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Kiss of Love Row: 60 Kerala women (mostly Hindu) sent to Gulf, forced into sex trade.

The Kiss of Love Sex TriangleThe Secular-Muslim-Christian triangular racket of “Kiss of Love” exposed. Anti-Hindu, anti-Indian-culture forces sent 60 Kerala women (most of them are Hindu) to Gulf, forced into sex trade.

HENB | Thiruvananthapuram | Dec 16, 2015:: The Secular-Muslim-Christian triangular racket of “Kiss of Love” is widely exposed now. In the name of liberty, they wanted to diminish the Indian tradition to “nay to showing excesses in kiss or free-sex through dating”. The Leftist & Secular lobby went to run a “Kiss of Love” against “moral policing” etc. with the help of the Muslim and Christian counterparts. But, it was a nefarious project to allure Hindu girls and other poor women to draw them in a sex-racket whether it was online or a sex trade stretched to the gulf countries.

The alarmed Kerala police probing into an online sex racket in the state have stumbled upon evidence of women being trafficked to Bahrain. In the past one year, at least 60 girls and women were apparently sent to the Gulf country and forced into sex trade. Most of them are not Muslims or Christians. Majority Hindus are the victims of this racket.

The crime was committed in connivance with immigration officials, as alleged. The police is also probing the probability of  a prostitution racket controlled purely from the Arab lands.

Police sources said that the girls and women were lured with lucrative jobs. But, they were sent for a hidden agenda of sex trade. Now, they are currently under the custody of main accused, identified as Mujeeb, and one Muhammed Basheer in Bahrain.

In a state-wide crackdown, the police last month arrested 12 people, including a couple – Rahul Pashupalan and his model wife Resmi R Nair – behind the famous ‘kiss of love’ protest, for being part of a syndicate that supplied woman and girls to clients.

Top ‘Secular’ duo Rahul Pashupalan and his model wife Resmi R Nair (grossly affected by Sunny Leone syndrome) though carry their namesake Hindu identity, actually they were working as the agent of gangster Akbar and Abdul Kadar of Kozhikode who used to provide the protection and sources of girls and women to Rahul and Reshmi for running their rackets benefiting the pedophile and perverted customers. Some time the Islamist are aggressive to use the platform of the programmes of “Kiss of Love” as a useful way to spread Love Jihad.  to Rahul and Reshmi  also procured minor  girls in this sex trade from another woman agent named Linish Mathew. It is heard that Mathew was connected with many Christian run destitute and juvenile homes from where she used to collect the poor Hindu-root boys and girls even after baptized.  She was helped by on Jacob.

It is reported that the idea of “Kiss of Love”, the first public kissing event came to being in Kerala after the Right wing Hindu organizations and BJP youth wing Yuva Morcha vandalized a coffee shop in Calicut. The protesters claimed that the cafe was propagating the “western culture” of kissing and dating. The activists even allegedly attacked the customers for enjoying some “intimate” moments in the cafe. Actually these coffee shops and some wine bars are under the watch of the anti Hindu wings, where they spread their traps to allure more and more Hindu girls to be pushed into much reckless life, free-sex and sex-trade.

Now, it is clear the the Leftist students wing, the Muslim students wings and the Secular Students wings are marching ahead for the so called rights issues through ‘beef-eating’ or ‘kiss of love’ not for its open agenda of liberty. There is an obvious hidden agenda, i.e. attack, humiliate and harm the Hindu society in various means such as “Beef Jihad”, “Kiss Jihad” etc.

Source: Agencies.

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