

Himachal haul for huge arms and ammunition.

Huge arms and ammunition haul in Himachal Pradesh, 3 Muslims arrested. Conspiracy to unleash Jihad on Himachal Hindus? 

HENB | Shimla | Aug 18, 2015:: After the terrible haul of a huge quantity highly explosives about 110o Kg in Kolkata by CID, West Bengal just three days ago, now the Himachal  Pradesh Police in Nahan stumbled upon a huge cache of ammunition and highly sensitive chemicals, estimated to be enough to run a small bomb factory, from a house in the township. They have arrested three brothers from the house, where the arms stockpile was kept illegally, on Sunday.

It was an accidental blast in a house (like Khagragarh Blast in West Bengal on October 2, 2014), located near Nahan police station on Saturday, which spurred the police to inquire into the matter. A subsequent search led to the recovery of this material and arrest of Imran Sheikh, Shariq Sheikh and Washik Sheikh — sons of arms dealer Sheikh Imtiaz alias Bhaijaan, who died some months back. A case has been registered against the accused under the Arms Act.

The seizure made by Sirmaur police includes 3,000 live cartridges, four guns, four detonators, 250kg of pellets, small machines used in manufacturing bullets, 150kg gunpowder, 50kg sulphur, potassium nitrate, lead bricks and a liquid chemical that is yet to be identified.

Make India Under ISIS Khilafat
Forensic experts have been called in to examine the liquid. Even the Army is investigating into the matter to ascertain the nature of material seized and purpose for which it was kept.

Police said the three brothers stocked their house with arms and ammunition despite their trade licence having expired in May. On Monday, after the accused were interrogated, police teams conducted raids in Paonta and Dhaula Kuan areas of Sirmaur district and at Kulahal in Uttarakhand.

A senior police official said they were not ruling out an “anti-national” link to the seized arms and explosives. “We are trying to nab all those who were being supplied these illegal arms and ammunition,” the official said.

Himachal Pradesh is exclusively populated by 95% Hindus and Muslims are just around 2%. But, such a hidden agenda of the Islamists for the probable explosion to kill the Hindus in Himachal Pradesh is alarming enough. Making a sleeper cell in a safe Himachal, Jihadist may run for the mayhem in the Indian capital, New Delhi, not far from Shimla (349 Km.). The Jihadi network may be active in the adjacent states. National Investigation Agency (NIA)  must probe into this dangerous situation in Himachal Pradesh, whether there is any existence of ISI, ISIS or any other Islamic outfits in the state.

__inputs from TNN | Courtesy to the links and pics used above.  

2 comments on “Conspiracy of Jihad to kill Himachal Hindus? Huge arms and ammunition haul from 3 Muslims.

  1. C.M.Vikram
    August 19, 2015

    Arresting only the owner of the arms factory is a big mistake. If this has happened with a Hindu owner, they would have arrested almost every Hindu leaders in the State and asked them to prove their innocence. However, when things like this happen with Muslims, they arrest only those who are directly involved, pretending that there is no conspiracy behind the whole thing. Muslim appeasement and special treatment to Muslim jihadis are still going on. There is no toughness with either the State or the Central Govt. against those who are bent upon to kill all of us.


  2. GVGJV
    August 19, 2015

    Islam cant be destroyed by arms as they are demons. If u want to destroy Islam, it can be done by intellectual ways only.
    Muslims never allow us to criticize Mohammed or Quran. we should study them and question, criticize and expose the concocted islam.

    This is the only way.

    People know nothing about islam and mohammed.

    For this texts on exposing mohammed and islam should be available in any languages throughout the world.

    translations of the following books should be made available in all languages and easily available.



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