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Modi will face a fate of Vajpayee if betraying Hindus, No RSS can save him: Cow vigilantes.

Made for each other…

Maintaining Monopoly in Hindu Politics and Org….

We are just with PM Modi: RSS tells Parivar.

Made for each otherSangeeta Some | HENB | New Delhi | Aug 9, 2016:: Once again it is proved that RSS is in politics, it is more directed though they don’t claim any direct involvement. They once again support the Modi line ranging from ‘Fake cow protectors’ to the ‘Attacks on Dalits’. In such a way RSS endorsed the BJP’s party line to divide the strength of Gaurakshak (cow protectors) force levelling ‘real’  and ‘fake’. Not only that RSS acknowledged the two-three starry attacks (very few in numbers in comparison to the high numbers of attacks on Hindu activists by the political goons and the Islamists) on Dalits including Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

But, this RSS-BJP combine never retaliated over the brutal murder of Prashant Poojari, a cow vigilante in Moodbidri in Karnataka on just after Muhammad Akhlaq was killed by a Hindu mob in Dadri for alleged slaughtering a calf in the village and cooking the same for a fest. However, the latest forensic reports says that the recovered meat from the Akhlaq’s fridge was beef.

The RSS-BJP combine never condemned the attacks on Hindu Temples in Bengal and Jharkhand in recent in national level, nor they even retaliated against the frequent rape, attack, abductions of Hindu girls as victims of  ‘Love Jihad’…. or attacks upon Hindu activists by political and Muslim goons in Bengal, Kerala and many southern states…. but, now they have jumped in the row of ‘Rudali’ for the dalits only to save each other.

Now, it is difficult to what is the face and which is a mask! But, it is not difficult enough to understand that RSS and BJP’s are policy of monopoly to destroy the strength of their counterparts in the field of Hindutva organisations and politics. This RSS wants to arrest the expansion of different Gauraksha Dals (Cow protection groups) and anti Love Jihad groups under the aegis of Hindu Mahasabha, Arya Samaj, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Sri Ram Sena, Sanatan Sanstha, Maharashtra Shiv Chatrapati Pratisthan etc. On the other hand, BJP wants to fracture the strength of Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, Akali Dal in Punjab and AGP in Assam, though the rise of BJP in these states was possible on the strength of the respective state parties. Moreover, two Hindu Mahasabha roots MP in Lok Sabha,  Yogi Adityanath and Sakshi Maharaj have been sidelined by the ‘secu’ elements in BJP.

Being afraid of the increase of various Hindu groups in local bases (mostly fringed and frustrated from RSS’s passive strategy and pro-secular steps taken by the world No.1 volunteers’ org.), RSS is exercising their political power through BJP to captur these small Hindu groups, as appeared in the daylight context so far.

The present strategy of RSS-BJP combine is obvious in swallowing all their counterparts to meet up its ‘Polyphagia’ syndrome. Actually, RSS-BJP combine is planning to increase their strength through making a new union of Cow protection group by giving its affiliation. Those will not bow down to RSS-BJP and will not give good fund to them, they will be branded as “fake cow protectors”. This is the hidden agenda of RSS-BJP combine.

RSS Press Notes

So, for the second time in as many days, RSS has condemned violence against Dalits by cow vigilante groups. The statement follows Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks against cow vigilantism this weekend, including that the majority of gau rakshaks were anti-social elements.

“Taking law into their own hands and mistreating people from their own samaaj (social group) is not only injustice but downright inhuman conduct,” RSS general secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi said in a statement on Monday.

He added that violence against Dalits needed to be condemned in the “strongest terms”. “We ask all sections of society to be wary of elements who are disturbing trust and amity. We expect the administration to ensure the punishment of individuals and groups who are making a mockery of the law.”

The demonstrative support from RSS for Modi’s comments was clearly intended to be a signal to the larger Sangh Parivar that the PM was not speaking at cross-purposes with the saffron fountainhead. The need for RSS’ statement became evident after some gau rakshak groups said they did not agree with the PM’s view.

Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) said on Sunday it was not in the line of fire, but maintained it would continue to work for cow protection and claimed they had been doing so for long. But the organisation seemed uncomfortable with Modi branding gau rakshaks as people doing “business” in the name of cow protection and saying they were in conflict with the law.

VHP, Hindu outfits condemn Modi remarks on gau rakshaks

A day after Modi repeated his condemnation of militant cow protection organisations or gau rakshaks and their attacks on Dalits, the fringe elements of the Sangh Parivar, namely the VHP, said cow protection had been an activity that it had been undertaking for a long time and that it would continue to do so.

