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India leads. 15,000-strong Hindu Swabhiman Sena to fight against ISIS.

Welcome this Kshatra Shakti (Warrior Spirit) of Hindus and make it universal to drive away the Islamic state into rat’s hole.

15,000-strong ‘dharma sena’ in Uttar Pradesh readies for war with Islamic State: Swami Narsinghanand Saraswati.

Hindu Swabhiman SenaSandeep Rai & Uday Singh Rana | TNN | Dasna-Rori-Meerut | January 20, 2016::   From the outskirts of India’s capital to the Uttarakhand border, an outfit known as Hindu Swabhiman is raising and training what it calls a “dharma sena” to wage war against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), which it believes will occupy western UP by 2020. Its leaders claim there are already 15,000 “soldiers” who are ready to die to safeguard their faith.

A TOI team, over the course of a week, visited four such camps spread around the communally sensitive belt of western UP and found that the outfit has even enlisted child soldiers, some of them as young as eight years old. All were being taught to use swords and firearms. The leaders of the outfit, headquartered at a temple at Dasna in Ghaziabad district, claim their ranks are swelling by the week. Of the 50 known training camps, some are clandestine and others, like those at Bamheta and Rori, are openly teaching men and women, boys and girls, to be ready “for when the enemy strikes”.

There are three known training camps in Meerut city and five in Muzaffarnagar district alone.

One of the Hindu Swabhiman’s leaders, Chetna Sharma, who is also a member of the VHP’s Durga Vahini, told TOI on Monday: “Our mottois simple — catchthem young. We have over 50 training centres all over western UP. Our students are from ages eightto 30. We don’t give guns and swords to children straight away. For the first six months, we train them mentally. We teach them verses from the Gita. Hindus must not be afraid of death because we are reborn. The children here are fearless.” Seema Kumari (name changed), 8, said, “I am learning to fight because our mothers and elder sisters are threatened. I have to protect them as well as myself.”

A nine-year-old boy echoed her sentiments.

‘Forced to take up arms as government’s failed’

Militant attacks on India provide ideologues of the Hindu Swabhiman an opportunity to indoctrinate young minds. Parminder Arya, an ex-serviceman who trains children at one of the Hindu Swabhiman camps in Rori village near Modinagar, said, “Our training is simple. We apprise youngsters about terrorist activities taking place in the country.”

Pathankot, for instance, was a major issue discussed with these children, he said. “That is how they are made to understand the ugly face of Islamic fundamentalism which is a rising threat to us Hindus. I was posted in Kashmir during my army days. Half the Indian army is posted in the Valley and yet they could not prevent the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits. This is something we have to do on our own.”

All of this is happening under the nose of the administration. But IG Meerut Zone, Alok Sharma, confessed he had no idea of the operation. “We do not have any report on such activity taking place. I will certainly look into the matter,” he told TOI on Monday.

Anil Yadav, a former professional wrestler and martial artist who runs an akhara in Ghaziabad’s Bamheta village, said the “work” will not stop now, come what may.

“We run most of these camps as akharas and it is not illegal to do so. However, we prefer to run some camps in secret. We don’t want the police to shut them down. My students follow a strict regime and are trained in the martial arts. They are also trained in the use of firearms. Even if a child wants to learn how to use a gun, we teach them. Within six months, a student can branch out and start a training camp on his own. Within two years, we have trained 15,000 kids. Imagine what we can achieve in five.”

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Swami Narsinghanand Saraswati, the Hindu ascetic whose ideology fuels the outfit’s work, stays in the temple where a board proclaims, “Yeh teerth Hinduon ka pavitra sthal hai. Musalmanon ka pravesh varjit hai. Aadesh Mahant Baba Narsinghanand Saraswati.” (This temple is a holy place of Hindus. Entry of Muslims is prohibited. By order of head priest Baba Narsinghanand Saraswati). Once known as Deepak Tyagi, Saraswati was a member of the Samajwadi Party till 1995 and was a “huge fan” of Mulayam Singh Yadav. Twenty years ago, after a woman from his community committed suicide over a sex racket, he changed his allegiance and became an ascetic.

Today, his hero is Veer Savarkar, who coined the term “Hindutva” in 1923. Kamlesh Tiwari, the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha leader whose controversial remarks triggered riots in West Bengal’s Malda, was a student of Saraswati’s. Saraswati believes that the Darul Uloom in Deoband, UP, is the ideological fountainhead of the ISIS and “war has already begun”.

So intense is his hatred for the ISIS that Saraswati has no qualms in stating, “I think an extremist outfit, like the ISIS, should exist for the Hindus. The only answer to the ISIS is an HS — a Hindu State. We want to match their level of extremism and fight fire with fire. I don’t have the means to build an organisation of that scale but with the help of Hindus, who believe in my cause, I will achieve it soon. We have pistols and they have rocket launchers. We need better weapons so that our army can be trained. That is how the ISIS got so big. Local business leaders helped them. Hindus from all over the country will help us too.”

