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Hindu Seers and Saints Assault Case in Varanasi: An Open Letter to PM Modi.

Modi Raj in Varanasi

The barbaric Police action on Hindus in Ganapati Immersion at Varanasi at the behest of PM Modi’s Inaction. Highly Condemnable and Point of Pseudo Secularism of BJP.

Shriman Narendra Modi Ji,

Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bharat.

Bharat Sarkar, 

Prime Minister’s Office,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi-110011
Phone No: +91-11-23012312
Fax: +91-11-23019545, 23016857


………. Subject: Seers Assault Case in Ganapati Visarjan (immersion) and our expected kind intervention of you as the MP of Varanasi.


NaMo pouring milk to GangaRespected Modi Ji,

Sadar Namaskar. And Congratulations for the success of your current visit in some foreign countries including US, UN and Silicon valley. Obviously, you are glorifying the position of Bharat in global perspective in many ways as the Prime Minister of India, Indians are proud of it and you are also busy for your foreign tours.  But, you can never forget your role and responsibilities for your parliamentary constituency from which berth of a Member of Parliament, you sworn as  PM Modi. Yes. Varanasi must remain as a prime and  important concern always for you.

You know the unbelievable barbaric action of UP Police upon the renowned and respected saints and seers of Varanasi along with hundreds of Hindu devotees in a protest rally and road blockade programme in protest of ‘Ban on Ganesh Idol Immersion in Ganga river’.

While police was adamant to follow the Allahabad High Court ruling on river pollution (ordered to stop idol immersion to the river Ganga and Yamuna) delivered in the year 0f 2013, the Hindu public and leading saints were obstinate to follow the Hindu Parampara in connection of Immersion rituals. 

You know that the crisis started on Monday (Sept 21) evening when in view of Allahabad high court order to ban immersion of idols in the Ganga, the district administration and police stopped the procession of Sri Kashi Maratha Utsav Samiti at Godowlia crossing when they were marching towards Dashaswamedh Ghat to immerse the idol in the river.  In defiance of the Allahabad high court order that started on Monday evening, ended Tuesday midnight when the police lathi-charged the gathering of Ganesh Puja organisers and seers. More than 40 people were injured in the action and admitted to the SPG Divisional Hospital for treatment.

After the action, the administration immersed the idol in Lakshmikund (pond) instead of the Ganga. The Dashaswamedh police lodged a named FIR against 24 persons and 100 unidentified persons out of which 10 were arrested and sent to jail after being producing before the court on

Injured seers including Swami Avimukteshwaranand Saraswati of Vidya Mutt and Mahant Balak Das of Patalpuri Mutt, who have been admitted to SPG divisional hospital, told reporters, “We have contacted Shankaracharyas including Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati and Akhada Parishad at Nasik Kumbh to apprise them of the police brutality committed to us and people gathered in support of demand to immerse the idol in Ganga.” Swami Avimukteshwaranand said that he was still continuing fast unto death and after getting released from hospital he will move across the city to ask people whether treatment given to Lord Ganesh idol and agitators by district administration and police was correct.

Now, this humiliation on Hindus has stirred up reactions Nation-wide. Even a group of Bhartiya Janata Party workers has blown the bugle of protest in your constituency. They reached your parliamentary office on Saturday (Sept 26) to resign from party membership in front of state chief Laxmikant Bajpai in protest against party’s inaction in seers assault case by police during Ganesh idol immersion row.

You can see the police brutality on Hindus from this attached video clippings and links as below.

See also: Ruckus During Ganesh Visarjan in Varanasi, Police Lathicharged – India TV

See also: Varanasi Police charge Pilgrims immersing Ganesha idols in Ganga – V6News

See also: Varanasi: Police lathicharge devotees trying to immerse Ganesha idol – Yahoo Newzstreets.

Adarniye Modiji, actually my heart bleeds by seeing these video-clippings on Seers and Saints assault case in Ganesh Immersion of Varanasi. The Hindus were treated as just animals and there were all types of violation of human rights in contravention of all police rules and regulations.

You and your party BJP may be interested to attack the ruling Samajwadi Party and the UP CM, Akhilesh Yadav for police brutality, but your party and YOU have just indulged into that perpetration made by the police  and Uttar Pradesh Govt as you people just kept a distance from the Hindu agitation and dismay very clandestinely.

This open letter has no intention to disobey the HC ruling on ‘Ganga pollution and Idol Immersion’ nor to portray ‘BJP or Narendra Modi  as  pseudo secular’.  Every law abiding citizen of Bharat must obey the directions of Hon’ble Courts but that should be done in the range of practicability and not violating the human rights.

Adarniye Modiji, I have some questions to you particularly to make it a sense, even you may be displeased!

  1. There are some many orders and ruling of the Hon’ble High Courts and Hon’ble Supreme Court in connection of prevention of Ganga pollution made by the tanneries,  chemical industries  and others; how many police actions are made so far as brutal as in the Ganesh idol immersion case in Varanasi?
  2.  There are so many High Court and Supreme Court orders and directions to stop cow slaughter in Bakri Eid (Eid-ul-Adha) publicly in contravention with the concerned state rules, laws etc. But, people of India see every year the slaughter and gory bloodshed on Bakri Eid. Why the Police does not take actions against the Muslims in any state with lathi charge and strictness?
  3. How do you feel about Cow slaughter, it’s hides, caracas, pool of bloods pollute the nature and Ganga and particularly harming your dream projects like “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and ‘Namai Gange’.  Would you please your say in  ‘Mann ki Baat’ about this and the police brutality in Varanasi?
  4. Let the people of Varanasi as well as India know about your role as a Member of Parliament on Varanasi to  settle the dispute and turmoils on Ganesh immersion (over 36 hours) and to prevent the assault on the Hindus and the revered Sadhu Sants at dharna.

