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Blind couple among 13 in Madhya Pradesh held for ‘conversion’ charge.

13 Suspected Held for Attempting to ‘Convert’ Hindus to Christianity in Madhya Pradesh.

The Unholy NexusUpendra Bharti | HENB | Bhopal | January 18, 2016:: Thirteen people, including a visually-impaired couple were arrested on charges of trying to convert Hindus to Christianity in Dhar district, police said today.

They were booked under relevant sections of IPC and Madhya Pradesh’s tough anti-conversion law but later released on bail. They have denied the conversion charge.

These people, including the blind couple – Balu Saste and his wife Bhuri – were arrested on January 14 on the eve of Makar Sankranti and sent to jail, Kukshi Police Station In- charge Inspector Umesh Chandra Tiwari told PTI today.

All the accused, six of them women, were given bail by a local court on January 15 and subsequently released from jail, he added.

“The child of the blind couple was not arrested. The couple might have taken the infant along with them to the jail. Balu is an already accused in another three-year-old conversion case,” Tiwari said.

When the number of arrested were reported by PTI as 12, Indian express put the number as 13 so far.

They had been booked under IPC Section 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc, and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony) and also the MP Freedom of Religion Act for trying to convert Hindus to Christianity allegedly through allurement, police said.

One of the accused, Janu Bai told the media yesterday there was no conversion attempt. The 35-year-old said he and others had just gathered at the home of one Shanker Singh for a meal on the eve of Makar Sankranti at Pipripura village under Kukshi tehsil of the district, around 250 km from here.

“We were sitting when some right-wing activists came to my place along with police and claimed we were involved in conversion. They arrested my guests. I said ‘arrest me as well as I am the host’ but they didn’t do so,” Singh (40) told PTI by phone. Our meeting had nothing to do with religious conversion, Singh claimed.

Catholic Church Authority in the State of Madhya Pradesh however denounced the arrest.

“Christians and their friends are being targeted by right-wing activists. Local authorities should protect them. Such incidents will lead to disunity in the country and impede its progress,” Madhya Pradesh Catholic Church Spokesman Father Maria Stephen said.

“Our Churches and houses are being attacked. The Constitution gives us religious freedom. We participate in functions of other religions whenever we are invited.”

MP Dharma Swatantrya Adhiniyam (Freedom of Religion Act) bans religious conversion through force, allurement and fraudulent means. Besides, changing religion without informing authorities too attracts jail term under the Act.

But, it is strange to note that the IPC section 295 A has not been slapped in such case where ‘deliberate and malicious acts  intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs’ is amply evident.

In India, the evangelic group of people try to convert the poor Hindus and specially ignorant tribal groups by vilifying Hindu faiths and abusing Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Hindu Existence Forum and various right wing Hindu organisations have been demanding to ban proselytization in India since a long time.

It is alleged that millions of European and American dollars are being used in the conversion conspiracy in India through many NGOs. These funds are even being utilized by the some subversive Christian Terrorist outfits active in North Eastern states in India and the Maoists active in Orissa, Jharkhand, Chattishgarh and Andhra Pradesh, as alleged.

Source:  PTI and Indian Express.

One comment on “Blind couple among 13 in Madhya Pradesh held for ‘conversion’ charge.

  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    January 20, 2016

    Nepal and India both countries are an original land of Hinduism. Nepal is the birth place of Lord Buddha and Buddhism. The Christians are systematically defiling this holy land, and bent on destroying its identities offering black money to the poor and money minded people. They are adopting concerning conspiratorial schemes to maintain their imperialistic approach towards this country. The Christian missionaries are conning the Nepalese people of weak disposition by providing them money. This has enraged all Hindus and Buddhists. The American and Indian intelligence agencies like CIA and the European Union are conniving with the Maoists to turn Nepal into a Christian state. If we are not able to stop this kind of rape, the identity and existence of Hinduism and Buddhism will perish from this planet.
    The Christians still are converting the Hindus into Christian. The nefarious history of Christian, we can read in India. The Portuguese and English colonizers in India tried everything to destroy Hindu dignity. Twenty five years ago I had visited Goa of India where I learned about the Portuguese attack on Hindu dignity. It hurt me then and it still does now. Then the temples in Goa were razed down to built church. We can today see the remnants of the destroyed temples and the vandalized statues– idols with heads ripped off. After 1560, an inhumane carnage was let loose and anyone against Christianity burned alive. The properties belonging to Hindus were seized by the Church. Beautiful Hindu women were accused falsely, raped and then burned alive. In Goa, non-catholic, meaning Hindus, did not posses right to their property. Hindus were executed if found with Shaligram (Hindu idol) and Tulasi (herb bearing religious importance). Anyone was found doing Karma as per their tradition was killed. To cling on to Hindu rituals meant becoming the victim of execution. Thousands of men and women were burned in this process of imposition of a foreign religion. This continued till 1812 in Goa. The same incidents may repeat itself in Nepal for Christians have entered in the guise of needle and they will turn into plough to destroy our identities.

    It is inexplicable – the cruelty of Christians over women. According to chief disciple of Christ Saint Paul, the creation of women was for entertainment. Christians did not recognize women as human beings. The decision to recognize woman as a human being was taken only in 1929 at Privy Council in London. It was viewed compulsory that bishop or clergy should keep company of prostitutes or concubines. The church opened brothels for priests. The level of repression of women in Christian society was to a degree that women were subjected to torture. They were at times whipped naked and impaled with needles to death. In many places women have been raped.

    A Indian scholar Babu Suseenlan writes-‘As a converted Christian who has no compassion and bears the names of history’s two brutal men, Xavier Williams is a sinister man who want to destroy harmony, tolerance and our sacred universal belief system of our Hinduism. He is able to write freely, independently only the majority Hindus foolishly tolerate his atrocious writings as a cruel enemy agent working in our midst. His name represents one of the cruelest slave Kings of Britain (King William) who has introduced slavery as one of the means to rule, control and subjugate Blacks s and Asians, and Xavier, brutal killer of Hindus in Goa He continuous his bloody path preparing Hindus to self destruction. He is aping repeatedly our enemy statements that Hindus are promoting Brahmanism. (He is working for a bowl of chicken soup from his foreign slave masters). Let me remind him that Tolerance has a limit and tolerance is not a positive virtue. Our burglars and deadly disease causing agents should not be tolerated. These scums and criminal agents should be wiped out by all means necessary to save humanity. All converted Christians from the lowest of the classes, their memory is erased and they draw inspiration and motivation from alien closed dogmas, they frequently suffer from compassion fatigue, cognitive disorder and their reality orientation is not intact. They act like Zombies.

    According to OUTLOOK-India has exposed about the sexual criminality in Churches- ‘The complaints are dealt with by the bishops and they influence the lady. If a woman among the laity becomes pregnant because of a priest or a bishop, they build houses or give money to them and hush it up. A life is not born in the church. When it comes to the nuns, they either makes her abort the child or she is sent out of the church. If the nun tries to take it up, then she is ostracized by society. Financial irregularities are rampant. The priest collects money in the name of reconstruction of the church. The laity who comes to church donates in good faith. But some of the priests, they never reveal the exact amount to the parishioners…they take their share and hand over the remaining to the church.’ So, all the Hindus of Nepal and India including BJP and Modi Govt should have to active to close these anti-Hindu activities and these evil elements must be chased away from Nepal and India.
    Thank you

    Dirgha Raj Prasai


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