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Pakistan is promoting Hindu-Muslim religious conflicts to spread Jihadi terrorism in India .

Pakistan is trying to divide India on religious lines, but it will split in 10 parts: Rajnath Singh.

Addressing a rally in Jammu’s Kathua region, Singh said, Pakistan has already been split into two parts and if it will not mend its ways it will soon split into ten parts.

Union home minister Rajnath Singh addresses during a function to honour the families of martyrs of security forces at Kathua, 80 km from Jammu on Sunday. Photo: PTI.

Union home minister Rajnath Singh addresses during a function to honour the families of martyrs of security forces at Kathua, 80 km from Jammu on Sunday. Photo: PTI.

Susmita kaul | HENB | Kathua (J&K) | Dec 11, 2016:: Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh today accused Pakistan of “conspiring” to divide India on “religious lines” but said it will not succeed.

“Pakistan is conspiring to divide India on religious lines but it will not succeed. We were divided in 1947 on religious basis. We have not been able to forget that… All Indians are brothers, whether they are born from the womb of a Hindu mother or a Muslim mother,” he said addressing a Martyrs’ Day function in Kathua district.

Mr. Singh said nowhere in the world 72 sects of Islam live together peacefully. But, India is the only country where all the Muslims live together with peace and prosperity.

He said that as the Home Minister of the country, he wanted to make it clear that India is committed to taking along everybody and moving ahead on the path of development.

He also offered India’s cooperation to Pakistan to eradicate the menace of terrorism from its soil.

“If Pakistan is serious about eradicating terrorism but is incapable of doing that and wants cooperation, we are ready to help it eradicate terrorism from there,” the minister said.

He said, “We want to live in peace with Pakistan but it has indulged in sponsoring a proxy war against India.

Every Prime Minister of India wanted to mend relations with Pakistan but it did not understand the language of peace and attacked India four times. But our brave soldiers gave them a befitting reply.”

After repeated defeats, Pakistan has understood that it cannot defeat India in wars so it has resorted to sponsoring proxy war, he said, adding that “terrorism is the weapon of weak and not the brave“.


Reminding Pakistan of its defeat in previous wars with India, Singh said,” They have attacked us four times and lost always. They have realised that they cannot defeat us and that is why they are indulging in terror activities. Pakistan should understand that terrorism is not the weapon of brave, but of cowards.”

Talking about the repeated violation of ceasefire by Pakistani forces, the home minister mentioned that even after the Kargil war “then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee extended hand of friendship towards Pakistan. But they chose to violate ceasefire. Our forces will not fire first, but they will respond when provoked.”

Singh also said, Pakistan has already been split into two parts and if it will not mend its ways it will soon be split into ten parts for its default Jihadi Terrorism.

Mr. Singh said that while the entire world was concerned about the spread of ISIS, the terrorist organisation has failed to spread its roots in India.

The home minister  also reviewed the security situation of the state, particularly along the Line of Control and International Border.

__Input from PTI & Agencies.

2 comments on “Pakistan is promoting Hindu-Muslim religious conflicts to spread Jihadi terrorism in India .

  1. ramkrishnagoel
    December 11, 2016

    Dear Mr. Rajnathji == What` you was doing from 2002 of Gujarat riots against Muslims started from Vadodara on 27.02.2002.?
    Read my letters to you in 2013 / 2014 again attached below: –

    Demolition drive: At VMC, united they stand

    Ayesha Khan

    Vadodara, April 24: IT would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago to consider removing religious shrines which started mushrooming on roads at various places in Gujarat. But this is precisely what is happening in Vadodara, that too backed by political consensus and a predominantly BJP board
    At Vadodara Municipal Corporation’s (VMC) general board meeting on Monday, councillors cutting across party lines thumped their desks in support of Mayor Sunil Solanki’s ongoing drive to remove encroachments, including religious structures on city roads.
    Their attitude was in a marked contrast to that of Rajkot’s BJP councillors, who assaulted the city’s municipal commissioner last week for the demolition of a small Hanuman deri on civic land.
    For the last one month, a cautious elected body and a non-committal administration have been able to go ahead with the exercise, though detractors have tried to lend a communal colour to the peaceful operations. Solanki had received an anonymous phone call, threatening him if Muslim structures were touched. The Vadodara VHP unit, in an open letter to officials, had taunted that no action was being taken against Muslim structures or in predominantly Muslim areas. Worse still, an attempt was made to give a communal colour to the removal of unauthorised structures around a dargah on Rajmahal Road.
    But an impartial exercise has won the mayor the vocal support of his fellow BJP councillors and also Congress councillors.
    While condemning the anonymous phone call, which many concede could be a mischievous attempt, for the first time councillors believe this is an impartial exercise. ‘‘We are not deliberately targetting any religious structure, we are trying to build consensus and remove them with due respect,’’ said Solanki, visibly buoyed by the political support.
    A reason why on Monday, when the VMC demolition team removed encroachments near a mosque on Piramatar Road, officials could pacify a section of agitated Muslim residents as they feared action against the mosque as well.
    But the VMC team could manage to hold peace as they removed toilet structures adjacent to the mosque which were unauthorised, while keeping the structure intact as it is on private property. The Piramatar Road Muslim residents were voicing their fears after a VHP call for action against Muslim structures.
    VMC officials, including municipal commissioner Rohit Pathak, have been categorically saying that only those religious structures on public roads which are obstructing road widening exercises, or work on sewage or water lines, are being removed right now.
    This is why even BJP councillors in Danteshwar area stood by the demolition team when a Hanuman Temple alongwith a dargah was removed. Strangely, most BJP councillors publicly threw in their lot after Solanki faced flak following the voluntary removal of three temples on Tulsiwadi Road by local youths, and an unconnected incident of a minor communal clash in the neighbouring Fatehpura area.
    It was Solanki and fellow councillor Bandish Shah who had taken the initiative to convice local youths to demolish three temples in their own ward—Tulsiwadi, with a promise to help them reconstruct the structures on a private plot later, if they wanted. Police authorities, too, have lent their support, provided the action was taken with consensus and planning, as police commissioner Deepak Swaroop put it.
    Meanwhile, four big structures in the middle of the road continue to challenge the authorities. The four being: temples at Sangam crossroads and Deluxe crossroads, the dargah at the Fatehpura road divider and the Hanuman Temple opposite GEB Colony on Old Padra Road. Sensing the public mood which is supportive and growing consensus, VMC’s officials now intend to go slow now.
    ‘‘These are sensitive matters; we want the city to improve but peacefully. But we hope to take action, with consensus,’’ said Solanki.


  2. P.Singh
    December 26, 2016

    they dont want peace, they are trying to destroy you, after all this time if you cant understand that you are idiots.


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