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Plea for judicial probe into alleged ‘D- voter’ harassment of Assam Bengali Hindus.

D Voters in Assam in Trouble

Hindu Legal Cell demands judicial probe for ‘D voter’ dilemma for Bengali Hindus in Assam.

Save Hindu AssamSilchar Correspondent | Assam Tribune |  Aug 19, 2015:: Demanding a judicial probe into the alleged harassment meted out to Bengali Hindus in the name of D-voters in the State, the Hindu Legal Cell has appealed to the Narendra Modi-led NDA Government to issue an ordinance to put an end to the process of deportation.

In a memorandum submitted to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Assam Governor PB Acharya, the Cell has pressed for the grant of citizenship rights to the Bengali Hindus and permission to include their names in the current update of the NRC.

Referring to the protection of Hindu migrants under Section 2 of the Immigrants (Expulsion from Assam) Act of 1950, Dharmananda Deb, the convener of the Cell, rued that the Bengali Hindus are being harassed without proper justification since 1997. He said that despite the legal provision of protection, the Election Commission of India and the Government of Assam have allowed “such grave injustice to Bengali and other Hindu migrants in the State.”


Members of the Cell mentioned the recent cases of Suchandra Goswami of Silchar, Rita Das of Badarpur, Bandana Rani Das and the 102-year-old Repati Das of Karimganj and many others who have allegedly been sent to detention camps as D-voters.

The Cell has questioned the role of the Modi Government in fulfilling its promise to protect the interests of Bengali Hindus and Hindus in general. The Cell has urged the Government to take immediate steps to pass the ordinance for the protection of Bengali Hindus.

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In Assam, ‘D-voter’ issue combines politics of identity, immigration to polarise electorate.

Courtesy: Assam Tribune, pics and links used above.

7 comments on “Plea for judicial probe into alleged ‘D- voter’ harassment of Assam Bengali Hindus.

  1. J. K. PAUL
    August 20, 2015

    In today’s India (in present West Bengal and Assam in particular) there is a desperate effort to deny the very fact that it was only in 1947 when this country was divided on the basis of religion and religion only as demanded and asserted with all sorts of violence and crimes against innocent individuals by one particular community. Had / has it not the bizarre arrogance and the occasional self-contradictory statements of Mr. M. K. Gandhi and Mr. Nehru also been responsible for the killings of so many innocent human beings of both the communities? But, there were/are some men & women who did not & do not like to solve this practical problem by any tangible practical means and, instead, to make a show of greatness which was/is all along fake, fraudulent & vested interest driven, they made/make some text-book like copycat comments adding further insults to the injuries of the victims of communal partition of this country. Hindus are still bleeding in the two parts of the Pakistan/Bangladesh and are being systematically annihilated/cleansed as reflected by their ever diminishing numbers/percentage. It cannot be the responsibility of the Hindus left-out in the two parts of Pakistan/ Bangladesh to pay all the price for the whim and fancy /greatness(?) of the two/three countries. It is a fact on record that the Hindus left-out in Pakistan/Balgladesg never demanded partition of our country/creation of Pakistan. Are the present Indian Hindus not complete HUMAN being that they cannot realize that by arresting and throwing the helpless innocent Hindu victims of our Independence in detention camps in Assam, they are, in fact, committing a crime against humanity? Are they not HUMAN being? (Ref. incidents of Assam – reported in Anandabazar Page-5/18.08.2015, the news report titled ‘Cele Desher Shimanta-Proharay Maa Detention Campe’ etc posted below). Why those helpless Hindu victims of our beloved Independence shall continue to pay that heavy price through generations? What were/are their crimes in the history of this human civilization? Its a shame that nobody had/ have the guts to raise question as to why those helpless Hindus have to pay all that heavy price ? Why there shall not be an official “Exchange of Population” between India and Pakistan/Bangladesh, following the very rationale of partition-1947, to solve this human crisis once for all?


    • Eklabya.
      August 23, 2015

      Oh, what a great man you are Dear and Respected JKPaul.may you live long. U have echoed my long felt grief. I spit on Gandhi and Nehru who failed a complet exchange of populations before partition. These two persons are responsible to keep muslims here to support congress for ruling India.
      Still there is a time.There should be a strong andolan to repatriate muslims to pakistan and Hindus of pak/bangladesh to India.


  2. Bengali Hindu
    August 22, 2015

    D Voter is the new avatar of Bongal Kheda.


  3. J. K. PAUL
    August 22, 2015

    Can anybody imagine to be a member of any such unfortunate persecuted Hindu families who are being arrested and thrown in detention camps in Assam, at least for a moment? Can we imagine the trauma they are passing through? What were/are their crimes in the history of this human civilization?


  4. r.dutta
    August 24, 2015

    Thank you, Sri.J.K Paul for your post, The Hindu Bengalis had in fact ignited the Freedom Struggle of India, but first they were rewarded with the partition of Bengal and then India ,second they were rewarded by mysterious murder of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose , third they are rewarded by the muslim fanatics by killing , raping ,looting and grabbing the lands belonging to Bengali Hindus .After they fled to India particularly in Assam and other North Eastern States ,they are rewarded by more killings during Language agitation and Assam Agitation.During the Assam movement the agitators took to violence due to police and other security action around 800 agitators died ,but they are now termed as martyrs-a term coined who are killed due to their violent acts .But whole nation was kept in ignorance when thousands of Hindu Bengalis were killed during Assam Agitation .No one knew the many horrendous acts of crimes were committed against the Bengali Hindus in Assam and many North Eastern States .All the intelligence and media reports were kept in silence .Then came the IMDT act , then came thorough revision of electoral rolls during the later part of 90’s when many Hindu Bengalis are marked as Doubtful voters then came the arrest and detention of Bengali Hindus .The latest is NRC (National Register of Citizens ) is the latest tool adapted to drive the Hindu Bengalis from Assam .Now now again with the forth coming Assembly election in Assam , more Bengalis are arrested and sent to detention camps and tried by Foreigner tribunals .
    The Bengalis had been suffering since independence and partition of India based on religion .After about 69 years of Independence ,the Bengali Hindus are still not free , their only faults are that they speak Bengali and other Bengali dialects and they don’t want to covert to Islam and remain HINDUS.
    Instead of always harassing the Bnegali Hindus in the name of demographic change , danger to culture and self identity of a section of Assamese community and other North Eastern tribes , why not kill all the Bengali Hindus by firing squads and let them be cremated according to Hindu rites ,which will make many sections Assamese Chauvinist Forces and other anti Bengali sections in North East Happy !!!!!!!
    Does these chauvinist forces of anti Bengali sections ever retrospect the great contribution of Bengali Hindus in terms of education , business, agriculture,culture in Assam and other North Eastern Sates.I know they will never realize ,because of their dominating tendency and jealousy against the Bengalis , ingrained generation after generation .

    Lastly the Hindus Bengalis have high expectation from Modi Govt, RSS and other Hindu organisations to make Bharat a true Hindu Rastra , but nothing concrete is forth coming.


  5. Birendra Namosudra
    August 29, 2015

    Bengali Hindus are committing suicide fearing of harassment of Police and Politics. Who will come to their rescue?


  6. Haren Raava
    June 15, 2016

    Hindus were not divided Indian ,this was a Political interest to partition India / Pakistan as religion basis . Pakistani Hindus are save and Indian citizen who also came at KARGIL ware 1999 . But 99 % Hindus came to India / Assam , Bengal , Tripura etc. why not they save in assam.


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