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We shall either live in a Hindu country Nepal or breathe our last in a secular state: Sagar Katwal.

Week-long fasting in ‘Fast unto Death’ programme for Hindu Rashtra in Nepal unattended by Nepal Govt. Health conditions of the Hindus in fasting deteriorate. Human Rights violated…….

Are Anti-Hindus in Nepal trying to confront with the Hindu Rashtra activists to create a civil war in Nepal?

The Hindu Rashtrawadis

HENB | Kathmandu |  Sept 6, 2015:: As much and Hindus are strengthening their spontaneous movements in kathmandu for demanding a Hindu rashtra again in Nepal, the foreign fed Christian bodies, Chinese stooge Maoist lobbies in different shapes, Pakistan fed Muslims and unfortunate the betrayer Buddhists are conglomerating there to oppose Hindu Rashtra by demanding an absurd secular State there. On Sunday, New Baneshwor area in the Nepal’s capital turned a chaotic afternoon following rallies taken out putting forth two contradicting demands.

A rally was organized in Kathmandu this afternoon in support of the continuity of Nepal as a secular state in the new constitution. People following Buddhism, Kirant, Islam, Christian and Bon religions took part in the rally that began from Bhrikutimandap, Exhibition road. It’s a irony that the pampered Buddhists in Nepal are shaking hands with Chinese lobby and Muslims while Tibet is under the encroachment of the Dragon’s tail and Burmese Buddhists are considered the enemies of  Rohingya Muslims. Buddhists in Nepal are likely to forget that their chief pontiff Dalai Lama takes asylum in India under a real Hindu generosity!

RPPN (Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal)  had taken out another rally demanding to reinstate Nepal as a Hindu state.

The Seculars
That created a high tension while two opposite rallies converged into a huge gathering reaching New Baneswor chowk.

Experts say that political sluggishness of the present Govt in Nepal, foreign agents in Constituent Assembly and the vested interested statesmen in Nepal from various parties are killing time to adopt a Hindu Constitution there in very justified and  democratic way, which may lead the Nepal Nation in a drastic civil war fueled up by the secularist Western Union and Maoist-Chinese collaborators.

At Khulamanch in Kathmandu four Hindu youths sit in fast unto death for the cause of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal and the healt conditions of the Hindu youths on fating are gradually deteriorating as the reports came in.

6th day of fast unto death continues with demand to declare Nepal as Hindu Rashtra. Attitude of Nepal Govt. violets the Human Rights aspect.

amaran ansan

HENB | Kathmandu |  Sept 6, 2015::  On the first day of amaran ansan (fast unto death) 27 Hindu organisations supported and on the day 6th now more than 100 organisations from Nepal are supporting the ‘fast unto death’ programme for the cause of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal.  Everyday, Saints and Dharma Guru from different faiths Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and politician etc. are coming to support and address the ansan.  A 82 yrs old Hindu premi came to Kathmandu from Ramechap (रामेछाप) with a poem to express his support. Due to his poor eyesight he couldn’t read the poem and announcer read the poem.

The health of Kamal Prasad Joshi (the youngest on fasting) is deteriorating. Till its 6th day of fasting, no personnel from Nepal Govt has visited the ansan venue. This attitude of Nepal Govt. violets the Human Rights aspect obviously.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Hindu Existence Forum have already extended their moral support for this Hinduvadi Movement in Nepal for reinstating Hindu Rashtra in Nepal. On 5th Day of ansan HJS representative read the support letter sent by Dr. Charudatta Pingale, the Nation Guide of HJS to Rastriya Hindu Yuwa Amaran Ansan by Rashtriya Dharma Jagaran Nepal.

Sagar Katwal, one of the Hindu activist on fasting writes in his facebook timeline6th Day of FAST-ONTO-DEATH for Sanatan Hindu Rastra Nepal. Health situation is deteriorating but this just the beginning. We shall leave no stones unturned to establish Sanatan Hindu Rastra. We shall either live in a Hindu country Nepal or breathe our last in a secular state.

Amaran Asnsn at Khulamanch in Kathmandu for Reclaiming Hindu Rashtra in Nepal is pulling crowds and generation a huge sensation in the common mind of Nepal people.

Pic. Courtesy: OnLineKhabar | Ekantipur | RSS | HJS.

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