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Hindu activists set ablaze Dawood’s car near Delhi hoping an end of Jihad in India.

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Hindu Mahasabha activists set ablaze Dawood’s car near Delhi. Want to burn Dawood also alike his car to put an end of Islamic Terrorism in India.

Sumati Jha | HENB | New Delhi | Dec 23, 2015:: Right wing Hindu activists claiming allegiance to the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha set afire a car, which purportedly belonged to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, in Indirapuram of Ghaziabad on Wednesday. According to the national president of the organization, Chakrapani Maharaj, the car, an olive-coloured Hyundai Accent, had been purchased by him at a cost of Rs 32,000 from an auction of Dawood’s properties which had been held in Mumbai on December 9.

The vehicle was set ablaze by the activists to symbolize an end to terror unleashed in the country by D-Company, said the organization members.

“Burning the car would be symbolic of conducting the last rites of the terrorism that Dawood and his henchmen spread in the country, especially in Mumbai,” added Chakrapani, who claims to be the national president of ‘All India Hindu Mahasabha’ and is one of the petitioners in the Ram Janmabhoomi litigation.

At an auction of Dawood’s properties held in Mumbai on December 9, Chakrapai bid successfully for the green Hyundai Accent car for a mere Rs 32,000.

“Earlier I wanted to covert the car into an ambulance, but when D-company’s (Dawood gang’s) henchmen threatened me to be ready to face the consequences, I decided to give a reply to him in his own language. I am going to torch it in full public view,” he said.

The car, which is in a battered condition, was transported to Delhi from Mumbai a few days ago. Chakrapani said he didn’t need any security as he was not afraid of threats, though he filed a complaint with Mandir Marg police in Delhi on December 11 after receiving threat calls. As per the organization members, the car was transported from Mumbai through Gujarat, Haryana and Delhi into Uttar Pradesh. The vehicle had been brought to Ghaziabad on Tuesday evening.

The bonfire was lit in a vacant plot of land in the Kanawani area of Indirapuram. Ghaziabad police said they have no jurisdiction over Kanawani as it falls under the sector 58 police station area of Noida.

An enthusiastic Hindu activist told HENB that ‘we will burn Dawood also like his car, if caught by us any way’.

“Dawood Ibrahim and Azhar Mazood now in Pakistan are the main perpetrator of Islamic Terrorism in India. They must be shot down by the Indian intelligence to put an end to the Jihadi war against India”, the enthusiastic Hindu activist told further.

Some members of Nationalist MuslimForum also participated in the “D’s Car Funeral” with shouting anti-Pakistan and anti-Dawood slogans.

Source: Agencies. Courtesy: Zee News.

3 comments on “Hindu activists set ablaze Dawood’s car near Delhi hoping an end of Jihad in India.

  1. DRVRao
    December 23, 2015

    Burning of Dawoods’ car is just an expression Hindu’s ire against Dawoods who is abating and aiding terrorism in India. A more effective strategy is required to root out terrorism in India.


  2. T. Naidoo
    December 24, 2015

    Hindus must have the courage to ask Muslims to prove that Mohammedanism is a genuine religion. How can a religion produce so many terrorists? One Muslim terrorist is one terrorist too many. Islam owes the world an explanation. How can a religion produce terrorists?


  3. Arindam.
    December 24, 2015

    ‘How can a religion produce terrorist?’

    Terrorism is what these murderous monotheist creeds are all about. Their ‘religion’ is what we would call adharma.

    [It always amuses me when pseudo-secularists and other dhimmi dupes invoke ‘sarva dharma sambhav’ in order to justify pandering to Islam. Their thought processes are so simple as to be downright childish – they exist on the same mental level as Rahul Gandhi.

    They think ‘dharma’ = religion, and ‘Islam’ = religion, and therefore, Islam = dharma. That’s akin to thinking “cat” = 4 legged creature, and “bear” = 4 legged creature, and therefore “cat” = “bear”.

    Anyway, we need to keep the Islamophiles out of office and out of power.]


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