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Buddha is now in a traffic jam in the road towards JU. We must clear it.

Lefts run to Jam Buddha in more Traffic

Buddha In A Traffic Jam At Jadavpur…..

Though BJP says, Jadavpur University is only a ‘Hub of Anti-national Elements’, it’s also a laboratory of rejecting Hindu values and experimenting the extreme ‘Azadi’ in sex, violence and narcotics too.

Upendra Bharati | HENB | Kolkata | May 7, 2016:: Now, Buddha in a traffic jam in the campus of Jadavpur university. The irritated left backed students union along with their new Congressi friends in Jadavpur started honking of ‘Azadi’  again to set free from the jam in their own way.

The clash at JU last evening had broken out between SFI-Maoist combine and ABVP over screening of Vivek Agnihotri’s film, Buddha in a Traffic Jam.

Situation over-boiled as students affiliated to Left-leaning organisation FETSU resorted to sloganeering with black flags and brandished posters saying “ABVP go back”, “RSS go back”, “Down with Fascism”, as Agnihotri’s vehicle approached the campus for the screening.

The screening of the film, organised by a group backed by the RSS student wing ABVP, was scheduled at the varsity’s Triguna Sen auditorium, but the university’s alumni association cancelled the screening on Friday morning citing poll code violation, though the poll for WBLA was completed in six phases on 5th May already!

Despite the protests and cancellation, the organisers started an open-air screening of the film in the varsity’s football grounds close to the auditorium.

However, the varsity’s assistant registrar came and requested the showing be stopped, said Agnihotri.

“We started the screening and I asked the leader of the protest to have a cup of tea with me. Then the assistant registrar came from somewhere and asked us to stop the screening. I don’t know what kind of a university it is, they can’t even decide whether the film can be shown or not shown,” Agnihotri told HENB.

Asked on why there were protests against his film, Vivek said: “Because for the first time in 70 years somebody has dared to expose the Naxal-academia-intellectuals-media nexus.”

Buddha in a Traffic Jam is a political story, where the ultra leftists are exposed in the case of corruption, valuelessness and anti-nationalism. Naturally, lefts cannot tolerate it and now they are so ‘intolerant’.

The protesting left students said: “Preaching divisiveness and Hindu fundamentalism should not be allowed on the campus.”

Left and Right

Actually, the left wing student unions and their mentor counterparts in the faculties think that varsity campuses are their hereditary properties and nobody from the right wings have any right to enter into. They have been using these educational institutions as a tool to spread their anti-National and extreme ideologies with the help of foreign funds and backing. But, now the right-minded Hindu students are chasing them and left faces of  “Azadi” are exposed in the ‘selfies’ with ISI linked Kashmir Azadi groups or the subversive powers in Nagaland or Manipur. These are main reasons of conflict in these days in JNU, JU of UoH etc. The allegations of right-wing  oppression or suppression are baseless.

Accusing some of the organisers of molesting female students, the FETSU members allegedly beat up some ABVP supporters and confined four of them to the administrative building.

  • Vivek Agnihotri’s fearless and honest speech at Jadavpur University amidst the barking of leftist and secular dogs.

Later, BJP’s actress-turned-leader Rupa Ganguly filed a complaint at the Jadavpur police station that four of those invited for the screening of the award-winning film were beaten up and wrongly confined on a false accusation.

Some BJP WB State leaders staged a demonstration at the police station and then rushed to the university.

“We have come to take the four of our invitees safely home. They have been beaten up. They are in a bad condition. We will wait for ten minutes. And then our people will take one minute to climb the gates and enter the campus,” said BJP leader Debasree Chowdhury.

The ABVP-backed organisers of the screening also drew attention to the simultaneous screening of Nakul Singh Sawhney’s controversial documentary “Muzaffarnagar Abhi Baki Hai” inside the campus, a stone’s throw away from the “Buddha… ” screening. But, that was tolerable by the JU admins.

Vice Chancellor Suranjan Das, who rushed to the campus in the evening by a taxi, pleaded with the students and BJP leaders to maintain peace.

Witnessing student unrest since yesterday in JU, West Bengal Governor and Chancellor K N Tripathi Saturday said the varsity is fast turning into a “centre for disturbance” and authorities should take stern action against it. “Jadavpur University which was once known as centre for excellence is fast turning into centre for disturbances. The authorities should take stern action against it,” Tripathi, who is also the chancellor of the university, told PTI. Thats too earned a flak in some media and the so called leftist intellectuals and an ex-VC of JU.

On Saturday, the left wing students marched from JU to Golaprk and back to JU with their ‘Hallabol’ and ‘Azadi’ style with the help of CPM and Congress political support base as it created in the recent election scenario in West Bengal.

4 ABVP, BJP workers booked for ‘molesting’ Jadavpur univ students on Friday denied their involvement with the allegations so far. But, police did not take any action against the 2 FIRs made against each other in connection with JU biol on Buddha in Traffic Jam.

Some residential in the campus in various staff quarters in JU opine that the out-comers in JU are not nothing new. They come on regular basis inside the campus for supplying or taking drugs in the night, Consumption of alcohol in campus grounds is clearly seen at any night if one wants to observe it. Many of them are connected with local CPIM or Congress politics and welcomed as invitees from a part of current students and their  leaders in various student unions. But, they are now opposing Rupa Ganguli, Debashree Chowdhury and others’ entry in the JU campus for a cause as alleged.

In 2002-03, some Hindi speaking JU sub-staff tried to erect a Hanuman and Kali temple beside the gymnasium through gate no 4 but vehemently opposed by the Leftists in the Campus. But, it is heard some Muslim students in JU are now offering Namaj collectively in two places in JU on every Friday as reported. Nobody, is opposing it.

BJP says, Jadavpur University is a ‘Hub of Anti-national Elements’, but it’s also a laboratory of rejecting Hindu values and experimenting the extreme ‘Azadi’ in sex, violence, narcotics and escort culture too.

The nexgen in the country must not be grabbed with the ‘Azadi’ concepts as propounded by the ultra lefts and pseudo secular people trying to divide this country with ‘Liberation of Kashmir, Manipur or Nagaland’ and the ‘dalit-nondalit debates’, nor by the waste of Indian culture and values. They should be properly guided with the patriotism and Bharat Mata ki Jai, not to be a supporter of Afjal Guru or Yakub Memon.

Buddha is now in a traffic jam in the road towards JU. That should be cleared off.

News input: PTI and ANI.

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