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Why Zakir Naik got Rs 60 crore in last 3 years from abroad?

Centre tightens noose around ‘anti-Hindu’ and ‘Terror-teacher’ Dr. Zakir Jihadi Naik over foreign funding. Cops says, Zakir Naik got Rs 60 crore in 3 years from abroad. 

Dr Zakir Jihadi NaikSambit Jena | HENB | New Delhi | Aug 11, 2016:: The Home Ministry has initiated an inquiry against an NGO named Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) run by the controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik for alleged violation of Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Act.

The move comes a day after the Mumbai Police indicted Islamic preacher Naik for involvement in unlawful activities and possible terror links.

A standard questionnaire has been sent to Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) after preliminary inquiry found the NGO run by Naik allegedly received about Rs 15 crore during a five-year period preceding 2012.

The IRF has been asked to furnish details of its bank accounts, including the designated FCRA account, and amount of foreign contributions received and utilised by it since inception, official sources said.

The preliminary probe has found that most of IRF’s foreign funds came from the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and a few other Middle-East countries.

The Home Ministry probe will cover the allegations that foreign funding to IRF was used for political activities.

It will also look into allegation that the NGO’s funds were used to induce people towards converting to Islam and “attract” youths towards terror, the sources said.

Meanwhile, sources said, legal opinion tendered recently to the Home Ministry has favoured declaring IRF an “unlawful association” under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

The grounds for such a ban may include spreading hatred among religious communities and “forced conversions” by members.

Though IRF will be given a month to reply to the questionnaire, which seeks to know if NGOs are following FCRA rules, sources said, adding intelligence agencies have already pointed to a major violation by IRF as it is receiving and utilising funds for “religious and religion-linked” purposes despite being registered under “educational” purpose.

Sources said once the reply is received, a Home Ministry team will inspect the IRF’s accounts. A show-cause notice may be issued if the inspection confirms FCRA violations.

The Home Ministry will move for cancellation of IRF’s FCRA registration if the reply to the show-cause notice fails to satisfy it.

Any organisation declared as ‘unlawful’ is banned from recruiting members and faces closure of all its offices and interests across the country.

But at the outset in a latest revelation as published by TOI, Zakir Naik got Rs 60 crore in 3 years from abroad.

A total of Rs 60 crore was deposited in controversial televangelist Zakir Naik ‘s bank account in the last three years from three different countries, a Mumbai police probe has found. The money was transferred to five accounts belonging to Naik’s family members, a police officer who did not wish to be named said.

Police sources said they had probed the money angle and found details of all transactions. “We still don’t know what this money was meant for. We have done an inquiry and found the money trail. The money was transferred to family members’ accounts,” said the officer.

The account, the officer made clear, does not belong to Naik’s NGO Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) but is his own. Police are looking into the financial transactions of Naik and the IRF. However, they are yet to question IRF officials.

“We may question them about the source of income, the connection between the depositors and Naik,” said the officer to TOI reporter.

Interesting enough, while Naik allegedly received about Rs 15 crore during a five-year period preceding 2012, he got Rs 60 crore in last three years. It proves that maxium of foreign fund to Zakir Naik’s NGO came under PM Modi’s tenure, most probably to destabilized his Govt. through spreading communal disharmony, communal clashes and political backlash, as Modi is always treated as a Hindu poster boy in Indian politics.


__Input from Zee News and TNN.

2 comments on “Why Zakir Naik got Rs 60 crore in last 3 years from abroad?

  1. swathimahal
    August 11, 2016

    This Govt. with enormous powers to probe into the accounts of every suspicious recipient has obviously failed to track thus person until some eventuality has happened. Govt. resorts political gimmicks of toppling elected Govt. through appointed Governor’s and fleece the duly elected UT govt. with Lt Governor as a tool cannot foresee foreign inward remittance in such a huge quantum can be utilized for breeding terrorists from within the country. This Govt. is just a political player and not for the welfare of the people. They talk of congress muktha bharath but cannot ensure terrorist mukth bharath!!Will the Govt wake up at least now to enlist more such organization who are getting foreign funds to convert and terrorism the people of India.


  2. reddyrv393
    August 11, 2016

    All concerned must initiate proceedings and bring to book the “terrorist supporter / incentiviser” Zakir Naik . Until such time let the details perttainsing to the Hindu hater, Naik be kept on a low key or else the Muslim fundamentalists, supporting Zakir Naik ( Taslima Rahmani, OWAISI Brothers and AI MIM party bearers like Waris Pathan, W.Khan; All Indfia Muslim Personal Law Board , Qasim Rasool Ilyasi ( President of Welfare Party of India and father of the “Terrorist” student who was arrested for shouting Anti-National Slogans at Univ. of Hyderabad ), woulkd be given unnecessarty “ammunition” to fire and bark. LET THE INVESTIGATIONAL AGENCIES DO THE JOB, SPEEDILY.



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