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Madras HC bans camel slaughter in TN. GOI must ban gruesome nuisance of public slaughter.


Madras high court bans public slaughter of camel in TN. Why there is no ban of public slaughter of cow  and other animals all over India? 

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Chennai | Aug 18, 2016:: In a very significant win for ‘anti-animal-slaughter’ activists, the Madras high court on Thursday banned camel slaughter in Tamil Nadu through an interim order.

The first bench of Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice R Mahadevan banned the  ‘practice’, mainly by the Muslims in the name of Islam,  on a PIL filed by social activists to prevent public slaughter of camel brought to Tamil Nadu from far-flung states.  This order is passed for the Public Interest Litigation filed by Arun Prasanna, Founder of PFCI in 2015.

“We are thus of the view that the matter should be set down for final hearing. But in the meantime, in view of the stand of the central government and the provisions of the central Act, including Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, at present we cannot have a situation where such camel slaughtering is permitted, especially in the absence of any facility for it,” the bench said.

It then posted the matter to October 17 for further hearing. As the Eid-ul-Azha (Eid-ul-Adha/Bakar Id) this year in 2016 falls on 12th September, the TN Govt must take care of the Madras HC ruling on Thursday on banning Camel slaughter in public. The Muslims perform Halal and Qurbani in such a way in Eid-ul-Adha that cause the highest cruelty to the animals in the name of Islam. Every year good numbers of Camels are illegally brought to Tamil Nadu & slaughtered.

Though the cruel ‘Camel Slaughter’ was banned even earlier by the Madras HC in 2006, this gruesome religious practice was  somehow abetted by the law enforcement branches under the political will of Muslim appeasement. The TN Tawheed Jamaath has been opposing the ban on camel slaughter with some like minded Muslim organisation from the beginning.

People For Cattle In India – PFCI, TN Chapter and some other organisations like Bharathiya Prani Mithra Sangh, have been fighting for the cause of banning gruesome public slaughter of Camel and other animals.

Cruel animal slaughter in India.

The People For Cattle In India – PFCI points out that such public slaughtering cause, (i) Illegal trafficking of Camels violating Transportation Rule & PCA act, (ii) Environmental Threats & Epidemic Threat through Public Slaughter, (iii) Affecting Food Safety Standards & deteriorating Hygiene Issues etc.

In its  recent petition through Change Org, the PFCI appealed the Madras High Court, “we need to consider the plight of the Animal on humane grounds.  Since Camels are not a Natural Habitat of our State, few of them are made to walk all the way from desert regions of Rajasthan to Tamil Nadu; Due to the fact that the Camel feet are habituated only to walk on sand dunes & not rough roads they suffer immensely in such a long journey for months together. Also, they are agonized further by tying the Camel tightly to a rope and pulling it all the way mercilessly, in addition to not providing enough water & food (Given that the Camel is known for their survival without the same). Whereas, On the other hand ‘Slaughter’ & ‘Consumption’ of the Camel meat may not be doing much good for the Humans as well”.

The prominent animal lover and activists and several times central minister Maneka Gandhi also expressed her concern for the plights of ‘the sinking ship of the desert’.

The Central Govt of India must issue a strict ordinance for banning the nuisance of slaughter in public irrespective of religion.

__Agencies/PFCI/The Hindu.

2 comments on “Madras HC bans camel slaughter in TN. GOI must ban gruesome nuisance of public slaughter.

  1. Patricia von der Burg
    August 19, 2016

    Shame on the Muslims of your country!!!


    Kansas, North US.


  2. Padmaja P
    September 10, 2016

    these idiots should be slaughtered in the same way as they do…they are born with such genes !


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