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At last Govt of India reacted over Attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina to be cautioned.


Attacks on Minority Hindus in Bangladesh: Sushma Swaraj asks Indian envoy to take up issue with Sheikh Hasina.

Atul Brahmachari | HENB | Dhaka | Nov 6, 2016:: : It’s a great relief that the neighbouring India at last broke its silence over the recurring attack on Hindu minorities in Bangladesh by Jihadi militants of various Islamist outfits along with the political loompens.  In the wake of fresh attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has directed the Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka to convey to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina India’s grave concern over safety and security of the community in that country.

“I have asked Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka to call on the Prime Minister and express our grave concern about the safety and well-being of the Hindus in Bangladesh,” Swaraj tweeted on Sunday.

Though India conveyed its concern over the situation of minorities under any repression in a very nonspecific way at the time PM Modi’s last visit in Bangladesh, this time Indian External Minister Sushma Swaraj kindly showed her greater concern over the recents attacks on Hindus very specifically after the Brahmanbaria mayhem. and related violences.

In fresh attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh, unidentified miscreants set ablaze houses of some of them and damaged two temples in central Brahmanbarhia district where several places of worship of the minority community were vandalised a few days.

Miscreants set fire at least six Hindu houses in a predawn attack yesterday in central Brahmanbarhia district’s Nasirnagar, the place where at least 15 temples and more than 20 houses were vandalised after a Facebook post deemed offensive to Islam sparked outrage in the country.

Police in overnight drives detained 33 persons for their alleged involvement in the synchronised attacks on Hindus in Brahmanbaria on October 30.

Earlier also, India had taken up with Bangladesh the issue of safety and security of the minorities. but not specifically.

Bangladesh’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) had said the attacks on several Hindu temples in Bangladesh were carried out under a well-orchestrated plan aimed at grabbing lands of the minority community.

As a matter of fact, Hindu Existence Forum and Upananda Brahmachari, the Editor of Hindu Existence tirelessly highlighted the matter of unbearable situation of minority Hindus under the attacks of Jihadi and different political groups in Bangladesh to the President of India, The Prime Minister of India and External Minister of India in all possible ways.

On Oct 30, 2016, HENB compelled to write, “This report has also been tweeted to great foreign minister of India Smt Sushma Swaraj, who frequently response her twitter admirers for many reasons ranging from trouble in gas connection to problem of any customer after  purchasing a refrigerator.

HENB knocked this lady iconic figure of BJP Sushma Swaraj many times about the dangerous plights of Bangladesh Hindus but failed to moved her even by a single word conveying sympathy for them.

This time we don’t know her feelings and action for the Brahmanbaria Hindus tormented in a Jihadi Mayhem.”

On Nov 5, 2016, we again wrote, “What is most embarrasing, the Indian Govt. headed by PM Modi, his External Minister Sushma Swaraj are both ignoring all these attacks on Bangladesh minority Hindus for an unknown reason!”

In  a recent facebook posting Brahmachari lamented, “She has time for Tamil Fishermen to take it with SL, She has Kolkata Girl’s issue abducted in Afghanistan, She has the issue of Indians in Iraq…. But why she has never an issue with tortured minority Hindus in Bangladesh!!! @ Sushma Swaraj” . Brahmachari also personally tweeted the matter to Swaraj. Both posting was done in Sunday at about 01.00 IST. One tweet was sent from the templetree handle also.


Within some hours, Swaraj tweeted, “I have asked Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka to call on the Prime Minister and express our grave concern about the safety and wellbeing of the Hindus in Bangladesh.


But, in this critical time of Bangladesh minorities, specially the Hindu minorities, these social media storming, discussions, instructions are not enough for the redressal of the unaccountable plights of the Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh.

It needs the personal intervention of Indian PM Narendra Modi and EAM Sushma Swaraj as the monitors and protectors of Bangladesh Hindus in a frame of International Law and Human Rights.

Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh desire and deserve this benevolent treatment from India both way for the existence of rapidly diminishing Hindus from the soil of Bangladesh.

__Input from PTI.

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