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Zakir Naik will not return to India this year. He may settle final exile in Arab land like MF Hussain.

The Flames and Fumes

Won’t return to India this year, Skypes Zakir Naik from Saudi.

Zakir Jihadi Naik starts a fugitive life. He will see a same fate like another Cultural Jihadi Maqbul Fida Hussain.  

Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | July 15, 2016:: After he was denied in Mumbai for a Skype press conference on Thursday on 14th, Zakir Jihadi Naik had managed to hold it at New Delhi on Friday in 15th.

With the heaps of controversies mounted upon him, Islamic preacher Zakir Naik on Friday said he won’t return to India this year, while rejecting allegations that his sermons had “inspired” terror activity.

Addressing the media over Skype from Saudi Arabia, Naik, who’s facing heat over charges that he inspired some of the Dhaka café attackers, said he was not approached by any government authorities so far and reiterated that he would cooperate with security agencies if approached.

“I am willing to co-operate with any probe agency if they approach me. So far, no government authority has  approached me or my office,” he added.

While condemning all terror attacks, Naik dubbed himself as “a messenger of peace”. He even condemned the terrorist attack in Nice in France where a man driving a truck ploughed through a crowd, killing at least 84. But, he never condemned the ISIS or Lashkar or any groups supporting Wahabism who actually turned this world as a killing field of Islam by a barbaric means of bloody Jihad.

Actually, Zakir is now facing the heat of anti-Islamic wave due to the manifestation of various  radicalism in it. A section of non-Wahhabi sects in Islam outrightly rejected Zakir Naik. Not only that both of Muslims and Hindu groups declared bounty on Zakir as they felt their loss due to Zakir’s preaching and activities in India and abroad.

While a Shia group named Hussaini Tigers announces Rs 15 lakh bounty on preacher Zakir Naik’s head, another Rs 50 lakh bounty was declared by  a former VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi to kill Zakir Naik following a rule ‘ no tolerance to intolerance and terrorism’.

Though there is no lead to killing of anybody against such bounties declared several times in India on record, all these play an indicator for the public retaliation against any act of terror or perpetration causing a huge loss of lives or creating animosity in public life.

But, such threats cannot be denied from any assault or public retaliation in reality. Zakir Naik simply fears of these situation.

Such a retaliation arose when a fanatic Muslim painter in India named Maqbul Fida Hussain started painting of nude pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses indicating their untrue incest and perverted sexualality. Even that Mad Man painted Bharat Mata (Mother India) in nudity. Maqbul painted many nude pictures of Hindu deities and personalities but he never disrobed any Muslim personality anyway.

As majority public in India appeared in a big protest opposing the ill mentality of the painter in the name of freedom of expression and many Hindu organizations started protest to his painting exhibitions one after another, Maqbul was compelled to leave India in 2006 and conferred a citizenship of Qatar in 2010 where he died on June 2011.

Now, the ‘Maqbul fate’ is also waiting for Zakir Naik. Along with promoting the Jihadi terrorism, Zakir Naik time and again tried to humiliate Hindu God and Goddesses and saints. For this reasons Hindus and peace loving people in India can’t tolerate zakir Naik.

Though Zakir Naik declared that he will not return India in this year, he may not get the chance to return India any further.

The public and the law enforcement both are ready to slap Zakir Naik heavily if he returns to India. But, that scope is remote.

As per Rujhan Daruwalla, the expert Astro seer, Zakir Naik and His agencies have to face most difficult times in next six months. Zakir Naik will suffer serious health hazards this time with insomnia and angina. In this critical period  Zakir may lost his life through a ghastly road accident of a plane crash.



One comment on “Zakir Naik will not return to India this year. He may settle final exile in Arab land like MF Hussain.

  1. rdeshpandedrvrao
    July 16, 2016

    Well the astrological predictions about the future fate of Zakir Naik are the direct results of his hate speeches against Hinduism.God is impartial in His judgements.Zakir has no face to visit India. Let him be in Arab country only.


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