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Research to Find ‘X-factor’ That Keeps Purity of Holy Ganga Water as per Hindu Belief.

Scientists to Study Ganga Water to Find ‘X-factor’ That Purifies it.

GangaPallava Bagla | NDTV | New Delhi | Nov 16, 2015::  Does water from the River Ganga or “Gangajal” have special self-cleansing properties that kill its high bacterial content?

The devout have never demanded proof; they believe that the water from the river is holy and use it for “purification,” in religious rituals and other things.

But now, several credible scientific institutions have joined hands to unravel whether a mysterious substance indeed imparts to the water of the Ganga the property of not turning putrid. And the Health Ministry and the Water Resources Ministry of the Centre have launched a Rs. 150-crore study to discover what is being called the mystery X-factor.

In six months time we will present a paper on the health effects of Ganga water,” said Uma Bharti, Union Minister for Water Resources, who is also tasked with a massive “Ganga rejuvenation” project.

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uma bhartiAbout 200 scientists gathered at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences today to understand the mystery. “Whenever someone visited Haridwar, people would request them to get Gangajal and the water would be stored for years, without spoiling. Now we need scientific studies to prove this property,” JP Nadda, Minister for Health and Family Welfare said.

Past studies from the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur and Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur have indicated that water in the Ganga carries a special load of killer viruses that attack bacteria and knock them out.

Soumya Swaminathan, Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in New Delhi said, “There is a high concentration of bacterio-phages, these are viruses that infect bacteria and this may account for the purifying properties of Ganga water. It is the self-purification property.” ICMR is proposing a large study, she added.

The scientific fraternity now hopes that their study will eventually benefit humans as the world runs out of new antibiotics.

“Once identified these can then be used against multi-drug resistance or MDR infections. If so, then yes, Ganga water can be used for medicinal purposes,” said MC Misra, Director, AIIMS.

Courtesy: NDTV.

2 comments on “Research to Find ‘X-factor’ That Keeps Purity of Holy Ganga Water as per Hindu Belief.

  1. ramkrishnagoel
    November 17, 2015

    It is long back studied that the Ganga Water collected from Harkipari of Hardwar has keeping quality since years in a house in bottles. Samr Ganga Water collected away from Harki Pari from the canal only 100 meter away is not having keeing quality. It is due to Bacteriphages. of E.coli bacteria that clean the E.colia bacteria to multiply as no E.coli is found in Ganga Water near Harki Pari. The NEERI of Nagpur conducted this study long back. There is a sewage which flows near Harkipari get purified by the Bacteriophages with out treaments of Sewarage Water.. Even Gangajal from Allahbad have no bacteriphages of E.coli and hence differ from Gangajals of Haridwar Harki Pari and Sangam Water collected from Allahabad Ganga river.It is well Known Scientific reasons of Gangajal from Harkipari of Haridwar than other places Gangajals beyond Haridwar.
    Now we may fiurther spent money why Gagajal is pure from Harkiperi of Hardwar.
    The need is that we should not allow industries to pollute Ganga at Kanpur by tanneries and prevent sewarage to join in Ganga river. In varanasi have a wall so that Ganga may always reach on Old Pucca Ghats of Varansi.
    Ganga and Jamuna change their river banks after floods every in two or three years. Now all are experts working in Varanasi to clean Ganga.
    First make Ganga River Water in Ghats of varanasi for holly baths in Varanasi Ganga. For pure Ganga Water bathing the peoples use to go other side bank of Varanasi Ganga by boats where the Ganga bank is of sand.


  2. vedicupvan
    November 24, 2015

    The people of Bharat regard the river Ganges as GANGA MAIYYA and its purity is above reproach.
    We must not allow anyone to pollute its water.It is our Dharma.


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