I know it very well that the above questions will never be answered as you only answer what you like best. You very much dislike your criticism even positive and block critiques in your facebook page and I am also a victim of that.

But, out of seer guilty feeling I am writing this open letter to you and compelled to clarify the reason of it.

You reached to the PM post not for your charisma or the only efforts of BJP. Majority of Hindus voted for your party and wanted to see you as the Prime Minister of India as they thought that you will be the Champion of Hindu Bharat. They contributed you with your notice or without. But cannot ignore them at all.

As I also contributed for your winning by giving donations, starting blogsite -“Modi Times“, making printed edition of Bengali monthly “মোদী টাইমস” (spending Rupees Fifty Six Thousand out of my pocket for six editions and I am not a rich man at all) and garnered thousand of votes in your favour by social media like and facebook etc. (you do not know anything about all these like many others as the bricks of your sucess pillar), now I have been suferring from a severe guilty feeling when Hindus saints  and devotees are being victimized in your parliamentary constituency due to your inaction in material point of time.

Wouldn’t you or political managers in BJP negotiate the matter with the Varanasi police for symbolical immersion of Ganesh Pratima (idol) obeying the Saints’ demand to maintain the ‘Parampara of Visarjan in Ganga’ (tradition of immersion of idols in Ganges). While most of the immersions were completed, what was the harm to make 2 or 3 symbolical immersions in ganges after the demand of senior saints of Varanasi!

Hindus must take care for the prevention of Ganga and obey the Court orders. But, Hindu Traditions are never contradictory to the nature if obsevered truly tradotional and scientifically. If the Pratima (idols) are made of bio-friendly materials as per ‘parampara’ it is not harmful to Ganga. But, the plastics, synthetics and the chemicals used for idol making are really harmful for the nature and flow of ganga. We must prevent all such un-Hindu activities.

But, no BJP, no VHP, no RSS nor you people addressed the matter in a right way nor you made a statement on severe assault on the Hindu Sant Samaj (saints) in Varanasi. Rather, we are seeing a nefarious trend of branding ‘Congressi Sant’, ‘RSS Sant’, ‘VHP Sant’ etc. Do you  want to divide even Hindu Sadhu-Sant Samaj in the name of politics?

Mind it also Modi Ji, You and Your Party President Sri Amit Shah Ji several times went to Varanasi and poured Milk and other Puja materials into Ganga which comes under the pollution parameters framed by the groups who think offering milk  once in a Shiva Ratri is more dangerous than killing cows throughout the years or burning Atish baji or bursting crackers in one Diwali night is more dangerous than by doing the same thing throughout the world from 25th December to January 1 each and every year. 

Santon par Police Prahar - Varanasi Ganapati Visarjan

I earnestly request to you Modi Ji to have your sense on the assault and humiliation of Hindu sadhu-sant and Hindu devotees of varanasi in Ganesh immersion row and make a statement of unconditional apology to all concerned. It is better to make apology to Swami Avimukteshwaranand Saraswati and Mahant Balak Das Ji personally by reaching Varanasi immediately. You must see the matter of symbolic idol immersion in Ganga without harming the flow and quality of Ganges. And you must take necessary steps for suspension of the police cops leading to the attack on the Sadhu Sant in the late night of Tuesday last as seen in the media very clearly.

Adarniye Modiji, I expect now a reply and right action for my appeal to you made in this letter within fifteen days, unless I have to reach Varanasi to remove the accumulated sins of attacking Hindu Saints at Satyagraha for washing the feet of Swamijis under brutal attack with my blood cutting my chest in front of them. I may offer the same to the principal Deity of Varanasi without conveying any date and time to anybody. The rest of the consequences remain with you.

With best of my regards.

Har Har Mahadev. Bharat Mata ki Jay.

Sincerely yours,

Upananda Brahmachari,

Human Rights Interlocutor, Social and Political Analyst,
Author & Expert in Dharma and Indian Affairs, Editor, Hindu Existence.

3 comments on “Hindu Seers and Saints Assault Case in Varanasi: An Open Letter to PM Modi.

  1. Manish jani
    September 27, 2015

    I agree with all this . I with you


  2. Ravi
    September 27, 2015

    Law and order is completely a state subject.All secular parties like to attack Hindus and Hindu Sadhu Sants. Law enforcing agencies act at the behest of State Govt only.Kindly see the content of the daily’s / portals claiming to represent the interests of Minority Community:
    And also our secular media celebrated the loss of BJP in Delhi Assembly elections.
    People who prepare for State Public Service Comission Examinations, Union Public Service Commission Examinations (including Civil Service Examination) are urged to read Secular English dailies (which are rabidly anti Hindu,anti BJP and pro congress and pro communist,they present a biases view of every issue),they are forced to read history text books written by leftist historians,National Book Trust and Ministry of HRD,ICSSR,ICHR are infiltrated by leftist Historians and they wrote History text books to cater to vote bank interests of Congress/Communists/Secularists.
    We should give chance to BJP. Fortunately BJP got 282 on its own.
    I am not saying that the BJP is correct in this issue,but we should not lose trust in BJP. We should regularly interact with BJP and resolve difference if any.
    Kindly see the notification issued by the Telangana State Public Service Commission 😦
    Scheduled caste converts to Christianity are placed under Back ward class category,kindly see this link:
    (Socially and Educationally Backward Classes of Muslims) are placed under Backward Class-E Section
    (Subject to outcome of Civil Appeal No(s).2628-2637/2010 etc., pending before the
    Hon’ble Supreme Court of India)


  3. Sandeep Bhai G.Shah
    September 27, 2015

    Very Sad. Jai Shri Ram. Pray to Lord for removing the sin both committed by BJP and SP.


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