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Hindus in India pray for a great win of Donald Trump as US President.

Havan for Trump's victory at Jantar mantar

Hindu Sena makes Havan and prays for Trump’s big victory in US presidential elections.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | May 12, 2016:: Just some hours before, the disguised Islamist Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, called Trump ‘Ignorant About Islam and prayed to Allah hoping for the defeat of Donald Trump as the President of US. But, millions of ‘Islam conversant’ people of the world welcome the transparent stand of Trump against Radical Islam and they hope a big win of Trump in his presidential run. They all pray to Almighty for the win of Trump to chase the deadly Islam over the continents.

Very naturally, United States Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is seen as a staunch opposer of growing Islamic radicalism across the world, has now found support from the right-wing group Hindu Sena of India, which held prayers here yesterday for his victory in the US presidential elections to be held later this year.

A priest chanted hymns and members of the Hindu Sena made offerings to fire (Havan), as they sat holding posters of the Republican presidential candidate, with “We love Trump” written in bold letters.

The president of the Hindu Sena, Vishnu Gupta, said Trump was the only “saviour of mankind” from the “dead hand of Islam“.

“The entire world is suffering due to Islamic terrorism and rampant violations of Human rights. They traumatized every section of non-Muslim and even a section of Muslim people including women and children. All these bomb blasts across the world are linked to Islamic terrorism. There is only one saviour of mankind and that is Donald Trump. We have done Yagya today and prayed to god that people of the US elect Trump as their President,” Gupta told HENB.

Gupta believes that a win of Trump as US president will strengthen the Indo-US relationship and it will obviously slap hard on the face of Pakistan which is believed as an epicenter of Islamic Terrorism.

Trump has won both supporters and detractors for his straight talk and hardline proposals, including a proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States.

The billionaire real estate developer has positioned himself as the answer to growing Islamic radicalism across the world, as flashed in the media across the world.

Hindus of US  franchise their influential voting in favour of Trump this time as believed by the political anayists there.


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