“We will not like to comment on the issue [of violence against Dalits]. However, cow protection has been going on since long. We will continue to work for it,” VHP general secretary Dr Surendra Jain said. The Hindu Mahasabha reacted strongly to Mr. Modi’s words, terming him as “anti-Hindu.”

“Mr. Modi must apologise to Hindus, for terming 80 per cent of gau rakshaks as goondas. The BJP will see its support base shrinking in the next set of polls, after this anti-Hindu statement of the Prime Minister,” said Pawan Pandit, president of the Rashtriya Gau Raksha Dal.

The RSS however dismissed such statements, saying they were not part of the Sangh Parivar.

“At least it should be clear that we are not behind the attacks,” said a senior RSS office-bearer.

In a statement issued on Monday, the RSS endorsed Mr. Modi’s stand and said, “Taking the law in one’s own hands to harass Dalits is not only illegal, but also inhuman.”

RSS general secretary and second in command, Suresh “Bhaiyaji” Joshi said, “Several political parties and leaders of various castes are trying to create a situation of uncertainty through half baked information which is not conducive to social harmony.”


Modi will face a fate of Vajpayee if betraying Hindus: Satish Kumar, Chief,  Punjab Gau Raksha Dal.

‘No RSS can save Modi if Hindus deny Him’, says Satish Kumar, the Chief of Punjab Gau Raksha Dal.

Referring Vajpayee’s departure from politics Kumar said, “Modi will face a fate of Vajpayee if betraying Hindus”. Kumar also indicated that pressure was coming as the cow vigilantes were not ready to join RSS-BJP politics.

In a recent conversation with our HENB Patiala reporter, Kumar retaliated vehemently on Modi’s remark as 70-80% cow protectors were nighttime anti-socials.

“There are so many persons from Dalit community in the Gau Raksha Dal in Punjab and other state units. We work together for the protection of cows. There is no difference of Dalit or so called Upper caste befor the Mother Cow. But, cow milk is more important and required for the these economically backward people called ‘Dalit’ under bare humiliation. Milk is cheaper than meat. PM Modi must take initiative to provide at least 1 liter free milk for each and every financially backward family. But, PM Modi is trying to woo the meat-eaters and paving more slaughter of Cow progeny which will increase the price of milk and it will hamper the agriculture. This is a blatant betrayal to the public health and nutrition. Without shedding free tears for the Dalits, it is good to arrange free milk for them”, Satish Kumar categorically told HENB as a retaliation of Modi’s recent comments on cow vigilantes.

While asking the matter of attack on Dalits by some cow vigilantes, Satish Kumar told HENB, “A section of Hindu people traditionally engaged in the skinning of the dead cows. Thousand of dead cows are skinned everyday by those Hindu brothers, now called Dalit, without any problem in the length and breadth of country. Modi must see that how two or three incidents  came to the headlines of anti-Hindu newspaper to give a bad name of the cow protectors”.

Facing flak on ‘Gau Raksha’ comment by Modi, a Rajasthan Minister was seen to feed cows at a Cow Shelter in the state and now a more cautious PM Modi also sought help from the majority Cow protectors in a Hyderabad programme to expel the handful (mutthibhar) ‘fake cow protectors’ in question.



4 comments on “Modi will face a fate of Vajpayee if betraying Hindus, No RSS can save him: Cow vigilantes.

  1. ramkrishnagoel
    August 9, 2016

    I know my mother’s first roti was for cow. We used to keep two cows in a city like Muzaffar Nagar UP. My birth lace Mohalla was having only 10 houses. Three of Banyas anr rest of Brahamans. With more than 20 – 25 cows. Now not a Single cow in any house.
    Our business comminity used to collect money from farmers for Gaushals and Cow protections. Now Gaushala now.
    This is a condition of Duwab area of Saints. beween Ganga and Jumuna. Hardwar only 20 miles from Muzaffar Nagar. Where the Gaushalas know gone? Where to keep old and sick cows and cow progeny, till their natural death.


