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Govt. of India must issue an ordinance to ban cow and any slaughter in public.


Camel slaughter ban can’t be lifted, rules Madras HC. Then how can the million of cow slaughtering will be made in public during Bakrid?

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Sept 10, 2016::  The Madras high court order dated August 18 on banning Camel slaughter  in Tamil Nadu cannot be lifted, said the court on Friday rejecting a new public interest litigation that sought a direction to authorities to create slaughter facilities anyway in the state.

The court rejected the PIL a few days before the Muslim festival of Bakrid, during which camels are brutally slaughtered in some places in Tamil Nadu.

The court also directed the state government to ensure that its orders were not violated by the responsible local administration and police authority. Significantly, the court made it clear that the jurisdictional police officers would be held responsible if camels were brought to their areas and slaughtered.

Reiterating its prohibition order and pointing out that it was passed last month after hearing all stakeholders, the first bench of Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice R Mahadevan said it could not entertain petitions that sought to circumvent its earlier orders.

Earlier, counsel for Animal Welfare Board of India Jayesh Dolia referred to an article published in The Times of India on Friday about arrival of camels in north Chennai ahead of Bakrid, despite the court’s ban.

The cause of the case initiated by the The People For Cattle In India – PFCI. They pointed out that such public slaughtering cause, (i) Illegal trafficking of Camels violating Transportation Rule & PCA act, (ii) Environmental Threats & Epidemic Threat through Public Slaughter, (iii) Affecting Food Safety Standards & deteriorating Hygiene Issues etc.

PFCI appealed the Madras High Court, “we need to consider the plight of the Animal on humane grounds.  Since Camels are not a Natural Habitat of our State, few of them are made to walk all the way from desert regions of Rajasthan to Tamil Nadu; Due to the fact that the Camel feet are habituated only to walk on sand dunes & not rough roads they suffer immensely in such a long journey for months together. Also, they are agonized further by tying the Camel tightly to a rope and pulling it all the way mercilessly, in addition to not providing enough water & food (Given that the Camel is known for their survival without the same). Whereas, On the other hand ‘Slaughter’ & ‘Consumption’ of the Camel meat may not be doing much good for the Humans as well”.

Much of the violative points in the camel slaughter in Tamil Nadu are also applicable in case of cow slaughter including cow progeny during Bakrid in India. Moreover, it grossly affects the majority sentiment for cow-killings and endangers the agriculture, nature, milk-production, prosperity and humane attribute and compassion. Killing cattle or cows in the name of religion is no use of righteousness and it should be banned in public creating nuisance and brutality both.

In recent, a plea in SC against sacrificing animals on Bakr-Eid is pending. “Issue a writ, order or direction or declaration to the effect that the practice of sacrifice of animals on Bakr-i-Eid day is unconstitutional and same cannot be resorted to by any member of the public,” the petition said.

The PIL has made Ministries of Home Affairs, Law and Justice and Environment and Forest and Animal Welfare Board of India as parties.

“Tendency to sacrifice animals, even on roads and public places, are developing fast every year on Bakr-Eid in the most uncouth and inhuman manner and litres of blood is spread at public places affecting the sentiments of public at large,” the plea said.

The plea, filed through lawyer Vishnu Shankar Jain, has challenged the constitutional validity of Section 28 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act which exempts the killings under religious practices and reads: “Nothing contained in this Act shall render it an offence to kill any animal in a manner required by the religion of any community.”

Earlier, Hindu Think-tank Dr Subramanian Swamy appealed in a letter to the PM Modi to issue an ordinance to stop nationwide Cow killing violating the provision of Art. 48 of Indian constitution.


On 13th Sept, 2014, BJP stalwart and Hindu think tank Dr Swamy wrote  PM Modi and his party colleague, “I draw your kind attention to the speech you gave to the 4th Annual General Meeting of the Jain Traders’ Organisation as Gujarat CM on Oct 28, 2012 condemning the Union Govt (then UPA II) or promoting beef export and worse the Union Government providing subsidy even while levying duty on cotton export.  In your Lok Sabha speeches too you made fun on the then Union Government for wanting not a green revolution or a white revolution but to promote a “pink revolution, and vowed that you will enact a law banning cow slaughter”.

Dr Swamy urged further: “I also draw your attention to Article 48 of the Indian Constitution read with Article 37 (which mandates it as a principle of governance) enabling the prohibition of the slaughter of cows and other milch cattle”.

There are also a number of supreme Court Judgements which enable the Govt to immediately put a ban on slaughter of cows .

Still now, Modi and BJP are flouting their much lauded promises to ban ‘cow slaughter’ and ‘pink revolution’ in India.

As ‘Camel slaughter ban’ can’t be lifted as confirmed by a Madras HC’s ruling on some larger grounds, then how can the million of cow slaughtering will be made in public during Bakrid in Tamil Nadu or anywhere else in India?

PM Modi and Govt. of India should not play various tricks on cow slaughter and must issue an ordinance to ban any slaughter in public. A civil society cannot allow tide of blood in the roads and streets through a brutal festival of cattle killings in the name of any religion or faith. Stop the public show of gory animal torture and killing during coming Bakrid. Stop public slaughter of animals in the name of religion. That is right way to save the circumstances and and paving a good step to ban cow slaughter finally.


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