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ISIS is rapidly spreading in the social media with a message to Kill all Hindus in India.

ISIS is enormously spreading the dictat to Kill Hindus in India…..


Srinagar, Howrah, Mumbai among top 5 cities surfing net to track ISIS-related activity. Top Five States in order to volume of Traffic: 1. J&K, 2. Assam, 3. UP, 4. Maharashtra and 5. WB. 

terror queryBharti Jain | TNN | New Delhi | Sep 1, 2015::  The government may claim a “very limited” influence of Islamic State (ISIS) among Indian Muslims, but that has not kept the curious young from closely following its activities and outreach on social media. 

If findings of a national survey by an intelligence agency are any indication, the largest volume of internet traffic related to ISIS is being generated not from urban, IT-savvy centres like Bengaluru and Hyderabad but mofussil towns like Chinchwad and Unnao, besides smaller cities such as Srinagar and Guwahati.

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Mumbai is the only metropolis among the top six Indian cities/towns reporting online interest in ISIS, ranking fifth after Srinagar, Guwahati, Chinchwad (a suburb of Pune) and Howrah. Unnao near Kanpur in central UP occupies the sixth position, according to results of the “top-secret” survey accessed exclusively by the TOI.

The study – findings of which were placed before a meeting of chief secretaries and DGPs of 12 states convened by the home ministry earlier this month to discuss the growing appeal of ISIS – concluded that Jammu and Kashmir showed the highest social media activity related to ISIS, followed by Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal. UP had more towns/cities than any other state attracting the young to explore ISIS propaganda online.

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The discreet study of social media activity and internet searches on ISIS – covering Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google – across Indian states and towns found that the global terror outfit was generating most interest among those in the age-group of 16-30 years. Not only do the curious belong to both the genders, but they also come from all walks of life, educational and social backgrounds.The spread of ISIS social media outreach, the recent study found, is largely attributable to the internet which provides a very wide and no-holds barred access to raw material over a very large footprint comprising net-savvy young population in a developing region like South Asia. In fact, Pakistan took the lead here in providing the largest population of ISIS subscribers, with the spread mostly anchored in its urban centres.
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A glance at global social media data indicates that West Asia, Iraq, Syria, Emirates region and North East Africa generate the highest volume of ISIS-related traffic from the young. These are followed by anxious populations in certain West European countries that have reported exit of some youth to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.iais_inauguration-700x290While India lags far behind Pakistan and others in access to social media-based ISIS content, certain parts of the country have shown high interest triggered by the media coverage of four youth from Kalyan, Mumbai, who left the country to join ISIS last year. News reports of one of them having returned home frustrated and another getting killed furthered the interest.
Social media-based material has been a prime mobilizer in J&K, prompting a section of its young to wave ISIS flags during protests.
“Overall, ISIS has been successful in evolving a potent internet-based propaganda strategy with social media and multimedia (like YouTube) as effective vehicles… The spread and effectiveness achieved by ISIS is showing exponential proportions,” a senior intelligence official associated with the study told TOI.
Courtesy: TOI and the links used above.

10 comments on “ISIS is rapidly spreading in the social media with a message to Kill all Hindus in India.

  1. Gopalakrishnan Nair
    September 1, 2015

    come over the banks of river pampa.pray to ganapathy…………opt to go to kalady…………..


    • Jeyashree
      September 1, 2015

      Dear nai r sure i will come to pray in kalady. Renaisance of our religion once again


  2. reddyrv393
    September 1, 2015



  3. reddyrv393
    September 1, 2015

    Let us ( HINDUS ) not hold back..Its time to hit back. We have held back too long. Let us brothers in Bajrangdal / VHP / RSS spring into action. YES PLEASE…HINDUS ARE UNDER SEIGE BY MUSLIM FUNDAMENTALISTS–BOTH FROM WITHIN THE COUNTRY ( LIKE OWAISI / MIM ABD OTHER MUSLIM LEADERS) AND FROM OUTSIDE ( ISIS / ISLAMIC TERRORISTS ).



  4. Eklabya.
    September 1, 2015

    1 Locate the areas where the comunal or jehadi muslims reside.2. keep a watch on such young muslims activitys and movements. 3. locate the islamic groups who has an affection with IS movements.4. Pass on the information to Police orVHP orBajrang Dal or AkaliDal or RSS orShivsena etc 5. Keep friendship withyoung muslims and fill them with a love far Hindustanis so that they may hate IS activity. Give them the examples of great patriots like Dara Shikoh,amar shaheed Ashfakulla Khan,Hamid andDr. Abul Kalam.6. Ask the police or CRP to write down the name of doubtfull person in thier register. such persons become easy sleeper cells for IS-terrorists. We have to be alert around us about Rly.statios ,fly-overs ,crowded places and children schools.HINDUS are under great danger.Beware of seculars and leftis progressivs and globalists and those who bark blindly the biggest taquiyya and falsehood that : ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE.

    Conclusion; Recognise the enimy among u .Around U .May be muslim,may be Communist,may be Psedo-secularist. I love all my HINDUSTANIS.


  5. George Brooks
    September 1, 2015

    Dear friends,

    Why lots of hue and cry over trifle. One day when I was conversing with one of my friends who was an ardent Hindu, he gave me a very simple solution for this issue. “When (not If) that time comes (Muslims come to kill Hindus), I will simply get converted into a Muslim!!!”

    Understand. This is the mindset of Hindus. Do not dream of building sky-scrappers with casuarina and bamboo poles.


  6. Drrkd Goel
    September 1, 2015

    In India the problem is of Vote bank politics. We Started RAM RATH YATRA from 1990. What we got? ISIS terrorism with our politicians are enjoying life on the cost of innocent peoples those die. All started from 1990 after Mr.L.K.Advani, senior BJP Yatra. Mr. Advani was only interested to become BJP Prime Minster of India dividing the BJP /Saffron Parivar leaders


  7. George Brooks
    September 1, 2015

    Dear Mr.Eklabya and Mr.Reddy R V,

    Do not panic. In his book “The Ultimate Alchemy” Osho has said that “Ignorance” is “Darkness” and “Awareness” is “Light”. If you want to chase “Darkness”, all that you have to do is to bring in “Light”. Nothing can be done to “Darkness” because it doesn’t exist. “Darkness” signifies the absence of “Light”. Once we bring in “Light”, “Darkness” vanishes by itself!

    If you are so much concerned about saving Hindus from being killed by Muslims, all you have to do is with the Hindus and nothing with Muslims!.


    • Ellison
      September 2, 2015

      Namaste… The problem is, Muslims do not understand this. They only understand guns and war. This, they respond to and respect. They live completely in the material world and cannot respond to the spiritual world. Unless they can be helped to see this, they are doomed as inevitable war casualties.


  8. dc dangi
    September 5, 2015

    I have written for so many times but not mentioned by u. This site may only be useful if published in hindi becacse 80% people know hindi in bharat whereas only 2% people know english. Are u working for only 2% people which are comunist minded. Pl publish all news in hindi only so that maximum hindus may read these stories.
    Pl reply


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