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Who are trying to finish the Mandir Bazar Hindus through a riot?

Mandir Bazar Fumes

Severe repression upon Hindus in Mandir Bazar by TMC controlled Administration and Police. Temple puja disrupted! 

While Hindus are fully able to restore the position of Keshaveshwar Temple, only Bengal Administration and Police are putting hurdles to play loud speakers in Mandir Bazar temple. TMC, Admin & Police are jointly harassing Hindus and helping the Jihadi culprits.

Deputation LeafletUpananda Brahmachari  | HENB | Mandir Bazar | June 28, 2016:: It was the day of defeat of Mandir Bazar BDO – Mr. Achintya Ghosh ( L 03174-260236/ M 8335079864) and OC of Mandir Bazar Police Station –  Somenath De ( L 03174-260470/ M 9836387604) and their God Father Raich Molla, a Jihadi icon of Mandir Bazar area.

A 6000 Hindu protesters reached Mandir Bazar Block Development Office for giving a deputation on Monday (27th June) to the local Mandir Bazar administration in the presence of culpable OC of  Mandir Bazar PS for the restoration of the plying of the loud speakers of renowned Keshaveshwar Temple there.

The Muslims of the locality objected the playing of temple of loud speakers, but Hindus were not ready to stop it. The news had been appeared in this site on June 12, under the headline, Mandir Bazar Hindus protected their Shiva Temple from Jihadi Attack, where the case was reported as, “Mandir Bazar Muslims objected Temple Sankirtan (prayer chanting) during Ramadan time and tried to attack Keshaveshwar Temple. Hindu youths gallantly driven out Muslim Jihadis”.

Since then the situation of Mandir Bazar was boiling in a communal cauldron with Jehadi spices sprinkled by the local police and admin procuring from the shop of Raich Molla. This Raich Molla was a CPM operator of the locality, but now appeared as the controller of the TMC of Mandir Bazar. Police and Administration declared then a Fatwa to stop temple loud speaker and mechanized drum beating of the temple at the time of evening Aarti.

Various Hindu Organisations like Hindu Jagaran Manch, VHP, Hindu Samhati and BJP gave deputaions at BDO/OC level and to the SDPO Diamond Harbour – Rupantar Sengupta (L 03174-255221/ M 9433877685).  But, reluctance of the authorities caused no solution for the Mandir Bazar Hindus.

On 27th the Hindus of Mandir Bazar placed their deputation very peacefully with strong arguments. They pursued for lifting the loud speker ban in Keshaveshwar Temple. But, the concerned BDO and OC were not ready to hear the arguments of Hindus anyway.

The culpable BDO Mandir Bazar conveyed the deputationists that Hindus could not play loud speakers in the temples as Hindu is a old religion and there was no mention of playing loud speakers in it.

While the Hindu youths in the deputation wanted to know  that where was the mention of loud speaker in Quran or Islam, the BDO told that they had been playing that only 5 times for a while since long time in our society, so he was unable to stop it.

When the Hindu youths mentioned the Pollution control Act or the various Court orders to stop illegal Mosque loud speakers, the BDO told, he could only take action under specific Calcutta High Court on stopping the Mosque Mike for his block. The OC of Mandir Bazar agreed the matter with a complete silence in the deputation.

In such an exploration of a pro-Islamic mentality of the BDO Mandir Bazar, the Hindu deputationists drew a deadline of 7 days further for restoring of the playing of Loud speaker in Keshaveshwar Temple, the BDO told that he sent the matter to SDO, Diamond Harbour and would not be able to do anything on his part.

On this deadlock of the discussion, Hindus left BDO office and were ready to reach their own villages. But,…..

But, all on a sudden the Muslim anti-socials started attacking Hindus at many places near the BDO office with swords, lethal weapons and charged country made bombs repeatedly.

Hindus also chased them bravely and thwarted them from the area of Keshaveshwar Temple within few minutes. Some shops were burnt at this time.

Lord Keshaveshwar

Thwarted from Mandir Bazar Keshabeswhar Temple complex, the Jidahi Rozadars thronged at Tentiberia More and blocked the Lakshikantapur (Bijoyganj Bazar) – Diamond Harbour Bus Road putting tree trunks on it. M-10 and Mandir Bazar -Kolkata Bus services are disrupted.

Police and RAF was deployed timely, but they started to frighten Hindu villagers in many villages nearby and started arresting only Hindu youths. They did not arrest not a single Muslim culprits who actually initiated the communal tension of Monday.

Some 49 Hindus were arrested within a couple of hours and many Hindus were compelled to hide for avoiding Police repression.

Mandir Bazar went immediately under the grip of Jihadi Criminals. The Police and Admin were completely helpless or helping them. Hindus of the locality were put under severe repression and oppression.

As per report, SDO Diamond Harbour – Santanu Bose (L 03174 255222/ M 9434755222) caused a meeting today (27th June) with Raich Molla in his SDO quarter at 9-45 am. This Raich Molla is the Jihadi Head man of Mandir Bazar. This reflects what is going on in Mandir Bazar.

It is learnt off late that the Muslims of Mallikpur, Ramnathpur Tentiberia and surrounding localities of Mandir Bazar have sent their women and children folk elsewhere from their homes. Outsiders Muslim are coming and staying there. This is a sign that they will start rioting in any point of time.

Out of 49 arrested Hindus 3 were freed from Mandir Bazar PS, 22 got bail under Sec 107 CrPc and 24 sent to Jail Custody for 14 days through DH Cr Court. Jail Custody for 24 Hindus for 14 days was made out of Mandir Bazar PS Case No. 261/16 under Sec. 147/148/149/186/353/333 and 427 of IPC.

Police and Admins are supposedly helping the Jehadis of Mandir Bazar. Otherwise how Selim Molla (Don of Magrahat and International Jehadi connected with JMB) and Raich Molla met each other in the disturbed area which is under the so called ‘control’ of Police and RAF. Police imposed 144 CrPc prohibitory order in three Anchals (village cluster) viz. Jagadishpur, Dhanurhat and Anchna.

In this vulnerable situation the Hindus of Mandir Bazar have been united to fight against the culpability of the local administration, police and the Jehadi elements. They are also determined the give a befitting lesson to the Mandir Bazar Committee under the control of Raich Molla and TMC.

As per latest input, a State BJP delegation is going to Mandir Bazar to take a stock of the situation on Wednesday.

But, from the whole analysis of the happenings, the Mandir Bazar local administration, police including the Diamond Harbour Sub divisional administration and police are certainly pushing the whole situation in a big riot by denying the Hindu’s due demands and obviously promoting all the Jehadi demands of Mandir Bazar  Muslims.

A source suggests that the Mandir Bazar and Police are helping the Raich Molla groups to gain their control over the Hindu dominated Mandir Bazar Market and Hat (weekly market) through this Jihadi maneuvering.

Nabanna (the office of WB CM Mamata Banerjee) prompted WB Administration and Police are now an part of “Mission Muslim Bangla”.

Isn’t it. How do you feel!


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