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India should play a positive role for reinstating Nepal as Hindu Rashtra.

Fast Unto Death

India must intervene for reinstating Nepal as United Hindu State, while European Union and Chinese Conspirators are dividing Nepal drastically. 

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Sept 3, 2015:: This article is being written in such time on Day 4th while four Nepali Youths are fasting unto death for demanding the reinstatement of Nepal as a Hindu State to ensure that provision in the upcoming Constitution in Nepal. Sri Khem Nath Acharya, Sri Premnidhi Bharadwaj, Sri Sagar Katwal and Sri Kamal Prasad Joshi have started fast unto death at Khulmanch in Kathmandu since Aug 31. Twenty Seven (27) Hindu organisations are supporting this cause of Hindu Rashtra fasting, representatives of which may join in a rally fasting if necessary. But, this matter is yet to hit the mainstream Nepali media, nor the Constituent Assembly and the Nepal Administration took any cognizance.  It is reported that one of the four at fasting is unwell.

It’s a Do or Die Movement.. And we shall leave no stones unturned to establish Hindu Rastra Nepal…  Repression on Hindus can’t stop the struggle for Hindu Rashtra in Nepal….

Though the mainstream media in Nepal and the international media are undermining the Hindu Movements in Nepal to reclaim Hindu Rashtra there, in fact Hindu mass in Nepal is spontaneously fighting for Hindu Rashtra in Nepal as a Heritage Himalayan Hindu Kingdom. Rather, one section of media and press is trying hard to put a blush on the secular and federal face there.  But, the unity of different Hindu organisations of Nepal and the joint effort of RPPN (Rashtriya Prajatantra Party Nepal, led by Kamal Thapa) and NC  (Nepali Congress, led by Khum Bahadur Khadka) have ultimately surfaced the Hindu War in Nepal for a United Hindu State and Hindu Kingdom there. Hindus in Nepal are demanding a Hindu Rashtra with a complete ban on conversion, cow slaughter and further segregation of Nepal in the name of secularism and federalism.

On the other hand, the European Union  and the Chinese lobby in Nepal are promoting the Christian and Maoist subversion in Nepal against 96% Nepali Omkar families (Arya-Hindu-Buddhist-Sikh combination). Putting fuel in the unrest, the Christian and Maoist collaborators are trying to make an insurgency against the Hindu Rashtra movement in Nepal.

In recent HENB has received a letter of appeal from the NDSON (National Democratic Student Organisation Nepal), the student wing of RPPN.

ndson appeal

Pratik Poudyal, the Chief, Information and Publicity Department of  NDSON writes, “Nepal has long been a proud Hindu nation and has always been the centre of spirituality, knowledge and wisdom for 1 billion Hindus all over the world but now such glorious status of Hindus holy land is being erased by some political villains of Nepal for mere political and financial gains and there has been a lot of conspiracy to enforce secularism without calling for people’s referendum. This is a sad thing for all the Hindus around the world.”

The letter says, “We need to ask ourselves that, if there can be a Jewish nation, Islamic countries that run under Sharia, countries that claim that they are secular but swear upon Bible for presidential oath, then why can’t Nepal stay as a Hindu nation whose 96% of the citizens follow Dharma and belong to Omkaar family (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism)? This is high time people realize this and support for our cause.”

This letter is an exact reflection of the urge of the common Hindu people of Nepal, but the anti-Nepal, anti-Hindu Rashtra lobby of Nepal is running their bare perpetrations for the destruction of the Hindu heritage and culture in Nepal.

The Christian lobby in European Union and the Maoist lobby of China want to capture Nepal as their base camps to invade India through Evangelical and Naxalite war. The forceful occupation of Tibet and the menace in Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh by China are not a pleasant experience to India. Now, China is exploring another sector in Nepal to expand their invasion in Indian sector through long Nepal border lines.  So, this is a great concern for India and India should not just be a onlooker in this phase of vehement Hindu Rashtra movement culminating in Nepal.

Demand of Hindu Rashtra will not stop until we achieve it.

But, the role of India for its next door and homogenous neighbour Nepal for being a Hindu Rashtra is not clear to the majority people of Nepal and sometimes it earns a dichotomy.

An Ex MP in Nepal, Dirgha Raj Prasai writes in an analysis: “Now- in Nepal’s Tarai- the Indian agents- Madhesi are going to terrorize to break Nepal. The evil anti-Nepal elements are mobilized by the hints of Indian Ambassador- Ranjit Rae who was accompanied in 12 point agreement-2005 in Delhi. We request to the BJP’s Modi Govt. to control all the nefarious activities on this Hindu land punishing and transferring the anti-Nepali Ambassador- Ranjit Rae from Kathmandu.”

In such a complex and misunderstanding, the Govt. of India and the ruling party of India BJP and their mentor RSS must take the cognizance of the  Hindu struggle in Nepal for a Hindu Rashtra and appropriate Constitution there through supportive measures and bilateral talks.

The joint Hindu Dharmik Leadership of Nepal and the Political Leadership of Nepali Congress (Khum Bahadur Khadka), RPPN (Kamal Thapa) and others must meet the RSS and BJP Chief in India and obviously with PM Modi to make it clear about the stand of India to reinstate a Hindu Rashtra in Nepal legitimately. While CPN-UML leaders, the most antagonists to Hindu Rashtra in Nepal already met India Govt and Statesmen to clarify their anti Hindu stand, why the pro Hindus in Nepal do not meet once with Indian counterparts?

In this critical juncture, India should intervene for reinstating Nepal as United Hindu State, while European Union and Chinese Conspirators are dividing Nepal drastically. This intervention means the due duty for a neighbour saving from a permanent peril in Nepal and not an aggression anyway. Rather, Hindu Rashtra in Nepal is an obvious mark of safety, security and prosperity for Indian identity and future integrity. 

Courtesy: The Pro Hindu People of Nepal and the People’s Media.

2 comments on “India should play a positive role for reinstating Nepal as Hindu Rashtra.

  1. Arun K Upadhyaya
    September 3, 2015

    India needs to extend its support to d only country in d world trying to make a return to its glorious past…of hinduism.Western notions of democracy,Republic status,secularism have made a mess of India in d last seventy years.Forcing Nepal to undergo d same trauma is inhuman,unethical,impractical as well.Better India too reverted to what is its own…d values on which stood its governance model and earned laurels.Sharing d common values Nepal deserves its logical support.Pseudo secular and left controlled set up under European and Chinese influence wd b detrimental to d interests of resurgent India.Wd weaken d forces of Hindutwa/Humanism all around.Hope Modi Government has d right policy for its neighbour who acts as a buffer too,guarding its frontiers from enimical forces.


  2. mani pathak
    September 23, 2015

    l have gone through the article and found that it is absolutely right…


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