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All Temples and Mosques must be opened for Women. Why there is no female Imam and Muazzin? Happy Holi!: Farooq Abdullah.

Vrindavan to Varanasi

As All Temples are being Opened for Women to Enter, All Mosques must be opened for Muslim Women similarly, Everybody must play Holi: Farooq Abdullah.

Farooq AbdullahNC News | Jammu | March 23, 2016:: Highly hailing the celebration of Holi by widows in Vrindavan, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah today said all temples must be opened for women to enter.

“I think this is a great thing that temples are opening up for women. They are a part of this nation and if you want women’s empowerment, then it is vitally important that all temples must be opened to women,” he told reporters on the sidelines of a function here today.

More than a thousand widows in Vrindavan participated Holi at an ancient temple in the Uttar Pradesh town.

Describing it as a “wonderful thing”, the National Conference leader and former Union minister said, “I think we all should be proud that this is happening. It is a great thing and India is moving forward in a positive manner.”

Side by side Abdullah narrated his views to his close circle, “I also think Muslims women must be given rights to enter all Mosques without any barrier and they must be given chance to offer Namaz side by side with the male members”.

It is reported,  Abdullah opined further that Muslim women must be given the rights to perform as Imam (leader of Islamic Prayer- Namaz) and Muazzin (the person responsible to prayer call time to time)!

Explaining Holi as a good practice to sprawl color to each others, Farooq suggested to play holi with color not with political or communal fire. He conveys Happy Holi to all.

On the terror attack in Brussels, he said the world should unite to fight the menace of terrorism in the name of Islam and Jihad.

“The world has realised that terrorism is the greatest threat. When we were telling them that terrorism is a factor that will affect you, they did not believe us. Today, those words must be vibrating in their ears.

“The threat to this world is the terrorist and a terrorist has no religion, he has one aim… to only pick a target and blow it up,” he said, adding that the world “must get together and form a united front to fight terrorists”.

Actually, Muslims should not be too hypocritical by saying ‘terrorists have no religion’ and making effort ‘to form various terror groups to finish other faiths’.

The news published here is under the process of more authentication and we are not getting the phone lines of Hurriyat and Azadi people in J&K for their reactions over Abdullah as all of them are celebrating Holi most probably.

Being inspired by the speech of Farooq Abdullah, Muslim women played Holi with their Hindu friends in Varanasi. Vrindavan to Vranasi, all want freedom to play holi. Happy Holi!  Bura na Mano (don’t take it otherwise) Holi hai!! Mocktale


One comment on “All Temples and Mosques must be opened for Women. Why there is no female Imam and Muazzin? Happy Holi!: Farooq Abdullah.

  1. Arindam
    March 24, 2016

    Don’t bother trying to change Islam – you’ll merely provoke a fundamentalist backlash. Just leave it and don’t look back.


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