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After destroying Police Station, Jihadis of Dholahat are planning to slaughter the Hindus on Bakrid.


“After Qurbani of Cows on bakrid, we will make qurbani of Hindu people”……..

Jihadi Mob attacked Dholahat police station over a murder of local Muslim cattle trader. Islamic Riot and Revenge stranded the Hindu life of the locality. 1 dead and many injured in police firing and stone pelting.

Kalosona Roy | HENB | Dholahat (South 24 Pgs, WB) | Sept 11, 2016:: It’s a ditto repetition of of Kaliachak Police Station attack on January 3rd January 2016 by the Jihadi mob on the issue of defamation of Peadophile Mohammad. Almost in the same style of operation the violent Muslim Mob of Dhola locality (a highly Muslim majority area) attacked the Dhola PS, destroyed all the records, brunt three police vehicles and compelled the officials on duty to flee away for a long time. With added contingencies police started operation to disperse a mob of 3000 Allah-Quran-Muhammad followers. Within the clash several police official were injured and hospitalized and one Momin was shot dead by police firing as believed. Connecting a murder of a cattle trader on 04.09.2016, the Muslims of the locality was continuously trying to make a riot to fulfil their Jihadi appetite, but Police was inactive and only seeing the victimization of the Hindu people of the locality with a bare indulgence. But, at last the Jihadi Mob took on them at Dholahat PS on 11/09/2016 until the whole area was turned as a Dar-ul-Islam.

On Sept 4,  one Rauf  Molla of Dholahat was murdered at the side of Laxminarayan pur 3 km far from Ramchandra pur (Bhajna) village. Rauf was a cattle trader and his body was recovered from a ditch. Most probably he was killed for any business rifts. But, some muslim community leaders started suspect on  the Hindu people of Bhajna Ramchandrapur, Benepara, Mandirtala, Nischintapur and Jumai Laskar Bazar, as Rauf’s dead body was recovered near a Hindu populated area. Interestingly,  all these Muslim leaders are all in a Trinamool Congress fold and the Hindus of the locality are attached with either BJP or CPM supporters. So, murder of Rauf was used by the Muslim operators of TMC as a key to start a Jihadi torture upon the Hindu villagers as a situational advantage. 

Though the peace loving and law abiding  people of these Hindu villages were not involved in this murdered case nor any police investigation hinted as such anyway, Hindus of the locality were put in a Jihadi cauldron in a boil of Islamic hooliganism. The Muslim mob started invading the local Hindu houses, shops and women at random with police indulgence as there was a standing order of WB CM to handle the Muslim mob with a very soft manner. After several appeals the Police never went to see the Islamic torture upon Hindu villages at Bhajna Ramchandrapur, Benepara, Mandirtala, Nischintapur and Jumai Laskar Bazar area. Rather, police hackled so many Hindu youths in these villages and raided in their houses only to calm down the Muslim anger on Hindus momentarily. 

The muslim people near Laxminarayanpur and Shibnagar were giving a threatening for murder of the Hindus and destroy their business. Under this Islamic threat, male persons of those villages left the areas and compelled to stop domestic life and business. The Muslims enforced to close the shop of  Hindus of Bhajna Ramchandrapur and Benepara at Jumai Laskar Bazar on 06-09-2016. The Sundar Debsharma’s Shop, Kanai Mondal’s Shop & many Others were closed down. Moreover,  the muslim criminals and miscreants looted the Hindu shops of Bhajna Ramchandrapur on 08-09-2016. The muslim miscreants and their community were also giving a threatening that they would attack on 13th September, 2016 at all Hindu villages (Bhajna Ramchandrapur, Benepara, Mandirtala, Nischintapur and Jumai Laskar Bazar) with illegal arms at post Qurbani session on Bakrid day. They told, “After Qurbani of Cows on bakrid, we will make qurbani of Hindu people”. Hindus of the locality are totally unsafe at this stage and frightened ultimately. 

