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‘If Govt and Police fail, allow arms to RSS workers to protect themselves’


Allow RSS workers to arm themselves, if Govt fails to protect them: Suresh Kumar, Ex Karnataka Minister and Senior BJP Leader. 

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Bangaluru | Oct 18, 2016:: Senior BJP leader and former Karnataka cabinet minister S Suresh Kumar on Monday said RSS workers should be allowed to arm themselves for their own protection.

Addressing a protest in Shivajinagar against the murder of RSS worker and local BJP leader Rudresh R by two bike-borne men of Jihadi nature, Suresh Kumar said if police and the state are unable to provide protection to RSS workers, they should be allowed to carry weapons.

“The murders of Kuttappa, Prasanth Poojari, K Raju and Rudresh R (all RSS root Hindutva workers) make it clear that police are not able to protect them. We have asked the police commissioner to give us weapons licences if they can’t protect our workers,” he elaborated later when asked to explain his remark. “We are not victims. We are warriors. We know how to protect ourselves!” said Kumar.

However, the RSS and other senior BJP leaders didn’t back Suresh Kumar’s statement apprehending a controversy on Suresh’s statement.

The former law minister said the government and police have been time and again failed to protect the RSS workers and the organisation is being repeatedly targeted. He alleged that the state police were under political pressure not to act against the culprits.

Senior BJP leader Shobha Karandlaje, who addressed the protest, alleged the killings are part of an anti-Hindu conspiracy hatched by crude Jihadi outfits and silently supported by the Congress Govt in Karnataka.

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Earlier, the former law minister told the protesters that a trend similar to that in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, where several RSS workers have been killed, is emerging in Karnataka. He demanded police should take measures to ensure that Karnataka doesn’t become another Kerala.

Though RSS is making a distance from Suresh Kumar’s statement and saying it could be his personal opinion, sources in the RSS said they have confidence in the police and judiciary and will continue to stage peaceful protests to get justice in the case of Rudresh’s murder. But, the youth wing of BJP and a part of RSS have welcomed the statement of Suresh and rejected the Gandhian policy to allow another face when slapped on the other.


People take out a procession with the body of slain RSS activist Rudresh in Shivajinagar in Bengaluru on Tuesday. Rudresh was hacked to death by two assailants on Sunday.

Asked about Suresh Kumar’s statement on arming RSS workers, former home minister R Ashoka and Lok Sabha member PC Mohan said that was their colleague’s personal opinion. The issue was neither discussed in party meetings nor is it party’s stand, they added.

Bengaluru is a city where the Jihadi penetration is high and well educated and rich Muslims are well connected with Jihadi activities in ground level and in cyber world.

Now, the Bengaluru Hindus are taking oath upon the blood of Hindu Martyr Rudresh R, “We will finish jihadi elements from Bengaluru. ‘शस्त्रमेव जयते’. The warrior spirit (Khshathra Teja) of Hindus  will win finally”.

It’s not a matter of the Bengaluru Hindus only, every Hindu has his/her rights of self defence and obviously possesses the right to survive from any attack when Govts fail. So, in these of days of Jihadi, Maoist and other militant attacks on Hindus time and again and in any places, Hindus deserve the rights of survival and self defence.

With the power of Shastras (Scriptures) i.e. Brahma Teja, we must procure also the power of Shashtra (Weapons) i.e Khshathra Teja. Though a balanced combination the devout Hindus have to crush the anti-Hindu and anti-Nationalist forces from this soil for ever.


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