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Maharashtra housing society bars sale of flat to Muslim man.


“Living with conflicting people is impossible”…

Hindu Members of a Maha housing society bar sale of flat to Muslim man.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Mumbai | Sept 17, 2016:: Eleven residents of a Vasai housing society with 16 flats have objected to the sale of one of the flats to a Muslim family. At a meeting on September 4, the Hindu residents also passed a resolution to keep Muslims out of the building inhabited mostly by Gujarati-speaking residents.

Vasai is a historical suburban town north of Mumbai and it is located in Palghar district. It is a much modern part of Vasai Taluka. It is a part of the new Vasai-Virar City.

Two Muslim families who live in the society were away when the meeting was held. The Hindu residents of the housing society these two Muslim family members frequently try to put a quarrel with other non-Muslim members and perform many objectionable things beyond toleration.

The decision, supported by the majority of the members of Happy Jivan Co-operative Housing Society, was communicated through a letter to Kantaben Patel (55) and her son Jignesh Patel (32), who wished to sell their flat to Muslim glass merchant Vikarahmed Khan and his family. Signed by 11 members, the letter stated, “It is learnt that you intend to sell your flat to some Muslim guy. We feel that you should not do so…” The Patels were also advised to sell their flat to “any other person, preferably within our community”.

The Patels have now shot off letters to the sub-registrar of housing societies, as well as police with complaints about the society’s “high-handedness”. The Patels had finalised the sale of their 710 sqft first-floor flat to Khan (35), who has already paid a token sum of Rs 1 lakh. Khan had sought a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the society to apply for a loan. “We decided to sell our flat to Khan as he offered the price we quoted. Now the society is refusing to give an NOC,” Jignesh said.

The society’s secretary, Jeetendra Jain, told HENB that the decision to not allow Muslims was supported by the majority of the members. “The residents of the first floor, where the Patels stay, have an issue with non-Hindus. We will sort out the issue.”

The first floor of the society has five flats, all owned by vegetarian Gujarati families. A few residents said the families did not want non-vegetarians around.

Khan, who owns a glass showroom in Vasai, said he had faced such rejections before as well.

While asked, ‘why they are objecting a new Muslim resident in their housing society?’, Ramesh Patel (name changed), a veteran housing member told HENB, “We want to live in peace. We don’t want to spoil our peace and security with some people who don’t tolerate our culture and tradition. We are mostly vegetarian, but if our non-veg neighbours offer non-veg foods purposely to our vegetarian kids, how do you tolerate them? Even they tried killing animals in their festivals against our strong objections. Their food-habits and dress do not match with us and it badly affect on our young generation. They use burqa which seriously covers one’s identity that who is coming inside the society. Even they play loud adhan tune five times before performing Namaj and calls Imams from outside to give a religious temperament of their staying. All these are growing day by day and they sometime argue in favour of Pakistan and Kashmir freedom etc. They always say Islam is only good and others are very bad and subject to the curse of Allah. Living with conflicting people is quite impossible. In such a situation we have passed a resolution to avoid the inclusion of any news Muslim family in the society“.

Who will take the risk, if two or three Jihadi terrorists are invited in the society to stay and they are allowed to conduct another 26/11 in our locality“, said Ramesh in a very anxious mood.

Due to an upheaval of  communal difference, in many places of Mumbai, Hindu dominated housing societies are not allowing the Muslim residents there. Muslim dominated housing societies are also not allowing the non-Muslims there.


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