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SL Muslims demand 12 yrs girls for marriage to produce more children for Population Jihad.


Pedophile Muslims in Sri Lanka demand Sharia Rights to marry minor girls to use them as production machine for population Jihad aspiring a majority over Sri Lankan Buddhist and Hindus.

Shailendran Muthuswamy | HENB | Colombo | Nov 3, 2016:: Large number of Muslim men and women (!) in Sri Lanka affiliated with a Wahhabist group – the Sri Lanka Thawheed Jama’ath (SLTJ) Organisation – took to the streets of Colombo to demand government officials keep intact their Islam-based custom and convention to marry minor girls even as young as 12.

The protests reported by the Daily Mirror were geared at tossing a new law that would raise the minimum legal age for Muslim girls in Sri Lanka to marry to 16. Currently, Muslim men, in accordance with Sharia teachings and beliefs, are allowed to marry Muslim girls once they reach the age of 12 – though non-Muslim girls in the state are not allowed legally to be married under the age of 16 years.

Sri Lanka authorities are simply trying to hold the Muslim community to the same law and standard as the non-Muslim community. The Sri Lankan government wants to obtain Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) for exports to the European Union, but cannot until the marriage reforms are made in the country.

But, protesting Muslim men prefer 12 as the ideal age of girls to marry,  not  too old 16, obviously to promote their ‘pedophile’ cult in Islam. Moreover, Muslims in Sri Lanka demand Sharia Rights to marry minor girls to use them as production machine for a population Jihad to get a Muslim majority over Sri Lankan Buddhist and Hindus.

Muslims in Sri Lanka is a highly increasing community by the dint of early marriage, polygamy and multiple children. As Sharia permits these, Muslims in Sri Lanka also demand these Sharia provisions to make a population Jihad in the country like same methods observed by the Sharia followers in almost all the corners of the globe. 

Muslim girls in Sri Lanka who are forced into marriage at a very young age often end up as child-bearing machines, giving birth to as many as six children in a short span of time. The demographics of the country have shifted accordingly. In Sri Lanka, the Muslim population has grown from 6 percent to 10 percent in the last two decades, at the same time Buddhists, Hindus and Christians have all seen declines in population.

Photographs of the recent protest scene included shots of banners and signs that read, as translated: “It is discrimination to take away the rights of minorities,” and “It is not practical to impose a minimum age for marriage,” and even, “Don’t mess around with Sharia law.”

But, what is strange that protest scenes divulged that many Muslim women in Burqa and Hijab participated in the rally holding the placards condemning the SL Govt’s move for GSP and advocated the marriage of Muslim girls on 12 yrs per Sharia! 

Buddhist and Hindus in SL should take this Islamic advances very seriously and must move together to pressurize the SL Govt to settle the age of marriage as 16 at least for the SL girls irrespective of caste, creed and religion as in the majority of countries of the world the marriageable age as a right is 18 for both boys and girls.

__input from Daily Mirror LK and Pamela Geller.

3 comments on “SL Muslims demand 12 yrs girls for marriage to produce more children for Population Jihad.

  1. Dipak
    November 5, 2016

    By increasing their numbers, Muslims in Sri Lanka will take over the country, and then get rid of democracy.
    In west Bengal, just after partition of the country, Muslim population was 12 percent. Now it is 27 percent. 63 percent in some districts.


  2. kumar
    November 5, 2016

    Not only in Sri Lanka Muslims are breading like pigs. They use our innocence to achieve their ulterior targets. Join operation is required.

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  3. skanda987
    November 5, 2016

    From the perspective of the universal Vedic dharma for the mankind there are three unrighteous demand or desires of Islam for producing children like pigs or rabbits.

    1. Translation of Bhagavad Gita 1.41 says:

    “An increase of unwanted population certainly causes hellish life both for the family and for those who destroy the family tradition. The ancestors of such corrupt families fall down, because the performances for offering them food and water are entirely stopped.”

    Unwanted child per Vedic dharma is one for which the parents cannot provide good care and education for living righteously. When children are produced just as means to do jihad against non-Muslims, or as suicide bombers, or for love jihad, then it is most sinful for the parents, and the non-Muslim society should take actions to keep Islam out of their country.

    2. If Muslim women are supporting production of children like pigs, then they are doing it against their own self interest because a) Islam does not give any freedom to women. Per Islam a woman cannot go to haven (perhaps because per Islam men go there whey they die doing jihad and enjoy sex with 72 virgins -hauries. So, the do not want to see Muslim women they enjoyment. Also, Muslims cut clitoris of their girls robbing of then sex enjoyment. So, the wise thing for Muslim women is to publicly and legally quit Islam. Also, a woman ruins her health and beauty when she produces a lot of children.

    3. Also, Islam is against democratic form of gov’t, and so it should not be given legal religion in non-Muslim countries.

    So, the Islam problem is not just with SL, but for all the non-Muslim countries of the world.

    For those who doubt if Vedic dharma is universal for mankind, they read Bhagavad Gita. They will find that the Vedic dharma does not talk about any one race, or people of one country, or color. Gita provides complete spiritual science, the a few yoga processes based on that science, the processes which help any human advance spiritually.

    The Hindus, at the same time, need to stop malpractice of dharma, the malpractices such as corruption, dowry, killing animals, oppressing any group of people, etc.

    jai sri Krishna!
    Vedic preacher and purohit


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