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Kashmiri Hindus-Pandits-Buddhists all protest against govt for ignoring them.

Kashmiri Pandits holding a protest against the clashes at different places in the Valley, in Jammu on Thursday. File Photo: PTI

Kashmiri Pandits holding a protest against the clashes at different places in the Valley, in Jammu on Thursday. File Photo: PTI

For policy lapses BJP is worrying Pandits in Kashmir, Hindus in Jammu and Buddhists in Ladakh.

Kashmiri Pandits protest against govt for ignoring them.

PTI | Jammu | Sept 4, 2016:: Thousands of Kashmiri Hindu employees who migrated to Jammu following mob attacks on their transit colonies in Kashmir, today held a protest rally against the state and the Central governments for “not reaching out” to the community.

As their protest entered the 54th day, they wore black bands and took out a march demanding registration of FIR and compensation to affected employees besides a high-level dialogue with both the Central and the state governments.

“Both the governments are begging the separatists to hold talks with all-party delegation but they have failed to reach out to these Kashmiri pandit employees of Valley and not even a single minister or top officer has reached out to them,” chairman of All Party Migrant Coordination Coommittee(APMCC), Vinood Pandita said.

“Kashmiri pandits cannot be made sacrificial goat by the Central government. We will not tolerate any talks with separatists,” he added.

The Kashmiri pandit employees, who were working in various government departments under the Prime Minister’s rehabilitation package in the Valley, returned to Jammu after their transit camps were attacked by stone-pelting mobs in the wake of the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani on July 8.

The protesters demanded disbursement of their pending salaries, and forming of a comprehensive return and rehabilitation programme for entire Kashmiri Pandit community in the valley before their return resume duty.

“These employees have been sitting on protest for over 50 days. The governments are unmoved as if the Kashmiri pandit community does not exist,” said All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference President, Ravinder Raina.

“The Central and state governments failed to protect these Kashmiri pandit employees from mob attacks. They were forced to migrate from there. Instead of reaching out to them and give them confidence, they are left feeling unwanted,” he added.

Delink Jammu province from Kashmir: Jammu citizen Forum.

Pawan GuptaGreater Jammu Reporter |  Jammu |  Sept 3, 2016:: “Enough is enough. The people of Jammu province are not prepared to live the life of servitude even for a day. What they need at this critical juncture is a dispensation which is of their own and which is national in spirit. We want New Delhi to de-link Jammu province from Kashmir forthwith.” This was stated in a joint statement issued by various leaders from Jammu region besides KP leaders of the Valley. The signatories to the statement included Pawan Gupta, MLA, Udhampur, Prof Hari Om, convener Jammu for India, Rajiv Chuni, Chairman SOS, Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir, Rattan Singh Gill, advocate and activist, Dheeraj Pargal, Dr Agnishekhar and Ajatshatru Singh.

Asserting that they have their own political, social and economic aspirations, which cannot be met under the failed 70-year-old Kashmir-dominated dispensation, they outrightly rejected the demands of Kashmiri leaders ranging from autonomy to self-rule to azadi to merger with Pakistan to free economic zone to religious state. They said that they resolve to accomplish two goals namely separation from Kashmir and complete merger with India.

We seek de-linking of our province from Kashmir for three specific reasons, they said enumerating that one, Kashmir has been gripped by radicals who, in the words of PDP leader and MP Muzaffar Hussain Baig himself, are not fighting for autonomy or self-rule; they are fighting for a Muslim state. He has unambiguously and in so many words said that Vajpayee’s so-called “Insaniyat, Jamhooriyat and Kashmiriyat line will not work in Kashmir”; the Kashmiris this time are fighting for a state “which is their own”. We believe, we firmly believe that they are working for a Syria-like or Pakistan-like dispensation, they said.
“The conversion of Jammu and Kashmir into a religious state is utterly unacceptable to the people of Jammu province. This amounts to second communal partition of India and its dismemberment. We cannot allow ourselves to be submerged under the rising clamours of azadi, Musharraf formula and the non-existent Delhi Agreement. Nor will we allow the Kashmiri leaders to implement Dixon Plan or Chenab formula or Kathwari formula or the nasty report of interlocutors or the Working Groups’ reports.” the statement read.

