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West Bengal Hindus must reject Total Mujaheddin Congress i.e. TMC.


Oh Hindus of Bengal (without making any political difference of TMC, CPIM, CONGRESS, BJP or as such)! See how your Didi (CM WB) is duping you by saying TMC is for Ma-Mati-Manush!! Don’t you see TMC is actually a Total Mujaheddin Congress!!!

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Nov 30, 2015:: I must congratulate my good friend in Niti Central for his effort to expose a very ‘anti-Secular’ Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee through his article, ‘*’Mamata’s “Secularism” – Hijab to defend Aamir, Burka of Silence on Taslima‘*’ . Mamata has never been a secular personality for her game plan of minority vote bank politics. Obviously, one non-secular person has not any compulsion to be a subversive one or a communal zealots in its ugliest term. So many non-secular Muslims are not necessarily subversive or communal. But, unfortunately, Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee is allegedly playing with fire by promoting Islamist threads in her party TMC which has been giving shelters various subversive forces engaged to materialize various Jihad agenda.

When we published our report in Hindu Existence on Sept 22, 2014 under this heading, “A Pakistani Jihadi is now a TMC MP in Indian Parliament! Kick him out and arrest immediately, if it is true“, we faced a series of threats from both the Islamist and TMC hooligans in our phones and emails. But, we have never rejected our points that the TMC Supremo and WB Chief Minister is doing  very mischievous activities by sending Ahamed Hasan Imran in Rajya Sabha, despite his previous connection with SIMI and stashing Saradha Fund to JMB (Jammat-ul-Mujaheddin-Bangladesh), as alleged. Nobody scared then, none of TMC nor Mamata Banerjee.

And with this appeasement policy and dare devil attitude of Mamata Banerjee favouring anything for her Muslim brothers and sisters, the fanatic elements in Bengal have been encouraged to get entered into TMC. Firstly they took the charge to change Trinmool Congress (TMC) as Total Muslim Congress. In the next phase they are advancing TMC as a Total Mujaheddin Congress.

This preparatory activism for Jihad by the Mujaheddin in TMC has been exposed now through the arrests of three TMC Jihadi operators from Garden Reach area on Nov 29. Theses TMC Jihadis are closely connected with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. Though any statement from our DIDI (Do for Islam, Die for Islam) is still awaited, under her instruction from Nabanna, the party is making distances from the arrested Pak agents planted in TMC.

The Kolkata Police Special Task Force (STF) arrested three suspected ISI agents, two of whom are known as Trinamool leaders in their neighborhood and other is a relative of those TMC leaders .

The ISI snakes in TMC Grasses

The Muslim trio, booked on charges of allegedly spying for Pakistani intelligence agency, have been identified as Ashfaque Ansari, his father Irshad Haidar Ansari, and his close relative (maternal uncle) Jahangir Khan.  They were arrested from Kolkata’s port area on Sunday.

Sources said Ansari was a Trinamool Congress’ student arm Trinamool Chatra Parishad (TMCP) leader at Harimohan Ghosh College at Garden Reach area.

It was learnt that Ansari became the general secretary (GS) of Harimohan Ghosh College in 2012 when the college union switched from the CPI-M’s Students’ Federation of India (SFI) to TMCP.

Ansari is a third year student of political science at the college and a Trinamool student leader. His father Irshad is also a Trinamool labor unit leader at Garden Reach Shipbuilders and popular party face in the locality too, sources said. He works as a peon with Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineering Ltd.

Police said they were allegedly involved in supporting suspected ISI agent Mohammad Eizaz, who was arrested on Friday from Meerut’s Cantonment station in Uttar Pradesh, in getting fake Indian ID proofs.

Police said several fake passports from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India along with many important documents and counterfeit currency were recovered from the arrestees. The trio produced in the city’s Bankshall Court on Monday and placed under police remand.

The Khagragarh Blast in Burdwan startled the public mind about the silent penetration of the Jihadi Terrorism in Bengal. Then Mamata Banerjee described the matter as failure of security and intelligence agency as the perpetrators came from a neighboring country crossing the porous international borders between India and Bangladesh.

But, the arrested ISI agents on Sunday from Kolkata Port area are the residents of Bengal, closely connected with TMC politics and were using their political brand value for the purpose of treason and fundamentalism under a bare indulgence of Mamata Banerjee and the ignorance anyway.

Actually, the hijab clad Didi of Bengal is duping public by saying TMC is for Ma-Mati-Manush. But, TMC is actually now transformed as a Total Mujaheddin Congress!!!

On 26 Nov , Bengal CM also joined the rally of Jamiat spontaneously (this Jamiat came to streets for Khagragarh perpetrators) at Shahid Minar without condemning the 26/11 Mayhem of Mumbai. Cause, to appease and support the Jihad of Pakistan  and Bangladesh in India.

Not only that after Jamiat rally, Mamata has already set to address a meet held by Taha Siddiqui under a peculiar Furfura Syndrome on December 18.

In this critical juncture, Bengali Hindus, without making any political difference of TMC, CPIM, CONGRESS, BJP or as such, must reject the Jihad appeasement and double standard policy for public fully endorsed by Mamata Banerjee and adopted by TMC.

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2 comments on “West Bengal Hindus must reject Total Mujaheddin Congress i.e. TMC.

  1. ujjwalkumarray
    December 11, 2015

    Draw attention of hindu across globe for creating hindu home land in Bangladesh like parbatya Chittagong Jan samhati sanity demand autonomy for hill tribe.same movement would held in pakistan tharparkar for sindi hindu home land. In takshila region for pak Punjab sikh hindu home land. Plz organized them to motivated in this regard. Jai hindutva.


  2. Soumya sengupta
    March 26, 2018

    Hindus both in Pakistan and Bangladesh must now demand a separate Hindu homeland for themselves.Several Hindu majority areas of the then united Bengal got transferred to east pakistan presently Bangladesh. Jessore, Barishal, Dhaka etc had a sizeable Hindu population which should have been ideally a part of west Bengal in India and not part of east pakistan.Similarly Sindh and Lahore were all Hindu majority areas at the time of partition of India.If the Hindu community wants to live with dignity and freedom they have to think out of the box, organize themselves to make their voice heard at the international platform and put a tough fight against the inhuman treatment that they face on a daily basis and resort to all forms of democratic movements to keep their identity alive.


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