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Anti Hindu Pakistan-Chinese-Maoist-Islamist nexus unearthed in Kerala.


Thunderbolts encounter upon Maoists in Padukka forest range of Nilambur unearthed an Islamist-Naxalite-Chinese connection in Kerala.

B Upendran | HENB | Thrissur | Dec 7, 2016::  Police and Intelligence agencies have confirmed that the armament used by the Maoists who were slain in the Nilambur attack are the same as those being used by terrorists functioning in Kashmir. This is conclusive evidence to prove that Maoists procure armament from Kashmir terror modules and Pakistan.

Two top Maoist leaders including a woman were killed in a gunfight with the Thunderbolts+, the anti Maoist division of the Kerala Police in the Padukka forest range near Karulai in Nilambur Taluka (sub district) in Malappuram district in Kerala on last week in November.

It was reported earlier that Islamic terrorism has always been hand in glove with Left terror when it comes to activities of dread and separatism. The Pump Action Rifles recovered from the Maoists hideout in Karulayi forest of Nilambur confirm these facts. These rifles are used by Lashkar E Toiba against Indian Army and have the capacity to fire 12 bullets in a single shot. The investigative team has unearthed a huge cache of bullets that are used for the specific rifle, which is being manufactured in Pakistan. An investigation into how the rifles reached Maoist camp is currently underway.

Apart from armament, Pak manufactured counterfeit Indian currency has been discovered in the hideouts. This, however, could not get merged with the main stream currency circulation owing to the demonetization drive of the central government.

Intelligence agencies have revealed that the illegal smuggling of arms and armament are being done via the country’s Eastern border. The armament first reaches Nepal and Bangladesh. There the agents, including a section of villagers aid the transport of ammunition and weaponry, mostly via borders of West Bengal.  They then reach Naxal strongholds of Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh.

There is no doubt that the brainwave behind the unholy nexus forged between Jihadists and Naxals is ISI, the Pak based spy agency. According to Indian Intelligence, Chinese government has bestowed their silent blessings on the network.

It is also reported that the recovered documents with the slain Maoists including captured one reveal subversive planning including the planning of attacks on Hindus and Hindu temples to create tensions between the communities.


One comment on “Anti Hindu Pakistan-Chinese-Maoist-Islamist nexus unearthed in Kerala.

  1. Virendra
    December 9, 2016

    1. Everything is well known by common people – there r smuggling rackets of Bangladeshis specially on Eastern borders of India along with Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet , who have support of CPIM and TMC , these rackets smuggle drugs, arms , fake currency into India . The smuggled articles through Bangladesh reach Kolkata and r then transported to Orisa , Andhra, Kerala usually through rail containers , which r usually operated by some private companies , these containers are never checked by railway authorities and never has to pass through any check post is sales tax or state border post.

    2. If anyone remembers a transport company in Chennai was raided long back , I don’t remember the year or date exactly , but I remember a transport company was raided in Chennai around Anna nagar for arms transportation.. but after that no further investigation or action was done . All this happens during to the corrupt politicians across all political parties and corrupt government officials


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