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Controversial Islamist Preacher Zakir Naik’s NGOs Banned For 5 Years.


GOI imposes ban on most anti-Hindu, anti-national and controversial preacher Zakir Naik’s NGOs including IRF.

Upendra Bharati | HENB | New Delhi | Nov 16, 2016:: At last controversial Islamist Preacher and infamous Televangelist Dr Zakir Naik’s NGO ‘Islamic Research Foundation’ has been banned for five years. The government has asked the law enforcing Agencies to maintain a strict surveillance on the activities of all establishments of the organisation connected with Naik, sources said.

The Government of India on Tuesday banned Islamic Research Foundation(IRF), the NGO of controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, as an ‘unlawful organisation’ for five years with immediate effect under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA).

After the ban imposed, the related websites of IRF and related agencies have been taken down from web viewing in India.

The so called ‘non-profit’ NGO was earlier placed under the “Prior permission category”, which stopped it from receiving foreign funds without getting nod from the Central government.

The strict decision was taken by the cabinet committee on security after Mr Naik was found to deliver provocative speeches.

Police have already been filed criminal cases against Zakir Naik for allegedly inciting young men — the action came after Bangladesh raised the issue with India following the terror attack on Dhaka’s Holey Artisan Cafe last July. Bangladesh had accused him of making speeches that could have incited some of the terrorists.

During investigations, it was also found that his foundation was accepting dubious funding which is used to make Peace TV – an arm of the IRF – to air provocative programmes.

Read also: Zakir Naik’s organisation IRF banned for 5 years (India Today).

But the non-profit’s registration under the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act was renewed inadvertently in September, which led to the suspension of a Joint Secretary and four other officials in the Home Ministry.

It was earlier reported that the government intended to ban IRF citing Naik’s “objectionable and subversive” speeches, the criminal cases filed against him and other members of IRF in Mumbai and Sindhudurg in Maharashtra and Kerala, as well as his “dubious” links with Peace TV that allegedly features “communal” and “pro-jihad” content as grounds for such a ban.

An ‘unlawful’ association is different from a ‘terrorist’ organisation listed under UAPA. The law defines ‘unlawful association’ as any organisation “which has for its object any activity that is punishable under Section 153A or 153B of IPC” – provisions dealing with threat to social and communal harmony.

Declaration of IRF as ‘unlawful’ under Section 3 of the UAPA will force closure of its offices and interests across the country.

There are FIRs against Naik and other IRF members under Section 153A and 153B of IPC in 2 police stations of Mumbai, 1 in Kerala and two in Sindhudurg. There are several of Naik’s speeches compiled by Intelligence Bureau (IB) including where he extolls Osama bin Laden, claiming that 80% of Indians had not been Hindus as Muslims could have converted them “if we wanted” by sword, justifies suicide bombings, claims Golden Temple may not be sacred as Mecca and makes objectionable comments against Hindu gods. Most of these speeches form the content on Peace TV, a part of which was put together by Mumbai-based Harmony Media Pvt Ltd that once had Naik and his wife as directors. Large money transfers have been detected from UK-based charity IRF International, run by Naik to Harmony Media.

Read also: Zakir Naik’s NGO Islamic Research Foundation banned for 5 years (Zee News).

As per the Cabinet note proposing action against IRF, which incorporated legal opinion favouring a ban on the NGO for disturbing communal harmony and attempting forced conversions, Zakir Naik has been promoting enmity between religious groups and inspiring Muslim youth in India and abroad to commit terrorist acts.

“Such divisive ideology is against India’s pluralistic and secular social fabric and it may be viewed as causing disaffection against India and thereby making it an unlawful activity,” states the draft Cabinet note accessed some media houses in India. “If urgent steps are not taken (to ban IRF), there is every possibility of more youth being motivated and radicalised to commit terrorist acts,” it warns.

Dr Zakir Naik believed as the most dangerous Indian propagator of Jihad, who is now said to be in Saudi Arabia, has refused to return to India this year.

Naik is infamous for his venomous speech against Hindus, Hindu deities and National anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ and National song ‘Vande Mataram’.

The Islamic orator is banned in the UK and Canada for his hate speech against other religions. He is among 16 banned Islamic scholars in Malaysia also.

Postscript (17.11.2016): But, why this ban only for 5 years? Yes, that should be clarified by the Govt of Narendra Modi who claims his strength from a 56 inches chest!

Actually, in an ill permissive society in India, we have permitted Islam to continue its injustice and nefarity abundantly.

Here in India, the Supreme Court of India holds the illegality to allow huge subsidy to Muslims for Haj tour. But, the apex court directs to diminish the same in a span of twenty years, stage by stage.

Here in India, the polity and judiciary both realise the danger of Shariah in the Indian society of a plural and democratic nature. But, here we allow the Shariah courts here and there.

Here in India, Govt says, ‘Zakir Naik extolled Osama Bin Laden’s views‘ even ‘proclaiming every Muslim should be a terrorist‘ and the perpetration was well done only to jeopardize the social texture in practice. But, Naik’s organisations are drawn under a ban only for five years!

This postscript has no intention to blame PM Modi, BJP, RSS or VHP anyway. But, it is to blame to Hindus in general here who do not possess the strength to combat the supporters of Zakir Naik or the Jihadis. Not even most of them do not  think about to retain it.

Not knowing these facts particularly, Alexander the Great exactly told his chief commander Seleucus once, “How strange this country Seleucus”, though otherwise.


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