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Italian couple ties knot as per Hindu rituals on their 75th marriage anniversary in India.


Italian couple gets married as per Hindu rituals to remain together for at least the next seven cycles of birth and death.

Asha Shrivastava | HENB | Agra | Nov 12, 2016:: An old Italian couple instead of celebrating their 75th marriage anniversary in a lavish way of ‘eat drink and be merry’, finally decided to tie nuptial according to Hindu rituals in a remote village of Bateshwar in Agra.

Bateshwar is a village in Agra District, on the banks of the river Yamuna in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Bateshwar is in between Agra and Etawah and is appx 72 km from Agra ( one and half hrs journey). It is an important spiritual and cultural centre for Hindus and Jains. It is known for the 101 Shiv Temple Complex. The Italian couple chose Bateshwar as place to start a spiritual journey taking an oath as per Hindu marriage rituals.

Hailing from Bellocchi city in Italy, the couple, identified as Rosy and Amando, visited the village along with their 12 Italian friends and relatives. The couple tied knot and pledged to remain together for at least the next seven cycles of birth and death. After the marriage ceremony, the couple took a boat ride in the Yamuna river and expressed their sheer happiness of finally getting married as per Indian culture.

Hindu culture of India is being more popular in the Western world and many people of Christian faith are coming to the Hindu fold now a days as their best choice for getting mental peace and spiritual developments.

Read this news in Hindi: इटली जोड़े को भाई हिन्दू परंपरा, सात फेरे लेकर सात जन्म तक साथ रहने का किया वादा

__Input from ANI.

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