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VHP blames Modi’s Mann ki Baat on hailing the Canonization of Teresa.

Modi under severe secular flu…. sometimes his delirium on cow vigilantes, sometimes on other Teresa. After trying to help the cow smugglers, he is now trying to promote conversion.

‘Teresa’s canonisation portends more conversions’. VHP blames Modi’s Mann ki Baat on hailing Canonization of Teresa.

Modi Mann ki Baat on Teresa.Samudra Gupta | HENB | New Delhi | Aug 28, 2016:: Teresa’s canonisation portends more conversions to Christianity, an issue that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should have considered before deciding to send a delegation to the Vatican, the VHP said on Sunday. As Modi condemned the cow vigilantes just weeks ago only to appease the Muslims and Dalits, now he took a chance to appease the Christians too. In other words, after trying to help the cow smugglers, he is now trying to promote conversion.

“The canonisation of Mother Teresa is an alarm bell that now there would be more conversions in India and more funds (for conversions) would be routed to India,” Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) International Joint General Secretary Surendra Jain said here.

He said granting of sainthood to a person based on miracles attributed to them was not “practical” in today’s times.

“Do you expect miracles to happen in this age,” he wondered.

This Mother Teresa could not heal the parkinson of the then pope John Paul II. Another fake Christian faith healer Dr Sebastian Martin died of diabetes.  But, such types of superstitious healing by the fake Christian faith healers would be promoted after Modi’s certification on the canonization of Teresa for her sainthood. This will be lead to more Christian conversion also. Modi has surrendered to Teresa as a tool of conversion.

Jain warned that with more conversions, there would be more unrest in the society.

He said Modi should have considered the issue before deciding to send an official Indian delegation to the canonisation ceremony at the Vatican.

“The issue of Mother Teresa’s services vis-a-vis religious conversions is not new. We have been raising it for years. I think the Prime Minister should have thought over it before he decided to send an official delegation to the Vatican,” Jain said.

An official Indian delegation led by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is scheduled to attend Mother Teresa’s canonisation ceremony at the Vatican on September 4.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio address paid tributes to the late Catholic nun for her services to the poor of India, saying that Indians should be proud that Mother Teresa is being officially declared a saint.

The nun founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation that runs hospices in India. She died in 1997.

Critics say that PM Modi is not turned as a patient of  severe secular flu. As a result, sometimes he goes in delirium on cow vigilantes, sometimes on other Teresa. 

Though RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat criticized Mother Teresa for her conversion ploy and  there are several revelations coming up about inhuman attitudes of Teresa only for exploiting the poor and distressed for conversion and all the fakeness about her, PM Modi stands on his truth about Teresa very peculiarly. Yes, it is Modi’s new way to treat the Hindus deplorable after winning with majority Hindu votes!

On 19th August, Upananda Brahmachari, Editor of Hindu Existence forwarded an appeal of some Hindu Citizens (thinks, writers, social activists etc.) for “Stop Sending GOI Representation at Mother Teresa’s Canonisation” to PM Modi (Acknowledgement:  PMOPG/E/2016/0301245) for proper action. The matter is not still disposed. But, with the latest Mann ki Baat, PM Modi hinted his mental make up for Mother Teresa.

Actually, PM Modi is helping the canonization of Mother Teresa that “would be to seal the lid on her problematic legacy, which includes forced conversion, questionable relations with dictators, gross mismanagement, and actually, pretty bad medical care. Worst of all, she was the quintessential white person expending her charity on the third world — the entire reason for her public image, and the source of immeasurable scarring to the postcolonial psyche of India and its diaspora.” It has been clarified in an article as “Mother Teresa Was No Saint” in Huffington Post. But, Modi  has hardly any time to get into these things. What does he think that is final!

Next, he may declare that there is no difference between Mother Teresa and Bharat Mata. Actually, this guy is always finding some new thing for his next speech.

__Input from IANS.

2 comments on “VHP blames Modi’s Mann ki Baat on hailing the Canonization of Teresa.

  1. sachchida nand chaturvedi
    August 29, 2016

    Modiji must remember that he reached the chair only by winning Hindu sentiment, now he cares not for it a little.


  2. DrRKDGoel
    August 29, 2016

    The VHP leaders of Vadodara, be ready for war with Pakistan. You peoples have enjoyed enough powers fro 07.10.2001 ; as if all the Saffron Workers of Vadodara become Chief Minister of Vadodara, The maximum harn was done by the most corrupt BJP Vadodra Mayor, Mr. SUNIL SOLAKI, AFTER DEMOLITION OF 2000 YEARS OLD HOLLY CHISTI DARGAH OF VADODARA ON 01.05.2006 DESPITE OBJECTIONS OF ALL BUREAUCRATS OF GUJARAT / NGO’S AND PUCL. HE HAS NOT LISTEN TO ANY ONE, BECAUSE HE CLAiMS A RSS WORKER OF Mr. NARENDRA MODIJI TIME OF VADODARA.=== READ MY FACE BOOK COMMENTS======
    Your memories on Facebook
    Drrkd, we care about you and the memories that you share here. We thought that you’d like to look back on this post from 2 years ago.
    Drrkd Goel
    29 August 2014 ·

    Now the Pakistan Started Proxy War with India. Pakistan knows well that they cant go for a full war with India as both are nuclear Powers The way the saffron Parivar is behaving in Hindu hub of Vadodara is not good for peaceful existence of All Communities.

    Mr.Naredra Modi should with iron hands stop the Vadodara VHP Cadres.Now the Islamic terrorists said that they will ruin the economy of India by sabotages in Financial hub cities of India. See how they said that Surat was on their target for a small nuclear blasts. ARE WE READY FOR THIS PROXY WAR BY PAKISTAN JIHADI’S IN INDIA? THEY APPOINTED SLEEPERS CELL IN INDIA THOSE WILL HELP PAKISTANI’S JIHAD’S INTERNALLY, IF WAR WILL BE THERE IN SHORT TIME.VHP CADRES SHOULD BE CAUTIOUS PLEASE TO FIGHT WITH PAKISTAN TERRORISTS IN INDIA / GUJARAT / VADODARA AND GO ON WAR FRONT TO GET RECRUITED IN Indian ARMY AS A WORRIERS THAN AS A TRADERS AND PEACE LOVING PEOPLES OF VADODARA /Gujarat.
    VHP members booked for wielding swords at golden jubilee celebrations
    The rally passed through communally sensitive areas with VHP members wielding swords and daggers.


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