From some reliable sources it is that muslim criminal and miscreants from Mograhat, Diamond Harbour with illegal arms are now staying at Laxminarayanpur to make a success of their Jihadi plan on 13-09-2016 to attack on the Hindu villagers of Bhajna Ramchandrapur and others.

Hindu villagers of these villages were attacked several times on their way to market and home by some unscrupulous muslim perpetrators. But,  the Officer in Charge of Dholahat police station took no action after getting complaints by e-mail and telephone for handling the situation properly. 

But, the Dholahat Police Station(Land- 03174-232540 / Mobile. 98364-69801), SDPO Kakdwip (L- 03210-256535 / M. 98360-15155), SP South 24 Parganas (L- 033-2479-3333, Extn. 101 / M. 74070-06666), BDO Kulpi (L- 03174-266241 / M. 9434647274), SDO Diamond Harbour (L- 03174 255222/ M. 9434755222) and SDO Kakdwip (L- 03210 255200 / M. 9434033200) all were incapable to read the Jihadi wall writing clearly and  were too much busy with other business ignoring the increasing Islamic danger of the Dhola area. With this fatal ignorance about the consequences of Jihad, they committed many blunders to allow the perpetrators to attack Dhola Police Station by the Jihadi mob causing a death of one civilian and several injured police personnel on Sept 11, 2016.

“Supporters and family members of the Muslim businessman turned up at the police station demanding to know how the investigation had progressed. However, the discussion didn’t go well,” said a police officer. Other Muslim mob soon joined the group and started throwing stones at the police station, the police said. They also allegedly torched two police vehicles. The grills, gates, windowpanes, reception all were completely destroyed by the attacking Muslim mob. The police attempted to disperse the crowd by firing blanks in the air. But 1 shot dead.

High tension is prevailing in the area following the attack and Rapid Action Force (RAF) has been deployed to prevent any further untoward incident.

Trinamool Congress MLA Giasuddin Molla from Magrahat Paschim alleged that the incident was a “conspiracy by the SUCI and CPM”. CPM leader Sujan Chakraborty, meanwhile, claimed that it was yet another instance of the “deteriorating law and order condition in the state”. Later, state BJP president Dilip Ghosh tweeted: “I am really worried about the situation at Dhola Hat, South 24 Parganas. People are not safe and Police has failed to deliver their duty.”

An intercepted news from an intelligence source suggests that South 24 Parganas is in the list of top 5 districts in West Bengal which possesses highest illegal arms and ammunitions stored in the Muslim majority areas.

On Oct 24, 2011,  the nearby Kulpi Police station was also attacked by another 100% Jihadi mob only to snatch three Muslim brothers as detained by a police Inspector for the charge of robbing from Hindu houses.

The Muslim public in West Bengal has got sufficient training on how to attack Police stations and administrative offices to satiate their Jihadi aim. It’s not a matter of attack on Kulpi PS, Kaliachak PS or Dholahat PS, or whether it is in Left front of Trinamool regime, fact remain that West Bengal is speedily advancing to a Dar-ul-Islam. Land of Islam.

The WB CM Mamata Banerjee’s “Vishwa Bangla” is very much nearer to a “Islamic Bangla”.



12.09.2016:: The police arrested 49 individuals after a mob attacked the Dholahat police station at South 24 Parganas district. The mob had allegedly arrived at the station protesting the mysterious death of an affluent Muslim cattle trader. A  Muslim young man named Abdus Salam Laskar (28 yrs) died in the public-police clashes and that took place as believed in police firing on Sunday evening.

After intervention of Central Home Ministry for Dholahat police stn attack and the vulnerable condition of the nearby Hindu villagers,  EFR (Eastern Rifle Frontiers) were deployed in the Dholahat area to take control over the vitiated Jihadi situation.  The PS was attacked by local people on Sunday in connection with a Muslim cattle traders death on 4th September.

Section 144 of CrPC has been imposed in the disturbed locality of Dholahat and adjacent areas. The Govt. authority has decided to relax the Section 144 from 8 am to 12 Noon on 13/09/2016 to facilitate the Muslims for observing Bakrid in a very peaceful manner.


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