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Hindu Janajagruti Samiti works for Dharma Jagaran in West Bengal.


Hindus should unite as ‘Hindus’ : Shri. Chittaranjan Sural, HJS.

Hindus must fight for Uniform Civil Code: Shri. Upananda Brahmachari.

HJS Media | Canning – South 24 Parganas (Bengal) | Nov 26, 2016:: Hindus are divided into caste, language, reservation and political parties. This country has majority population of Hindus but the number of Hindus, who work with unity for welfare of Hindus, is very less. Therefore, Hindus need to unite as Hindus for bringing improvement in their present condition. The above views were expressed by Shri. Chittaranjan Sural, the Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for East and North-East India while addressing ‘Gram-sabha’ at Palbadi village. Shri. Upanand Brahmachari, Editor of ‘HinduExistence’ news website, Shri. Vikarna Naskar, Founder of ‘Dharma Utthan Samiti’ and Shri. Dulal Sardar, a local ‘Hindutvavadi’ also addressed the ‘Gram-sabha’. The ‘sabha’ was attended by 200 local residents, with majority of local youth.

Shri. Pratap Hazra said in the beginning of the ‘Gram-sabha’ that the root cause of all problems in this country was lack of ‘Dharmashikshan’. We would have to impart ‘Dharmashikshan’ through the medium of temples. Hindus must build and maintain tempes as powerhouse and must protect temples with united strength.

Shri. Vikarn Naskar said, “When it is said that the one who doesn’t read ‘Namaz’ is a ‘kafir’ and should be killed; then, how can one follow the policy of ‘Sarva-Dharma-Samabhav’ (i.e. all religions are equal) with such people ? This policy of equality among religions is fake.” Uniting Hindus in all possible ways is the solution for the integrity and prosperity of this country.

Shri. Upanand Brahmachari said, “Today, whole country is following the path of progress but still, customs are followed under which divorce can become effective just by saying ‘talaq’ for 3 times. If a divorced Muslim couple wants to come back and stay together, the woman has to first marry someone else; stay with him for some time and only then she can divorce him and stay with her earlier husband which is called ‘nikah halala’. Will people following the customs like ‘halala’ be progressive ?” Condemning the All India Muslim Personal Law Board’s stand for Polygamy and Talaq, Brahmachari highly opposed the Shariah propaganda in India. He said everybody must support the cause of Uniform Civil Code as enshrined in the Art. 44 of Indian constitution. He also thanked the Union Govt of India for rigourous action against Zakir Naik and his Islamic Research Foundation.

Shri. Sumant Devanath of HJS said, “Present media show discriminatory news in their selfish interests; but we should keep our eyes and ears open to know the truth. We should also devote time for protection of nation and Dharma.”

Recently, Hindu Janajagruti Samity held its Dharmasikshan Varg and Gram Sabhas in Usthi, Canning, Shyambasurchak and Balagarh in West Bengal.


Shri. Upanand Brahmachari said in the beginning of his speech, “I pay obeisance to ‘ParatparGuru’ Dr. Jayant Athavale who has been showing the right direction of Sanatan Dharma in its highest perception according the path of Hindu Sant Parampara (tradition of Hindu Saints) .”

Devout local Hindus took active part in ‘Gramsabha’ held by HJS.


Shri. Chittaranjan Sural giving guidance, dignitaries are sitting next to him and local residents are listening attentively.

HJS Media | Usthi – South 24 Parganas (Bengal) | Nov 27, 2016:: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) had organized ‘Gram-sabha’ recently at Chausa near Diamond Harbour. Shri. Vikarna Naskar, the Founder of ‘Dharma Utthan Samiti’, Shri. Pratap Hazra, local ‘Hindutvavadi’; Shri. Chittaranjan Sural, the Coordinator of HJS for East and North-East India addressed the ‘gram-sabha’. About 150 devout local residents attended the ‘sabha’ along with their family members.

1. Shri. Pratap Hazra said in the beginning of the ‘sabha’ that presently, many problems were faced by people and they were trying different methods to eliminate those problems but they needed to realize that problems would not be eliminated without God’s help.

2. Shri. Naskar said, “Every Hindu must perform his duties as per four ‘Purusharthas’ explained in Dharma; only then, he would be able to move ahead for bringing improvement in the conditions.

3. Shri. Sural said, “ There are many problems affecting Hindus such as love jihad, land jihad, damaging of Deities’ idols; conversions, cow-slaughter, infiltration etc; but if we keep on harping on only problems, solutions cannot be found out. We have to unite and work for one goal. Problems are created in our coming together due to our ego, selfishness, greed etc and other people take its advantage; therefore, we have to first unite as followers of Hindu Dharma; for which we should try to learn what is Hindu Dharma and abide by Dharma.

4. Shri. Sural also explained to the participants about why and how we should chant names of ‘Kuldevata’ and Bhagavan Dattatreya.


1. All speakers gave emphasis on Dharma and Adhyatma (Spirituality) in their guidance.

2. Many ‘jidnyasus’ got their doubts related to spirituality, clarified from Shri. Sural after the ‘sabha’ by asking him questions.


Courtesy: HJS.

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