  2. kpp1991
    August 10, 2016

    Though I am a hard core Hindu and a hard core anti-beef eater, I beg to differ with the Author and the views expressed in this Article. The narrative, to me, appeared more emotional than logical. The intent and purpose of the Prime Minister making a Statement against the Gaurakshaks was truly a political master stroke keeping in mind the up coming UP elections. A reaction to this extent was carefully studied, envisaged and accepted upon by both the RSS and the BJP prior to this deliberate announcement by the Prime Minister. The Article also appears to own the voice of all Hindus and their sentiments as being hurt or attacked by the Prime Minister. I do not agree. I too am a hard core Hindu and I felt that the PM’s admonishing came at the right time when these vigilantes in the name of Gaurakshaks were creating more harm and uncertainty than the intended purpose. There are places where social harmony has been reduced as a result of such acts. Just as the Author has cited various examples of defiance, I too can list out several examples of unethical and illogical interference by fringe groups posing as caretakers of our Samaj, our Society. Sorry – I don’t buy it nor will I succumb to it.

    And all this lame threats that Modi will find his end like Vajpayee is all but rhetoric, immature and unfledged. It is the *HINDUS* that is being threatened here by such lame rhetoric. It is this very attitude of a historically *divided Hindus* that is bringing down the HINDU SAMAJ to its disastrous end. It is such antagonism that is dividing the Hindu Samaj further and further away from unity! It is the EGO of such elements within the HINDUS that is blatantly vitiating the pathetic plight of HINDUS and distancing them from becoming one UNIFIED BLOCK of Strength!

    For godsake, see reason and logic before giving into preposterous and biased opinions / decisions. You will only divide the Hindus further. Take a revisit to your own existence during the Congress regime. Where were any one of you other than being an unreckoned distraction hiding behind period vigilantism during the lengthy Congress reign! None of you had the clout or the means to arise during their regime. A Christian Lady at its helm with her shrewd political computations ensured that none other than herself had predominance over her – until Modi came to take over the reigns from an ageing Advani. During the Congress regime, all of the self proclaimed or otherwise vigilante groups were significantly nomadic ragamuffins that barely demanded the need of attention. Hence, now, to breathe life and unwisely threaten the very source of oxygen provided to these groups of Gaurakshaks is illogical in the least and foolish at the best. Envisaging the very existence of these groups during a future period of non Modi-BJP-RSS era would be farcical to say the least !

    My humble submission to these supposedly hurt groups of Gaurakshaks is to kindly divert their attention towards Unity & Integrity of HINDUS and assist to become a predominant and undefeatable force rather than bicker and banter with egoistic narcissism and hasten the already dwindling HINDU STRENGTH!!


    • Arindam
      August 10, 2016

      We need to tread carefully. The mainstream mass media is still in the hands of our enemies (the pseudo-seculars), who are more than keen to portray even the most innocent activity as something nefarious, in order to undermine both the government and Hindu society.

      That said, there’s no question of going soft on Muslim cow-smugglers: public opinion is sick to death with these Islamomaniacs, and will sympathize with whoever stands up to them, no matter what the media says. However, when dealing with Hindus or other non-Muslims, a much gentler and considerate approach is required. As Machiavelli noted, force is the means to deal with beasts, reason is the means to deal with men.

      Incidentally, I have written and submitted a paper to a contact of mine in the BJP concerning a national meat tax, something that is justified on both economic and health grounds. Hopefully, they’ll adopt it at some stage.


  3. kpp1991
    August 11, 2016

    I agree – the subject is a fine line to tread – with presstitutes and adversaries hurling ridicule at the establishment and the religion at any given opportunity. Having said that, I am not against GauRakshaks nor do I endorse killing and eating its meat. However, I would have appreciated a national movement that firmly castigated the likes of Zakir Naik, Abdul Nasser Madani, Akbaruddin Owaisi et al right at the beginning of their *Islamic India* campaign. I would have appreciated a movement against forcible conversion from its beginnings. Likewise, a movement against the bludgeoning Mosque culture (applies to Christian Churches too) would have found equally if not more grounds for support. When such activities have a “free for all” licence to thrive in India, my personal priority to oppose such wanton practices would take precedence over any other issue. No doubt, it has been the failure of successive governments to curb such social issues, including cow slaughter, for dirty vote bank politics. A dramatically changed mindset of the Hindus to boldly counter subjects that are contrary to our cultural heritage is something I look forward to.

    Meanwhile, I applaud your effort to highlight to the current Government the possibility of imposing a *Meat Tax* . Pray it reaches the right thinkers within the policy makers. It is a valid food for thought subject which they should not ignore. Turbulent it will be, but heck, worth a try.

    And I thank you for this extremely fruitful brainstorming. Namaskar!


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