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Anti Hindu move against Zee news by WB Govt. in case of Dhulagarh reporting restrained by Cal HC.


Calcutta High Court stays proceedings on FIR lodged by State of West Bengal against Zee News.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi| Jan 17, 2017:: As per a late input as received by the HENB Delhi desk, it is revealed that an anti Hindu and anti democratic move by State of West Bengal in case of Dhulagarh reporting by Zee News, has been restrained by Calcutta High Court on Jan 11, 2017.

As the reporters of Zee Media had exposed the nefarious stand of WB State and its police for the utter indulgence favouring the Jihadi Rioters who attacked Hindu habitations of Dhulagarh without any timely police intervention, the State police lodged FIR  (Sankrail PS Case No 1044 of 2016 dt. 19.12.2016) against Pooja Mehta, Editor Zee News and Ors. and started  a case in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate Howrah vide GR Case No. 7905 of 2016 under section 153-A of IPC.

The culpable State authority of West Bengal wanted to suppress the mayhem against Dhulagarh Hindus with a gagging attitude against the media found active to surface the plight of Hindus in a very scathing manner jointly perpetrated by the Jihadi groups and state police under control of politics and communal elements.

The matter of political bias culminated by the state against the democratic pillar of press and media acting in the interest of public was made a furor in the social media.

Ultimately the Zee media persons knocked the door of justice in the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court in a petition as  CRR 85 of 2017 before the Lordship of Joymalya Bagchi J.


After hearing the case the court observed, “There shall be stay on all further proceedings in GR Case No. 7905 of 2016 pending before the learned Chief Judicial Magistrate, Howrah arising out of  Sankrail PS Case No 1044 of 2016 dt. 1912.2016 under Section 153A of the Indian Penal Code for a period of six weeks or until further order, whichever is earlier.”

As such, the WB Police will not be able to be vindictive against the Zee News media persons rendering their duties to highlight communal riots against Hindus or anybody in the state like Dhulagarh or whatsoever further.

Non-bailable charges under Section 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on basis of religion, caste, creed, language or place of birth) had been pressed by the West Bengal government against all of them for their coverage of Dhulagarh riots in Howrah district of West Bengal.

The Zee News editor had taken to the twitter and facebook to protest against the charges brought against the media house for their coverage. “When you can’t manage media, use the state machinery to conquer the media only to conceal the failures of your administration. It shows the intolerance of a chief minister who is using the state machinery as her personal fiefdom and acting like a feudal lord,” as commented in the facebook page of Zee News.

Sudhir Choudhury, the renowned Zee News anchor and the ‘Human Rights Face of Dhulagarh’ thanked all concerned in a tweet as, “Calcutta High Court stays the proceedings on non bailable FIR against for our reporting on Thanks for your support.”

The Hindu Existence News Bureau and Hindu Existence Forum also convey a great thanks to the Dhulagarh media crusader Pooja Mehta, all of Zee News media persons,  anchors and crews on behalf of Bengali Hindus for their tremendous service for restoring the rights of vulnerable Hindus of West Bengal including Dhulagarh.

In continuation in putting a gag on the media, the TMC ruled Govt in WB is now trying to snatch the rights of BJP and RSS to hold meetings and programmes.

The State denied the permission of meeting of BJP in Asansol BJP and a programme of RSS in Kolkata recently. But those were only possible after Calcutta High Court gave specific permissions as the aggrieved parties  went to the court of law for getting justice.


One comment on “Anti Hindu move against Zee news by WB Govt. in case of Dhulagarh reporting restrained by Cal HC.

  1. KISHAN Sharma
    January 17, 2017

    AN APPEAL 2 HINDUS of all CASTE, CREED & REGION……PLZ. B United 2 face the Challenge of JIHADI – RIOTERS & ANTI-NATIONAL-FORCES. They R bent upon creating more Divisions/splits of INDIA in the name of …ETHNIC-CLEANSING..STOP their nefarious designs. Don’t bother about some of the MIR-JAFAR OR JAICHAND Of Society & sold PRESSTITUTES…..Raise Ur Voice against their ANTI-NATIONAL-ACTIVITIES, …….Use all Democratic Forums, Judiciary 2 Demonstrate Ur Unity……….SAVE Ur COUNTRY…..&….PEACE.


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