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Mandir Bazar Hindus protected their Shiva Temple from Jihadi Attack.

Mandir Bazar

Mandir Bazar Muslims objected Temple Sankirtan (prayer chanting) during Ramadan time and tried to attack Keshaveshwar Temple. Hindu youths gallantly driven out Muslim Jihadis. 

Pratik Mondal | HENB | Mandir Bazar (South 24 Pgs, West Bengal) | 12 June, 2016:: In Ramjan Time the Muslims of the Mandir Bazar (Weekly Market known as Hat on Mon, Tue and Fri) area objected the Morning and Evening Prayer chanting of the 278 years old (est. 1748 A.D.) Keshaveshwar Temple since last Tuesday, the first day of Ramadan. Hindus objected the fundamental mentality of the local Jehadi people. The members of the Mandir Bazar market committee had been trying to resolve the matter by maintaining the ‘Temple Prayer Chanting’ and nearby ‘Mosque Azan’ both as per their scheduled without any clash. But the Muslims were not ready to tolerate the Temple rituals in Ramjan (Ramadan) month and threatened to keep off Microphone system from the temple.

On Sunday (today), during the meeting at Market Committee consisting of Market committee members, Temple servitors, and local people and political members of the area, Muslim hooligans all on sudden attacked the Hindu shops in the market, nearby temple and tried to pull down the mike of the Keshaveshwar Temple. The incident took place around 5.45 pm as the Hare Krishna chanting started from the Temple as daily rituals before Sheetal (last daily rituals for Lord Keshaveshwar) offering ‘Bhog and Arati’.

In this situation, Hindus vehemently retaliated the Muslim attack and they also thrashed some Jihadi hooligans and ransacked Muslim shops also. Some people put fire in some wooden furniture of the shops.

Hindus guarded the Keshaveshwar Temple gallantly and driven out the Jihadis from the spot.

As the reports of communal tension flared up in minutes aggrieved Hindus reached the spot from Dhankata, Lakshmikantapur, Shukdebpur and adjacent Hindu areas.

Heavy contingent of police from Mandir Bazar Police Station and RAF reached the spot in time to maintain the law and order their.

Local BJP Leader Nabendu Sundar Naskar and RSS-VHP activists jointly moved to Mandir Bazar PS for further protection of Hindu temples and property there.

Though the situation is under control now, the police and administrations are on toe to check any further flair up of the situation. It is learnt from source that Raich Molla, a TMC inclined Muslim goonda-operator and businessman is behind such Islamic hooliganism in Mandir Bazar area.

Poundra Kashtriya community (a militant community of the Hindus) leaders and other Hindu headmen of the area have taken a vow to protect the Hindu might, rights and dignity at any cost, as reports came in.  Details are awaited.

Updates for 13 June 2016:


A very bitter development is cropping up in Mandirbazar. Now the Mandir Bazar PS (03174-260470) is under a severe clutch of Jihadi people.

They are saying that all Mosques have a ‘Delhi Order’ to play microphone system for 5 times Ajan (Adhan-prayer call) everyday. But, Hindus have to get prior permission to play any Mike (Loud speaker) from Hindu Temple. What a discrimination!

When the Hindus wanted to get that ‘Delhi Order’, they refused to show it.

Now, many Muslims thronged at Mandirbazar, near Keshaveshwar Temple to cause another menace.

The role of Mandir Bazar OC, Somenath De (M 9836387604) and 2nd Officer Gautam Biswas ( M 9874557228) are highly condemnable. They are not hearing the appeal of the Hindus of Mandir Bazar under a clutch of one Raich Molla.


4 comments on “Mandir Bazar Hindus protected their Shiva Temple from Jihadi Attack.

  1. Kunwar Zorawer Singh
    June 13, 2016


    The Hindu Resistance and the Inspiring Reporting. Both.

    Jai Shri Ram.


  2. ranjan
    June 14, 2016

    Great work from Hindu brothers…. They should keep it up and all the Hindus brothers should follow this and should be brave enough to uphold Hindu dharma right.


  3. Debabrata Mondal
    June 15, 2016

    Commendable job by our hindu brothers.
    utho,jago,fight for our next generation till your last breath.
    west bengal going to be another Bangladesh.
    And we will be forced to migrate other state if we surrender to vote politics.


  4. eyeamvaibhav
    June 17, 2016

    Hindu militancy is the need of the hour. We should send a strong message to B’desh that if one Hindu is killed, 100 muzzis will be killed in India.


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