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NHRC must probe on the denial of Durgapuja at Kanglapahari village in WB.

Half-done idols lie at a temporary mud structure in the village of Kanglapahadi in West Bengal's Birbhum district.

Half-done idols lie at a temporary mud structure in the village of Kanglapahadi in West Bengal’s Birbhum district.

NHRC must start a suo motto investigation on the reports of India Today and Hindu Existence.

300 Hindu families unable to perform Durga puja in Bengal’s Kanglapahari village after opposition by 25 Muslim families.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Sept 25, 2016:: Not in Bangladesh or in Pakistan… It is in the land of West Bengal which was created for the Bengali Hindus at the time of partition for their protection from the Muslim dominance. It is an unthinkable situation of Muslim appeasement and repression of Hindus now in West Bengal many ways including snatching their rights of religion. It goes to the extent of stopping Bengali Hindu’s most important Durga Puja to their last rites in their desired cremation grounds so old over 200 years. Bengali Hindus are the victims of recurring riots in Bengal under TMC rule.

The Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and her party TMC (now most the Bengalis know it as Total Muslim Congress, not the Trinmool Congress) have been doing such nefarity to make a gain in their Muslim vote bank politics through humiliating Hindu people of Bengal violating various rights and reclaims.

Not a new thing yet, the India Today has published such a violation of religious rights of Hindus in Bengal by publishing this news as, “300 Hindu families unable to perform Durga puja in Bengal’s Kanglapahari village after opposition by 25 Muslim families.

Obviously, the India Today (IT) is not a paper of some Hinduwadi groups or of the BJP and RSS. Even then, the reporter Soudhriti Bhabani of IT writes on Sept 24, 2016 about the plight of the 300 Hindu families who are denied to perform their Durga Puja at Kanglapahari village in Birbhum district in the fourth consecutive years.

” It’s been the fourth consecutive year when 300-odd households in a village in West Bengal’s Birbhum district are running from pillar to post seeking permission from the district administration just to organise a Durga puja in their village.

In the past three years, they were denied a go-ahead by the local administration following objections by a few Muslim families in the village.

The incident came to light at Kanglapahari village under Nalhati police station in the district, a Hindu-dominated village located near Bengal-Jharkhand border under Rampurhat sub-division.

The organisers knocked the doors of the district administration and submitted their plea to the office of the district magistrate, police superintendent, sub-divisional officer (SDO) and sub-divisional police officer (SDPO) of Rampurhat and Block Development Officer (BDO) of Nalhati-I on September 1. But no response have come so far.


All the district administrative machinery repeatedly denied permission to the puja committee, Kanglapahari Durga Mandir Committee, following objections by about 25 Muslim families in the village. In the past three years, the local administration, panchayat and Nalhati police jointly prevented puja organisers from hosting the puja on the grounds of law and order issues.

“I don’t know about the matter. I have not received anything as of now. Once I get it, I will definitely consider the matter,” Birbhum SP N Sudheer Kumar told Mail Today on phone. The appeal was first submitted to the offices of the DM and SP on September 1 this year, and again followed up on September 23.

“On Friday too, we went to the SP and DM’s office to submit our second appeal. But there was no positive development,” said Chandan Sau of Kanglapahari Durga Mandir Committee. Sau said that since they have not been able to organise the annual festivity in their village, all women and children have to travel three to eight kilometres to celebrate the occasion in nearby villages.


“A piece of land has already been donated by a villager, Mohanlal Sau, to construct a mud temple in the village where the puja can be organised peacefully. We don’t have to erect any pandal (marquee) as we have put up a mud structure with whatever little amount we could manage. Like the last three years, this year too we started constructing the Durga idol, which is now lying half-done.


District officials are not responding as they don’t want to antagonise the Muslims,” Sau said. When quizzed, Birbhum DM P Mohangandhi tactfully sidestepped the question. He said: “The formal procedure is to submit the appeal to the SDO and he’s the person to issue the necessary permission depending on the law and order situation.

” Dhruba Saha, a local resident, who took up the matter with the local administration, said that a petition had also been filed in Calcutta High Court and there is a hearing on Monday. Sources in the district Trinamool Congress said that police and other district officials have already held meetings at all block levels and finalised on the number of pujas that will be held across Birbhum this year. Thus, there is no question of allowing any new puja anywhere in the district.”

The news above is not reported as first time ever. This Hindu Existence Site published the same news last year with documents on Oct 29, 2015. With a ground report from Nalhati, we revealed that “Police stopped Durga Puja in Hindu Majority Village in WB due to Muslim objection.”

We reported then, “In a village named Kangla Pahari under Nalhati PS in Birbhum district in West Bengal, the local Administration, Panchayat and Police have been jointly preventing a Sharodiya (Navaratrik) Durga Puja for consecutive three years, only to favour the objections of Muslims of the village.

This is happening not in a Muslim majority village, but obviously in a Hindu village where 300 stronghold Hindu families are being prevented their annual Durga puja rituals, the greatest festival of Bengali Hindus for years, but in a Mosque situated in the same village, Muslims usually perform Namaz after hooting the Adhan five times a day.”

We reproduced the  prayer for the permission of Durga Puja at Kanglapahari village and the police conclusion both in that report. Police took the same plea that they would not give any new permission of Puja in that area. But, in Birbhum and elsewhere in Bengal number Islamic congregations (Jalsa/Ejtema/Dastarbandi) are increasing (in most of the cases without any police permission) every where including the numbers of Mosques without any permission. This year the application dt. 01-09-2016 for Durga Puja made by Kanglapahari Durga Temple Committee is still pending in Nalhati PS. (see pic below).

Durgapuja Permission Application from Kanglapahari Puja Committee in this year 2016.

Durgapuja Permission Application from Kanglapahari Durga Mandir Committee in this year 2016.

In West Bengal, the manifold Hindu repression went beyond imagination where the rights of last rites of Hindus had also been ceased in many places including Arjunpur in Murshidabad. In our report we flashed the ground report that Hindus in Murshidabad are denied for last rites in a 200 yrs old Samshan (Burning Place) Ghat.

It was revealed in this site on July 30, 2014 that the Hindu villagers of Arjunpur and Nayansukh areas were forced to stop the use of an old crematory for Muslim objection and  pressurized to perform their last rites in a far place near Farakka barrage.

Not only that in all the Communal violence against Hindus started by the Quran followers and TMC supporters in Deganga, Canning, Usthi, Kaliganj, Kaliachak, Mandir BazarDhola and other places were the results of giving the freehands to the Muslim mob in some way unrestricted by the West Bengal Administration and Police. Side by side the Hindus of those locality were put in the fire of Islamic justifications and TMC-Jihadi juxtaposition!

West Bengal Hindus are being uprooted and unprivileged from their cultural and existential rights in many places unnoticed and unreported in an Islamic  atmosphere. But,  ban upon Kanglapahari Druga Puga is a glaring example of the reported one.

With this report, the persecuted Hindus are in an expectation that the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) must start a suo motto investigation on the reports of India Today and Hindu Existence, so that the Hindu villagers of Kanglapahari may perform the Durga Puja during 7th-11th October in this current year.


*Hindu Existence Forum is always ready to extend its cooperation for any probe by NHRC in concerned matters.

** The Editor of Hindu Existence can be reached at .

*** This report has been sent to All concerned including NHRC.

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