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Pakistan targets Hindusthan with a dangerous Jihad.

Ten shocking revelations that prove ISI, Pak army back terror networks in India.

mumbai-attack_647_110215024349A top secret intelligence report lists the names of these Pakistani officers as well as the names, addresses and other details of their contacts in India.

Vishwas Kumar   |  India Today | New Delhi |  November 2, 2015::  Soon after the deadly 2008 Mumbai attack, Indian intelligence agencies began compiling a list of officials of Pakistan’s ISI and Army who were working with the terror groups inside India. A top secret intelligence report lists the names of these officers as well as the names, addresses and other details of their contacts in India.

  1. For the first time, intelligence agencies have compiled a list of more than 30 senior officials of Pakistan’s notorious agency ISI (Inter Service Intelligence) and Army having a direct link with the terror networks operating inside India.
  2. The Indian intelligence agencies began compiling the list and building a database after the deadly 2008 Mumbai attack in which 164 people were killed and 300 injured. The subsequent investigations revealed that two ISI officials – identified as Major Samir Ali and Major Iqbal – had collaborated with the top leaders of the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) terror group in planning and training the cadres that were involved in the attack.
  3. The intelligence report corroborates the recent admission of former Pakistan Army Chief and President General Pervez Musharraf that Islamabad supported and trained groups like the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) in the 1990s to carry out militancy in Kashmir and their leaders like Hafiz Saeed and Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi enjoyed the status of heroes in Pakistan.
  4. The top secret intelligence report accessed by India Today TV lists the name, designation, contact names and numbers of their Indian contacts etc. The report accessed contains the names of ISI officials involved with the terror groups up to 2013. It is believed some more names have been added to the database.
  5. The report reveals that Pakistani officials were carrying out activities such as collecting sensitive information on high value targets, passing instructions to the handlers of Pakistan-based terror organisations, interacting with the separatist leaders based in the Valley in a bid to foment trouble in the Valley and were also indulging in a disinformation campaign by selectively briefing human rights activists.
  6. These Pakistani officials, mostly from the ISI’s wing JIN (Joint Intelligence North) which is mainly tasked with directing anti-Indian activities, were in touch with the terror networks spread across key cities in Jammu and Kashmir, New Delhi and Mumbai. They were using satellite phones, mobiles, social media and emails to correspond with and pass instructions to the terrorists.
  7. The proactive tracking of the activities of ISI officials in India helped the intelligence agencies bust a major terror-cum-spy network that was being operated from Mumbai. In 2013, acting on an intelligence tip-off, the Mumbai police arrested two Kashmiri nationals who had been collecting information on high value targets and passing on the same to their handler in Pakistan, suspected to be a senior ISI official. The two men were identified as Farooq Naikoo, alias Farooq Tendulkar, and Mohammad Talukdar, both residents of Baramulla.
  8. Intelligence agencies found that Naikoo had been in touch with his Pakistani handler through email, under the cover of working for an export-import firm dealing in dry fruits/ spices in Mumbai.
  9. The intelligence agencies also found that on the directions of his Pakistani handler, Naikoo had passed on a list of “high value targets” to a Pak-based HM (Hizbul Mujahiden) operative code named Muntazir Tariq through another email ID. From November 2009 to November 2011, he had passed on sensitive information such as:(a) Details of the Azad Gunj Bridge in Baramulla;(b) Deployment details of Indian Army;(c) Details of movement of convoys on Indian side;(d) Xerox copies of OP (Operation) Sadbhavna (2010-2011) files.
  10. Naikoo’s communication to his Pakistani handler suggested that he had cultivated an official in the Ammunition Depot who was willing to work for money.

    Names of few of ISI/Pak Army officials figured in the top secret intelligence report.

     Mohd. Amir @ Rashid Mir @ Choudhary Shehzad  ISI Colonel
     Dilshad Mirza  ISI
     Imran Bhat @ Bhat Sahib  ISI
     Code Pir Badar Unknown Pak official
    Huma Amir Shah  ISI Senior ISI official
     Akhtar Hussain  ISI Major
     Kabir  ISI
     Ayub @ Sallaudin  ISI
     Zahid Nawaz  ISI
     Mohd. Khalil  ISI  Colonel
     Naseem  ISI
     Mohsin @ Khamar Beig  ISI
     Malik Sahab  Pak Army  NA
     Bilal Ahmed  Pak Army  Major
     Azhar Abbas  Pak Army  Brigadier
     Younus Khan  Pak Army
     Abdullah Umar  Pak Army
     Imran  Pak Army
     Umair  ISI
     Tariq  ISI

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    Source:: India Today | Zee News.

2 comments on “Pakistan targets Hindusthan with a dangerous Jihad.

  1. drvraoblog
    November 3, 2015

    It is extremely disturbing news.The present Govt of India spell out its stand to root out the terrorists.Army should be alerted to teach befitting lesson to Pak Jihadists.


  2. Arindam
    November 3, 2015

    This confirms what we’ve known for some time: Pakistan is a terrorist state.

    The only solution to the jihadi problem is the elimination of this state itself. Those who claim that Pakistan can become a peaceful, well-behaved country are seriously deluding themselves: with every passing year, that entity becomes increasingly more fanatical and brutal. This is not surprising when you realize what Pakistan itself is:

    Pakistan is not a country. Pakistan is a journey… from India to the Islamic State.

    We may disagree on how far the journey has proceeded – but there is no question about its direction – or its ultimate destination.


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