Saraswati says they have started a mass contact programme. “We have been addressing two panchayats per month, on average. At the panchayats, I ask my Hindu lions to be brave and make sure they keep weapons with them at all times. During the Muzaffarnagar riots, we went to the ground and asked people to be armed. All these politicians, who claim credit for saving Hindus, are lying.”

He points to a slogan on the wall and reads, “Hindu Sheron, shaan se jeena hai toh shaan se marna seekho. (Hindu lions, if you want to live with pride then learn to die with pride). I am preparing my people for civil war. Neither the state government nor Narendra Modi can stop the civil war from coming. It is better to die fighting to protect our loved ones.”

Told about the Hindu Swabhiman’s reaction to Deoband, Maulana Abul Qasim Nomani, vice-chancellor of Darul Uloom Deoband, said, “Our gates are open throughout the day. Anyone can come in and go out at will. Every syllabus and every academic discipline is an open book. Our institution is visited by one and all including IB officials, LIU (local intelligence unit), senior police and government officials. In the last 150 years of the history of this university, not once has any of its teachings come under criticism. It is an open challenge to any individual or agency to investigate in whatever way they want to, because we have nothing to hide. Regarding ISIS, whatever information we have about this organization, it is through media reports and nothing else.”

Courtesy: TOI.

6 comments on “India leads. 15,000-strong Hindu Swabhiman Sena to fight against ISIS.

  1. reddyrv393
    January 20, 2016

    That is GREAT..The Kshatra Shakti of Hindus needs to be appreciated. Likewise the need of the hour is to fight the Islamic menace WITHIN the country and the domestic supporters of Islamic terrorists need to be identified and tear these unpatriotic people to pieces. Great danger and threat to India by these home grown terrorists and supporters needs to be addressed. For this and more, there is alround vigil by Nationalists is needed to help the NIA to pin down such Anti-Nationals.



  2. Mithilesh
    January 20, 2016

    We should first become strong…and fight against kashmiri muslims and free kashmir from them…..we should show how bold how brave we are……and I am ready to make india….the strong country of the world…….


  3. Jay
    January 20, 2016

    Does anybody have doubt that our police and army is not good enough to protect us . Need of the hour is to learn self defence for both boys and girls , and also to create awareness about do and don’t during terrorist attack and natural disasters .

    If at all Dharma sena has to be created against ISIS or radicals , involvement of all faiths has to be there (since ISIS is more threat to the principles of Islam than any other). Its said Prevention is better than cure , need of the hour is to stop radical elements and thoughts . Firstly , No place of worship should be allowed to be used for discussing politics and hatred towards others faith . Secondly Govt. should teach about all religions and their unity in education in schools (be it public / pvt. / madrassa) to create amity and broadmindedness .

    These type of sena’s are initially created using public sentiments and later they are likely to be misguided to serve political purposes . Decades back Pakistan tried a formula of home grown terrorists to use against others but now they killing their own people .


  4. Punit Patel
    January 23, 2016

    Jay why should the police and army should always pay for coward’s.

    Ya and i feel sorry for u already. Dont be ashamed feel free to admit You are a COWARD

    This is how they want to convert females

    What are your thougjts on the above provided links????


  5. skanda987
    January 23, 2016

    Part – I: This is a ray of hope. No Vedic should ever slander or neglect the Kshatriya dharma or varna. Kshatriya spirit is absolutely needed in every Vedic if the Vedic dharma is to be kept and flourishing in its homeland Hindustan. Vedic is a universal dharma form mankind and is our heritage. No other religion has the potential to bring peace at personal to global lever than the Vedic dharma. The forcibly invaded Islam needs to be purged out from Hindustan by Ghar Waapasi program. All Vedic can fight against any barbaric religion thus:
    – Brahmins (the intellectuals) can fight by telling the truth about the barbaric ideology and the Vedic dharma, and encouraging Vedics to fight.
    -Kahstriya can physically, strategically and tactically fight when needed. They need to be well trained with guptachar units and sastras.
    -Vaishas (traders) can fight by refusing to by or sell anything or any service from the anti-Vedics.
    – Shudras (labor class) can fight by refusing to serve any anti-Vedic; and the Vedics need to respect them and care them.

    Part – II: Those Hindustan’s Vedics (and kafirs) who are retired and elders with less sophistical ability can pray everyday visibly and non-silently that they will take next birth with ability to fight against Islam invasion and work to purge out Islam from Hindustan. if they have any resources, they should support others who are working to make Bhaarat a Vedic State, not secular.
    In short, every Vedic can do something towards making Bhaarat a Vedic Stat where Islam will be illegal.
    jai sri krishna!

    jai sri krishna!


  6. vipin soni
    February 18, 2016

    हा,बहुत अच्छा प् रयास है। हिन्दु रक्षा के लिये जरूरि है। मै स्वय भी युवाओ को रोजगार प् शिक्षण का कार्य अपने क्षेत्र मे चला रहाहू।और उन को भी आत्म रक्षा व हिन्दू धर्म कि रक्षाके लिये पशिक्षण करवाना चाहता हू। व स्वय भी करना चहता हु। विपिन कुमार सोनी खडवा मध्यप् देश 9826341025


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