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Rights Forums organised Human Chain and Protest Rally in BD to stop the persecution upon Minorities.

BD Protest

Human Chain and Protest Rallies in front of Dhaka Press Club and Kurigram Press Club to stop unbearable Islamic persecution upon Hindu and other minorities in Bangladesh. 

12191637_10207640748887250_8545844364415142074_nPinaki Das Roy | HENB | Dhaka | Nov 6, 2015:: A Grand Human Chain and Protest Rally against continuous Human Rights violations against Hindu and other Minorities of Bangladesh were organized jointly by Human Rights Alliance Bangladesh (HRAB), Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD), Bangladesh Minority watch (BDMW) and other Hindu Organisations like Bangladesh Sevashram Sangha, ISKCON, Jago Hindu Parishad and other Hindu religious organisations and forums. This Human chain and rally was organized in front of National Press Club-Dhaka today from 10 o’clock in the morning till noon and concluded successfully.

The protest rally and human chain sounded loud against the increasing incidents of murder, attacks on Hindu religious places, murders of Bloggers, atrocities on Adivasis, land grabbing, rape, abduction, forceful conversions of religious minority girls,  and manifold prosecutions on the Hindu Buddhist minority people in different parts of Bangladesh.

More than two hundred participants from different Human Rights organizations and mainly from Hindu minority orgs attended and extended their full support urging upon the Government of Bangladesh to take drastic action against the perpetrators of crime against Humanity. Many victims were present and expressed their sufferings to media.

The Human Chain and the Rally  unanimously placed of their demands for its remedials as follows: –

a) Rule of law for the protection of rights of Minorities should be ensured. The cases filed against perpetrators for different Human Rights violations should be investigated properly and the perpetrators responsible for crime should be punished as per law.
b) Security to Human Rights defenders, journalists and Bloggers should be tightened.
c) Assault & Threat on Advocate Rabindra Ghosh by law enforcing agencies should be inquired into and the responsible officers should be liable to be prosecuted as per law.
d) Rehabilitation of tortured women and children belonging to Minority should be made.
e) The displaced minorities should be rehabilitated and their religious places so far desecrated and demolished by way of attacks should be rebuilt and compensation be paid to genuine victims.
f) The report of “Shahabudin Commission” for remedial on repression on Minorities should be implemented.
g) Minority Human Rights Commission in Bangladesh should create a separate Ministry for Minorities of Bangladesh.

The speakers in the rally spoken out many points of persecution such as perpetration of kicking in the belly of a pregnant Hindu woman in  Feni, causing death of her baby in the womb, rape of a tribal woman in Naogaon, land grabbing at Khilgaon-Nandipara in Dhaka, encroachment of tea cultivation field from the religious minorities by MP of Thakurgaon, murder of Hindu businessman and his wife in their house by chopping in Netrokona, attacking Shia Taziya by ISIS causing death of two, attack and desecration upon Hindu Durga Puja, temples throughout the country  during autumn festival time and increase of Talibani activities in Bangladesh even in Awami League regimen as before its BNP counterparts.

Swami Sangeetananda Ji Maharaj of Dhaka Sevashram Sangha, Charuprem Prabhu of Swamibag Krishna Temple, Advocate Rabindra Ghosh of Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW), Synthiya Islam and Kortim Mhabub of Human Rights Alliance Bangladesh(HRAB),  Adv. Rashid Sekhar Bhoumik,  Mr.  Manik Chandra Sarkar, Adv Lucky Bacchar,  victims as  Banu Rani Saha, Popy Rani Saha, Malati Rani and others addressed the gathering.


Jago Hindu Parishad also organised such protest rally in front of Kurigram Zilla Press Club on the same date on 6th Nov.

A large number of Vaishnava saints and Hindu women participated in  the protest rally at Kurigram Zilla Press Club. A protest rally went through the market places and the town of Kurigram.

Source: Agencies.

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2 comments on “Rights Forums organised Human Chain and Protest Rally in BD to stop the persecution upon Minorities.

  1. Madhu Limbachia
    November 7, 2015

    I wish everyone accepts all the religion and live in harmony this type of incidents leads to more then wars soo sad.


  2. Arindam.
    November 9, 2015

    ‘manifold prosecutions on the Hindu Buddhist minority people in different parts of Bangladesh.’

    I think you mean ‘manifold persecutions.’

    No one should be surprised by the persecution of minorities (non-Muslims, and apparently, Shias as well), in a Sunni-majority country. It’s also doubtful that protesting will achieve anything meaningful. It would be wiser to move to a non-Muslim country, and warn the non-Muslims there about the dangers of letting Islam run amok.

    Indeed, what we see in Bangladesh today is the future that awaits West Bengal unless the appeasement of Muslims there is not only ended, but reversed.


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