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The role of Congress for the rise of Zakir Naik is established, but what is BJP doing?

Ban Zakir Naik

Ex Central Congress Minister K Rahaman Khan’s letter to support Zakir Naik leaked.

Congress manufactured the Frankenstein Zakir  Jihadi Naik and helped his empire to grow.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | July 13, 2016:: Ruling out all the allegations levelled on Naik, Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Abu Azmi on Wednesday categorically wanted to know as to why action was not taken against Zakir Naik for the last 25 years if his speeches were inspiring terrorists.

Azmi further sought to know if India’s intelligence was sleeping when Naik visited worldwide to deliver his speech on Islam.

“Why no action was taken for the last 25 years if Naik was encouraging militancy. If Satyapal is saying that he had submitted a report, then he must be ashamed as he was the Mumbai Police commissioner then and could have take action. But then he had no point to investigate. If you forcefully say such things, we won’t tolerate it,” Azmi said.

Though Abu Azmi knows the reason well for building up a Jihadi empire by Zakir Naik (Peace School Network in Bangladesh for setting more Jihad like Holey Artisan Bakery attack, a Jihadi Seminary run in a Malaysian Island gifted by a Malay Govt, his undivulged role and position for the setting up and Jihadi University in Pakistan, possing million of dollars unrecorded wealth in different heads, the unrestricted income through Peace TV and being awarded with King Faisal International Award for spreading Islam throughout the world); the Samajwadi sympathiser of Zakir Naik wanted to run away from the truth. Actually, Azmi wanted to suppress the facts for the Congressi backing for Zakir Naik during these years of making  the Frankenstein Zakir  Jihadi Naik and how they helped his empire to grow. It may be Azmi’s courtesy to Congress for the history of cooperation between Samajwadi (read Namajwadi) Party and Congress Party for their mutual survival policy adopted many times in the past.

Yes, when Congress and its allies wanted the success of Zakir Naik during these years, only three or four organisations seriously tried to expose and check the unrestricted Zakir Naik for his rebellious run against India, Indian majority people, Indian Constitution, Peace and harmony with his Quranic hate speech and subversive Sharia doctrines.

The constant efforts of Sudarshan TV channel (Suresh Chavhanke in Pardafash) and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for exposing a Jihadi monster Zakir Naik, put various hurdles to Naik and Peace TV and embarrassed the patronage of Congress for Zakir and its Peace TV.

Consequently, the then Central Minority Welfare Minister (actually, Muslim Welfare Minister) and a great friend and sympathizer of Zakir Naik, K Rahaman Khan wrote a letter (FTS No. 3903 dt. 15/02/2013) to Manish Tewari, the then Central Minister of State of Information and Broadcasting Department for the fostering a care and protection of Zakir Naik and his institution from any ‘confrontation between communities’.



The leaked letter reads, “I enclose a letter dated 3rd December, 2012 from Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai seeking protection from a campaign by Sudarshan TV and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti to allegedly defame Dr. Zakir Naik, a renowned Islamic Scholar and President, Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai. To support the contention the Foundation has also sent a pack of 2 cd’s enclosed along with this letter.

As indicated in the letter, the above mentioned news agencies have seemingly restored to project as a sympathizer of terrorism for vested interests. I would, therefore, request you to kindly look into the matter in order to prevent any confrontation between communities and flaring up communal sentiments”.

From the leaked letter, it is now clear that the Islamic operators within Congress wanted to promote Zakir Naik as ‘a renowned Islamic Scholar‘ who is now established as ‘a teacher of Jihadi terrorists‘. Not only that, without going through a probe for the serious allegation like ‘terrorism for vested interest’, at least two Central Ministers then were seemingly engaged themselves for the protection of Zakir Naik and his Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) from the spate of any “communities and flaring up communal sentiments”.

So, it is clear how Congress elevated Zakir Naik and his Peace TV and IRF etc as scholastic endeavours for a Religion of Peace in the forms of Islamic State, Lashker-e-Toiba, Ansharullah Bangla, JMB, Tawhids and Talibans as manifested in the various Jihadi artworks in battlegrounds of Syria, Palestine, Twin towers, New York subway, Mumbai CST, Mumbai Suburban Railway chains, Glasgow Airport, Madrid Rly Station, Charlie Hebdo Office, Bataclan theatre, Holey Artisan Bakery and unaccountable places in this world on which they want to shower the Islamic peace.

Now it is clear about the Congressi role for the rise of a Zakir Jihadi Naik, now under a probe in Bangladesh for his alleged inspiration for the terrorists performed a Jihad (holy war) in Holey Artisan Bakery on Friday July 1st. But, what is the role of BJP Govts. in Central and Maharashtra for the restrainment of a Zakir Naik in reality?

In these two years, the Modi Govt. did not care the spreading of Jihad mindset for the Muslim youths in Kashmir, Kerala or elsewhere in the Indian soil under the flagship of Islamic State, so inspired by the same Zakir Naik!

While Bangladesh Govt. banned the Peace TV and IRF there and freezed the concerned facebook pages and twitter handles of Naik, PM Modi could not dare to do so!!

Moreover, Naik was allowed to conduct a Skype press conference at Mumbai from South Africa. But, that is now cancelled at last minute for the apprehending agitations from Shiv Sena, HJS, Sudarshan Vahini, Hindu Mahasabha, Hindu Astwitva Paksha (Hindu Existence Forum) etc.

BJP must take stern steps against a subversive Zakir Jihadi Naik to prove it is really a ‘Party with Difference’ and not a ‘Second Congress’ at all.


One comment on “The role of Congress for the rise of Zakir Naik is established, but what is BJP doing?

  1. Hirak Nag
    July 14, 2016

    What worries me more is the failure of the elected home bodies who have failed to ‘get into the crowd’ and control the killing ! Do they only mix with the crowd during election time ? This is a dangerous evidence especially in our sensitive border state. Depending only on the Security Forces (ARMY) is untenable. This aspect needs to be seriously thought of, but a solution is difficult.—–Hirak.


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