Two, the existing politico-constitutional and administrative structure is unitary and Kashmir-centric. It is a structure that the Kashmiri leadership exploits to the hilt and on a daily basis to its own benefit and to the benefit of the Kashmiri people. It enables the Kashmiri leadership to take all policy decisions that are divisive and unsettling in spirit and consequently aimed at depriving Jammu and Ladakh and the minorities of their legitimate due share in the state’s political, economic and social processes.

Three, the policy of the Government of India towards Jammu and Kashmir is fatal to the vital interests of the nation, the people of Jammu province and the two million refugees from Pakistan, POJK and Kashmir Valley. Its policy is fundamentally flawed and it subverts all the cardinal principles of state, nation, sovereignty, borders, nationalism and patriotism. It is flawed because it considers Kashmir and Kashmiri people the sole factors in the state’s political situation

What is happening in the state is the fallout of its support to the competitive politics of secessionism and communalism that is being practiced by the so-called mainstream Kashmiri leadership. It is a policy that has put at stake the very survival and existence of Jammu province and six-million members of the minority communities as a result of which we repudiate it outright and urge the Union Government to de-link Jammu province from Kashmir without losing a moment and limit this Kashmir unrest to 6000 sq km Kashmir Valley, they said.

BJP supporter Ladakhis demand for UT, opposes statehood in Jammu.

Early Times Reporter |  Jammu |  Sept 3, 2016:: There is something fundamentally wrong with the BJP, which sought and got votes in the 2014 Lok Sabha and assembly elections in the name of Jammu and which is now showing thumb to them in its desperate bid to please its new political masters in Kashmir and remain in power at whatever cost, even at the cost of the national interest.

On the contrary, the BJP has an altogether different point of view as far as Ladakh is concerned, notwithstanding the fact that the BJP could not win a single assembly seat from the region.

That the BJP has dual approach and that the BJP has little or no regard for the sensitivities of the people of Jammu region could be seen from what its spokesperson Virendra Gupta said on Friday while expressing his views on the demand in Ladakh for Union Territory status and demand in Jammu for separate Jammu State.

Virendra Gupta, whose Jammu Mukti Morcha/Jammu State Morcha fought for statehood for Jammu for more than 25 years since March 2, 1990 in his own style, said the “Government of India was not against the Ladakh MP’s demand. “The BJP had won the Ladakh seat over the core issue of union territory status and it is a genuine demand,” he was quoted as saying.

BJP MP from Ladakh Thupstan Chhewang

BJP MP from Ladakh Thupstan Chhewang only on August 27 submitted memorandum to the Prime Minister, Home Minister, the Defence Minister and BJP national president Amit Shah and demanded secession of Ladakh from Kashmir on “security reasons”. His memorandum said that the grant of UT status, along with a separate legislative assembly, alone can safeguard the interests of the Ladakhis. The other organizations in Leh district have all supported the demand for UT status.

However, when it came to Jammu, Virendra was neither here nor there. He was just clueless and vague. He beat about the bush but made it a point that Jammu didn’t matter for the BJP.

“As far as Jammu is concerned, the Union Finance Minister had, during his two visits to Jammu, emphasized on the BJP cadre underlining development in Jammu,” he said, adding that “decentralization of power for Jammu was the primary concern and the Government of India should see into it”.

Not only this, he further reportedly said: “As far as the political structure is concerned, the NDA does not advocate separate statehood for Jammu.

What Virendra Gupta said was just meaningless. It meant nothing when he said, “decentralization of power for Jammu was the primary concern and the Government of India should see into it”.

That the BJP asked Virendra Gupta to oppose the statehood demand in Jammu was not without meaning.

The BJP wanted to tell the people of Jammu province that it had even made Virendra Gupta to fall in line and not speak a word that has the potential of annoying the Kashmiris and their leadership whose all political demands are outside the Indian Constitution.

All in all, it can be said that the BJP has sacrificed Jammu’s interests for petty power.

Courtesy : PTI//Greater Jammu//Early Times.


2 comments on “Kashmiri Hindus-Pandits-Buddhists all protest against govt for ignoring them.

  1. Dr. Gour Mohanty
    September 5, 2016

    Very Bad

    On 4 September 2016 at 23:46, Struggle for Hindu Existence wrote:

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  2. ramkrishnagoel
    September 7, 2016

    From 2004 all the Indian Political Leaders are fighting to become the Prime Minister of India. WHY?


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