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Why this silence on HR Day even seeing gross violations on Hindus in Pak, BD, SL and elsewhere?


Human Rights does not exclude the Hindu Rights anyway. Be vocal for Rights violations of Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and many places on Human Rights Day.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Dec 10, 2016:: Human Rights Day observation every year on 10 December commemorates the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1950, the Assembly passed resolution 423 (V), inviting all States and interested organizations to observe 10 December of each year as Human Rights Day.

International Human Rights Day is celebrated on December 10 every year all over the world including India. While the day is also ‘observed’ in India, it seems to be a mockery of human rights as we never express our solidarity with the heavily persecuted Hindu minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Pakistan Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have been declared as most dangerous places in the world for women, journalists, indigenous people, minorities, rights activists and free thinkers. Those who raise their voice for human rights also come under high risk and have been assassinated countless times in these country’s history. Keeping in view the current situation of human rights in our neighbouring countries, it is suggest that to observe a single day will not work; effort should be made throughout the year because the majority of our neighboring countries (i.e Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh and Buddhist in Sri Lanka) tend to forget the important pillar of human rights, which is an essential characteristic of a strong society based upon mutual understanding and respectful collaborations.

It’s an irony that the Human Rights Organisations and the iconic figures here never express their concerns about huge persecutions and rights violations of vulnerable Hindu, Buddhist, Christians and other minorities in Bangladesh and Pakistan by the culpable Muslim majority people there.  Even there is no rising voice in India to condemn the Tamil-Hindu genocides in Sri Lanka by the Buddha Shasana there. The HR Day observations in India fail to address to the Rights violations in its neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka, but sometimes it is  seen that they are crying for Palestine, Vietnam, Ethiopia or Cuba.

On May 17, 2004, Frank Joseph Pallone, Jr, the U.S. Representative from New Jersey spoke in the US Congress+ that, “Hindus have been a disappearing minority in Bangladesh at the hands of Bangladeshi forces that have employed human rights abuses, atrocities, and ethno-religious cleansing tools. In 1941, Hindus comprised 28 percent of the population; but by 1991, the Hindu population dwindled to a meager 8 percent. A large part of this decrease in the Hindu population can be attributed to the 1971 genocide by the then-Muslim East Pakistan Party, whereby 2.5 million Hindus were murdered and 10 million Hindus fled to India as refugees”.

But, never in Indian parliament the matter of Hindu-Buddhist persecution was discussed nor resolved any all party decision to protect the rights of vulnerable Hindu minorities and others in Bangladesh. The Rights activists in India always thought the Islamic persecution on Hindus is just a common phenomena and it does not violate any parameters of rights or provisions natural justice!

In Pakistan, the Hindu and Christian minorities are dangerously attacked and uprooted from the soil of an Islamic land. The Hindu Tamils in Sri Lanka and Hindu-Sikh people in Afghanistan are also heavily persecuted and denied from their Human rights.

In its report entitled as “Hindus in South Asia & The Diaspora: A Survey of Human Rights, 2014-2015”+, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) flashes that, “The human rights of Hindu citizens are consistently violated in nine countries and one state in India where Hindus constitute a minority: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bhutan, the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Saudi Arabia, and Trinidad and Tobago. This report documents the ongoing violations of human rights in these countries, as well as those of specific refugee populations.”

The report includes the most deplorable condition of Hindus as, “Hindu minorities living in countries throughout South Asia and other parts of the world are subject to varying degrees of legal and institutional discrimination, restrictions on their religious freedom, social prejudice, violence, social persecution, and economic and political marginalization. Hindu women are especially vulnerable and face kidnappings and forced conversions in countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan. In several countries where Hindus are minorities, non-state actors advance a discriminatory and exclusivist agenda, often with the tacit or explicit support of the state”.

But, the Indian politics of Muslim appeasement and Arab oil-money fed Human Rights activists and the paid Jours never take the issue of Human Rights violation through the barbaric attacks on Hindus-Sikhs-Buddhists in Pakistan-Bangladesh-Afghanistan or attacks on Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka.

The top ideologues and spokespersons in Sangh Parivar usually observe a ‘moun vrat’ (keeping silence) on Human Rights Day on 10th Dec to prove they are the friends of Modi Sarkar in Delhi without creating any disturbance by rising any voice against the Human Rights violation in Pakistan, bangladesh or Sri Lanka.

Hindus are being marginalised in various countries and put in an alarming situations+ in Pakistan (1.65%), Bangladesh (8.23%), Sri Lanka (12.6%), Malaysia (6.30%), Afghanistan (0.40%) and many other places. If, Hindus of India do not take a little concern of them, the violations upon Hindus in different countries will increase.

The attacks on minority Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Fiji, Saudi Arabia, and Trinidad and Tobago by the majority non-Hindu people in the respective countries are nothing but the Human Rights Violation.

Everywhere in the violation zones Hindus are the victim of communal and political attacks, land grabbing, wage discrepancy, religious and social injustice, forced conversion, rape, molestation, murder, extrusion, police threats, ethnic cleansing, genocide and what not?

On this Human Rights Day on 10th Dec, Hindus must be vocal for their rights to survive with dignity, security and prosperity.

Human Rights does not exclude the Hindu Rights anyway. We must say it clearly in this Human Rights Day today.


Courtesy: HAF documents.

3 comments on “Why this silence on HR Day even seeing gross violations on Hindus in Pak, BD, SL and elsewhere?

  1. Atiar Rahman
    December 17, 2016

    Muslims are far far more persecuted religious community than theHindu.


    • soumipta mondal
      December 17, 2016

      That is muslims fault. They only use to do nuisance wherever they go and use to dirt the good society.


    • Arindam
      December 19, 2016

      Far from being hapless victims, Muslims are primarily unrelenting persecutors, and have been throughout their history. To obtain some idea of the scale of Islamic oppression and genocide, one should watch Bill Warner’s classic lecture on ‘Why We Are Afraid: A 1400 Year Secret.


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